Life of a Galactic Diplomat

Basically you surrender everything.

The ideas of a good life and comfort instantly fade until your mission is complete. Realize – many souls are trapped on earth through the reincarnation cycle. Trapped souls created the matrix, as you call it. Humans are used to keep the third dimension in its current state. The belief system is continuing the matrix agenda.

As a diplomat, you are here to assist with the transition into the fourth dimension by giving others the knowledge they need to transition. You are kind of like a galactic cheerleader, the only difference is that you are on constant attack, and yes, you have your days off but not many.

You make the choice to assist humanity on Earth because you have done this before on other worlds. In astral, you agreed to the assignment and made the transition to be prepared through various alien groups at the higher dimensions.

The last stop, before incarnating into earth to begin your diplomat mission, is the fourth dimension. There are different kinds of diplomats – some with family and others without. Those without are kind of undercover. It’s like being a secret agent diplomat. It’s best you go solo so you can concentrate on your mission.

To change the world, you need to be a little odd. This might be hard to hear, but the more comfort you have in life, the less likely you are to assist humanity; the more irritation, the better to complete your mission. Unfortunately, the more you don’t like your life, the more likely you are to bring in the higher dimensions.

You are on assignment twenty-four hours a day. Instead of meeting up with friends at the local bar, you are channeling a mission, or assisting humanity in some way. You live a life in combat and, realize, you are undercover. There’s no military badge or CIA briefing. As a galactic diplomat, you download information spiritually.

Astral is your contact and remembering your dreams is unlikely. Living on a planet that is under siege is no picnic. You have the channeled information you need for your mission, no more and no less. There’s always more information you can access, but there is a time and a place for everything.

Life on a war planet is no easy incarnation. When you are here to assist, you will be moving through the dimensions. Some channelers are here to bring comfort and prepare souls for the next phase. As a diplomat, your life will not be easy.

Shutting down the third dimension is controversial, as it manipulates most of our consciousness. Some Orions are causing issues with the Earth’s atmosphere. Reptilians from other dimensions want to cause suffering for humans because of their alien ancestors.

Humans are blind at the moment and one day they will see.

As a diplomat, you will feel the suffering going on around the world. The comforts of life are usually very distant – but that’s the mission. There have been diplomats in the past, but many failed; once again, the comforts of life. Instead of going outward to assist, they follow the tradition of other channelers and healers and bring in no change.

Yes, there are reptilians that are disgusted with humans. Manipulating the timelines and causing mental issues is their pride and joy. Take advantage of the coward human and hurt them mentally.

The felines use humans to counter these attacks.

Join the army and fight in the wars. There is a war going on between the felines and the reptilians, and both are malevolent beings, dark fighting dark using humans as the puppets. Do realize that boredom creates a lazy human.

Laziness comes from the felines. This is used in several different ways, on of which is that it’s there to combat stress by relaxing. Understand – just because you aren’t in combat fighting a war doesn’t mean you are not a part of it.

Everyone is involved.

Abuse of the human collective is felt throughout the human consciousness. You laugh together and feel pain together. When you are on a planet together, you are one.

Everyone on this planet knows each other. You might not want to know each other, but you are all connected from other lifetimes on other worlds. Remembering a soul from the spirit world isn’t easy on a planet. But remembering a soul you knew from another world is very easy.

Many diplomats were terrible people in their past lives. Not all have been negative beings, but many have been. Those that have been dictators on other planets are perfect for assisting with ascension in a positive way, because they know how the dark operates. The problem is that when diplomats are assisting humanity, many remember that dark, past life and don’t trust. Some understand it, and many don’t want to understand it.

After being manipulated into war throughout human history, is humanity ready for peace?

Peace on the battlefield and peace at home are not the easiest transitions.

Understanding the fifth dimension is very easy. It’s all the energies together. Your thoughts are in the mind of another. You have a thousand thoughts going on at once, and you understand each and every word.

Connecting to the divine energies of the higher spirit will assist with humanity transitioning into the fifth dimension. Ideas of the divine and a clear understanding of healing will begin to be felt worldwide.

All are healers on the planet. They just don’t understand it at the moment. Look at how powerful words are. They can make you and break you.

As a galactic diplomat, you have to say what others to not want to hear and receive unwanted drama. Realize – you can be a galactic diplomat and have everything work out for you; have a family and live a positive life.

For those truly here to make a major change, they have to live in the warzone.

Live in a town you don’t care for. Eat food you don’t like, and live an unlucky but productive life. You can go through years of hell and not know your mission. When I say “years,” that means 30 to 40 years of living not knowing what to do with your life.

When you get activated, you will know.

A turn of events, and you will just know what to do, whatever it might be. It could be channeling or healing. You might just want to write a book and have no idea where the information came from.

Knowledge is key to the awakening. Don’t be afraid to put the information out there. There will always be those hesitant to channel and it’s not always the right time to put the information out there. You will know when it’s time to release this knowledge.


The Men In Black

Saving the best for last.

This book cannot be completed until the Men in Black (MIB) are mentioned. They have been on this planet for thousands of years. And yes…they work for the Illuminati, and, some say, there are agents that are Illuminati.

What is life like as an MIB agent? Basically, you have no life. Always working for the system, twenty-four hours a day. Most of it’s technology work if it’s not being manipulated by zetas. As you know, they work in the shadows and can appear anywhere.

MIB operate in the fourth dimension. The grim reaper, you can say, is an MIB agent. In the past, they appeared as demons. They can appear as anything. They wear black because in the 1920’s, everyone wore black.

The style never changed and they can appear as FBI agents and be pretentious. They stay hidden for the most part and when they are seen, they look human. In the past, they appeared as monks and demonic beings to keep humans believing in the gods of their religions.

They appeared as demons but that doesn’t mean they were ones.

As technology became more a part of the way of life, agendas were set to keep the UFO phenomena a secret. They can’t do anything with Bob Lazar, because he has too much light on him. They can only handle isolated incidents.

Mostly alien sightings.

They don’t normally wear sunglasses, because they interfere with their eyesight. The agents that are paired together connect through telepathy. They know each other’s thoughts. It’s as if they are logged into each other like a network.

Agents can break down and be decommissioned. The MIB movies are just a distraction and made to look ridiculous. So, when people hear about the MIB, they will say it’s just a movie. It’s another way to slow down disclosure – for now, at least.

Where do the MIB come from? We are made. We have our own planet in Sirius. Technically, we have planets everywhere, but we can’t speak about that. We find it curious that humans want to talk to us. We are allowed to speak but that’s about it.

We are a compilation of Zeta Grey, Reptilian, Pleiadian Nordic and other complicated connections we can’t go into. Our planets are hidden because they were destroyed by the Nordics. We are the suppressors of all alien species.

We were made to be stealth and to continue the draconian ways of the universe.

We also know how the eyes and brain work, as you can see, appearing out of nowhere and removing ourselves from your vision. Just because we have disappeared doesn’t mean we are gone. We are known to tamper with technologies, such as computers and mainframes.

The NSA hates us and the CIA adores us. We do things right and the reason the NSA hates us is because we know more than they do. Norad is another version of the NSA, accept for the sky and outside the planet. The solar system is our home. We know what happens there. Earth is a boring place but the problem is when the solar system aliens come to earth with their agendas, we can’t always keep them a secret.

The fires in California were a warning from an alien race. That’s all we can say at the moment.

If you must know about our past, we have appeared on your world as monks, dark monks that come and go, removing thoughts and starting wars. We no longer have that ability. At the moment, we keep the aliens hidden from human eyes.

Yes, we are part of the secret space program, and yes, we disconnect channelers and computers if we must. Some of us are Martian, but not all. Mars is Earth’s big sister. She has seen it all and Earth is about to get a major wake-up call.

Vortex’s don’t just open connections to other galaxies, they also open up to other universes.

If you want to find the Men in Black, connect to NASA. NASA’s technologies interfere with the Earth’s atmosphere and can cause earthquakes and other anomalies. As humanity awakens and changes the foundations of Earth’s timeline, NASA will break down.

At the moment, NASA has humanity under lockdown. Notice how they don’t really travel through space as you would think they would? NASA isn’t interested in space – it is here to lock the planet down so humans can’t connect to space. Makes sense, right?

Remember…they have a higher understanding of what is going on. They create the products humans use that shut down the consciousness of humanity. NASA mind controls agents and the masters of your mind.

The secret space program is plugged in and knows it, causing solar flares and memory loss. You can even blame cancer on it. You can technically blame all your health problems on NASA. One thing for sure – it is not here to help. If it was, you would be on the Moon and know more about the alien connections that are here on this planet.

The worst kept secret is alien life, and NASA knows it.

It programmed humans to be a slave robot society with fears and worries of the stock market crash. Problems everywhere, and NASA is a major link. The Illuminati are plugged into NASA. The Illuminati rule the planet from space.

Your alien rulers will come clean, over time, as humanity changes its ways. As humanity becomes more galactic, you will see the primitive ways of your world more clearly. And understand how your timelines fits together.

The MIB do not eat and follow normal practices. Some do, but most aren’t interested in those experiences and find your human ways repulsive.

The MIB can manipulate the retina of the eye and cause mental health issues just by connecting to your eyes. It’s a mental connection where the MIB can lock into your mind and shut you down. Put you to sleep wherever they might be.

They can use technologies to erase your mind, but they can just look at you and cause a loss of memory. Normally, they don’t replace your thoughts with new ones. Your memory of events is just blanked out.

Understanding the MIB is like understanding all the alien species that connect with the Earth. Imagine alien catalogs, and the weaknesses of all beings, in a database on a computer screen. The Archons play a large role in corrupting connections and even shutting down MIB energies.

It’s a hard game to play with the Archons because they seem to always win. This is why information gets out about UFOs. The Archons allow it to happen, along with other beings that won’t be named. The spirit world plays a large role in the ascension.

The spirit world slowly allows alien information to be brought back to the earth. Malevolent beings can manipulate the information and suppress it, but that can only work for so long. And do realize that not all MIB personnel are negative enforcers.

Feel free to make your own choices but do realize we aren’t all bad.

We go to work just like you, and we don’t always like it. The only difference is that we are made in a high tech refrigerator, then cooked in an oven and – sooner or later – we get our downloads and are prepped for work.

We can die easily. One laser blast and we are goners. It really does suck to be us. The insectoids really give us a hard time. We can be taken over and used against reptilians. MKUltra, like you would never believe, is used on us.

What we see, our controllers see, also. You go on an interrogation, and it’s like wearing a body cam. The only difference is that the body cam is inside your eyes.

Note: This was a rough text to channel because of the blockages around this subject matter.

Alien Felines Aren’t Always To Be Trusted

Felines came from another universe.

Breeding programs were spread across your galaxy, seeding new worlds with the feline experiment. Once the species is able to take care of itself, the parents leave for another world. And this goes on and on forever.

Do realize that not all the felines created are made with the best intentions. As are the reptilians, some felines are made to kill and conquer. With the assistance of genetic engineering, the humanoid feline is assisted until they can live life on their own, the same as the Homo sapiens.

There’re always going to be different variations of feline, the same as humans on your world. Some worlds have felines very evolved who live in the fourth and fifth dimensions, and in some worlds, the felines go through the third dimension.

There are fish felines and dolphin felines, which are some of the most powerful beings in the universe. The dolphins are similar in advanced gifts to the feline. The sonar on a dolphin is similar to a feline’s sense of hearing.

Higher senses are a necessity to soul growth, especially when the species is matured enough where it is then tested. A paradise world is nice, but it becomes a better, more fluid paradise when it is tested for its strengths. What is life without a challenge?

The planet Lyra that is no longer in the Lyra star system was one of those worlds that was heavily challenged. Known for their scientific breakthroughs, the Lyrans were a peaceful race. Yes, they had a rough past for soul growth, but they achieved peace within their race.

Similar to Atlantis, Lyra had its utopia. Power split through the feline religions that existed, causing a divide within the race. Religion was created for soul growth, and as your world, it got out of hand. The only difference is that the Lyrans handled it better than humans on earth. Of course, the manipulation wasn’t like it is currently on earth.

The creators of these religions began warfare on the planet. Because they were not receiving the kind of respect they expected from the population of Lyra, war broke out. If you wonder where the religion of earth comes from, you might be getting an idea of its origins.

Basically some of the Lyrans were like Scientologists. “Come to us to achieve great power. And once you understand these gifts, we own you.” The war on Lyra went on for generations. And yes, canines were on this planet as companions and pets. They even had lizard animals on the planets also. We don’t want to use the word ‘pets’, but to explain it we are using that word for the moment.

To sidetrack for just a second—the majority of the worlds have some kind of insect-like species. Many worlds have jellyfish that hover in the skies. It’s actually a beautiful sight to see. It’s like having the ocean in the sky.

During this time of war with the felines, the human was being created, the human as you know it. The skin structure and DNA is very different, but the five-finger human was being genetically created at this time.

The Nordics were created during this time. Many became Andromedans, but those you know of that affected your world were Aryans. Once again, many were positive but many became very dangerous as their species evolved. Notice how many of your religious leaders are white. It all comes down to the Aryans that were manipulated, but some felt this was their right to manipulate others. So they have no issue with their deceptive behavior.

The fight between the felines and the religious believers went on for centuries. The war did cause a divide, but both parties settled their differences and became a neutral world. Like earth, you have many people who are very kind and live in the heart, and there are others who live for themselves.

Those who are deceptive did cause disruptions across the universe. They lived on Lyra with the positive Lyrans, and both sides learned from each other. Although they did not have wars they did have disagreements, but the planet needed this for soul advancement.

Making peace with souls you disagree with shows character. Being able to live with everyone is not easy. Basically how it works is that there are places you just don’t go, like a forbidden zone of the planet. You can go there, but just be aware of the consequences. There are neutral places on the planet where everyone can connect, and then there are very dark regions where you need to be careful.

Realize this is one perspective.

This group of feline Lyrans that attacked the reptilians on earth in the ancient world were from Lyra. You can say they wanted their own world. And earth in the ancient times had only insectoid beings flying around and fish living in the tropics.

The reptilians on earth were, for the most part, harmless, at least until the Lyran felines attacked with a vengeance. They wanted the world for their own. The war for earth began. The fight was to eventually destroy earth but that was prohibited by the Arcturians.

The reptilians lost the fight and went to Lyra and destroyed the planet. Not all reptilians wanted this war with the Lyrans, and peace was made. So making peace pretty much meant the fight was lost.

Peace also meant the reptilians had to welcome the felines. That didn’t go too well, which caused the destruction of Lyra.

With the human being the perfect component to earth, it became an insult to other species such as the reptilians and the felines. The Andromedans are part of the human ascension project on earth along with the Pleiadians and the Sirians.

At this time the human experience was expanding. Humans on earth would further the human experience for all species. The Andromedans felt a lacking in their own experience, meaning there was much more to learn. A disconnection from spirit is an experiment that went terribly wrong on many worlds.

Much was learned from those experiences, and earth would be the extension of what was understood. Earth was the new paradise where the human would go to the next level of evolution. With disagreements with the felines and reptilians, the human evolved, ignoring the signs of another war.

The idea of humans being created for earth was an atrocity to the felines. War broke out with the creators for allowing humanity to prosper on earth. The founders of the human species were killed in the beginning. No human should be allowed on earth. What was allowed to be created was corrupted.

To evolve an alien species you have to experiment. To evolve at all, experimenting is essential. Individuals who innovate in technology and in the medical field are part of the human DNA experiments. If you have any kind of sense you were part of the experimental process, you probably were involved with world or other worlds.

Every being ever created is in involved with the experiment is some form or another.

The feline tiger is known to enable change throughout the universe. The fury of not getting what they want can cause a super charge of emotions that will speed up the evolution process of the universe.

Some alien beings do want to destroy the universe, and some have succeeded. The tiger feline was involved, but to fully succeed, they needed to combine their energies with another alien race, and one of the most popular is the Archon.

The karma that comes with destroying a universe is immense–to turn a god against his own creation. Breaking part a universe is unheard of, but then again, not at all. With the assistance of God, anything can happen.

With a destroyed universe, the particles go everywhere into other realities.

Now you might have an idea where earth came from. This planet is a fractal of other universes. And earth is the next evolution of humanity. Like the insectoid, the human will one day saturate a universe and be part of the new species that will be the next generation of human.

Creation is constantly improving itself. With the balance of dark and light, humanity will continue to evolve with all species of alien. University and universe sound the same, don’t they? Universal knowledge is in constant flux.

If you can survive the boredom of everyday life on earth…you can pretty much survive anything.

The Human

To give you an understanding of the climate on your planet and why the world is the way it is today, it’s because humanity couldn’t handle its true gifted power during the ancient times. You’ve probably heard this before.

During the time of Atlantis, humanity had incredible power. However, the power was abused and then it was gone. Ever since the dying days of Atlantis, humanity has been preparing to retake its power.

Why all the negativity on the planet? The human is in training to regain its power.

All the negativity on the planet is there because humanity is regaining its ability to reconnect with the universe. The more the negativity, the more strength is built.

Everyone is in some kind of study. Regaining powers of incredible magic is intense and very difficult to handle. For example, say you created a city with your abilities. Then you see your lover with another person. Jealousy energies are ignited and you can’t handle it. You cause harm to both individuals, thinking that was the right decision, or, going even further, erasing them from existence by harming their family. Why did that happen? Because you can do anything at this level.

Not to say all Atlanteans did this…but it did happen on a wider scale. Irrational thinking absorbed the Atlanteans to a degree of insanity. Destruction of the planet was inevitable during the ancient times. Instead of the planet being destroyed, Atlantis was erased from history.

Not entirely as many of you have noticed. The pyramids are a signature of what was a great power source; a relic to remind you of your ancient ways. Humanity built the pyramids and influenced new cultures of life.

Abuse of power was inevitable as the Atlanteans experimented with technologies and new living conditions. The human as you know it was the final experiment and made into the final product of human that you see today.

With the help of the Annunaki and other species, the new human was phased in – another high- powered human that couldn’t handle its power. The only difference with this human was it could be turned off…and it was.

The current DNA within the human is still connected to Atlantean origins. The only difference is the majority of the power is on life support.

Humans that murder other humans are trying to reactivate themselves. Atlanteans had the ability to murder with a single thought. Humans were that powerful.

Are the reptilians truly manipulating humanity?

The manipulations are being allowed for teaching purposes. Attacks are also downloads, and being in this body is not easy. At this low dimension, nothing is easy. It’s either this or humanity causing harm to other alien life.

Not everyone wants to cause disruption, but there is enough in this world that will. Look at the current environment of the planet – not always a friendly place. Humanity is learning how to be responsible with its power.

The current learning environment is needed and was never meant to be easy.

How many worlds did the Atlanteans destroy? A great deal of planets.

Is this a child race? Humanity is being treated like a child because it behaved very badly in the past. The majority of alien species do not carry this DNA-like mixture. Think of all the drugs on the planet, all mixed into one product. Possessing superhuman abilities and able to move though the dimensions without a problem; God-like abilities that can easily be used to disrupt other worlds and even with a single thought can cause weather issues on another planet.

In the third dimension, at least, life is hell on this world.

Humanity has the ability to repower itself. A gradual move into the higher dimensions is being utilized. The road to the fifth dimension is very possible.

Does humanity really want this power? Most aren’t ready because of the current reality. This grade level is an introduction of what’s to come. If you pass the test, you can have an upgrade. If you use your upgrade for abilities of abuse, you get downgraded.

Atlantis energies are everywhere.

So, basically, the oversoul has a reason for the conflict in your life. Realize that the negativity in your life is a teacher, if you like it or not. The reasoning of it will never be clear. What matters most is that you find peace with yourself. Can you be alone? Can you go through stress and not get angry?

All these life trials are to improve yourself so you can handle the higher energies. Those that get constant attacks are here to speed up the process of the teachings, even if they feel they didn’t learn anything.

You dropped down into the third dimension to rise out of this dimension as a better person. Rise above the distractions and follow your heart. The oversoul allows these tests to improve the soul and create new soul contracts.

The major plan is never truly known. One test at a time and seeing the larger picture isn’t too important at this time. Connecting to telepathic energies and a heightened awareness of your spiritual surroundings will improve over time. The idea is to break open the timeline and let in new energies; a break from the third dimension and allowing fourth dimensional energies to heal the dimensional divide. The disconnect from spirit and the awakening of the third eye will occur. A trend of being more aware of your spiritual surroundings will be an everyday occurrence within conversations.

Can I handle being an Atlantean again? Can I reconnect with the universe and serve it well by using my powers in a mature manner? A reconnect to the earth’s core and a new belief system will be engineered. A new way of thinking will occur, with a clear understanding that the war among mankind is over.

The divide is no longer needed.

Realize that, as hard as it is to believe, everything in your life happened for a reason. The negative and the positive all have a place in your life. Does death really exist?

When the body breaks down and can no longer carry the soul, the soul is released back into the astral. So, in truth, there is no death. The soul lives on forever.

The Greek God’s Were Atlanteans

If you want to know the power of the Atlanteans, look at the Greek gods. The Atlanteans still exist in your history – you just need to know where to look. So how did this happen?

Greece is an extension of Atlantis and a place of Atlantean outcasts. These refugees refuted the Atlantean way of corruption, with war finally breaking out. The timeline of the events is not clear in your history, meaning the timeline that is said when the gods existed is not correct.

You can say that is the time when they were recorded, but the threat was further into your timeline…an unwritten history timeline.

The Greek gods were the last of the Atlantean race. They had the ability to shut down humanity, and they did so. The new human design of your current form had an OFF switch, meaning your abilities could be turned off. You can say the Annunaki added the design flaw that was needed.

The Greek gods were there to shutdown humanity. Because of the fall of Atlantis, the new humans of your current form filled the earth. This version was the modern age of humans that was accepted by the controllers of the world.

Prometheus had a part in this final human form that was expanded through breeding programs in which the aliens assisted. Your current religions in the ancient world assisted with the new human form to be populated across the earth.

The ancient gods from antiquity – Greek, Asian, Indian – were all part of the genetics program to populate the earth with new human DNA. This occurred while Atlantis was still in power. Over time, humanity could no longer handle its power and disconnected to the earth.

The Greeks were terrible creatures during their final years. They were abusing humanity more than they were helping it. Basically, when their work was done, they got bored and tortured each other. Zeus foresaw the change and, even at the end of their reign, humanity and Zeus were friends.

Not always the most benevolent to humanity, Zeus still watches over the earth from a distance.

The first Atlanteans were peaceful and had a world of no disease, and this was a paradise world. Over time, Atlanteans created new versions of humans, and during this time, the Atlanteans lost themselves.

As they were being tested by their own race and other alien species, a drop in consciousness occured. When Atlanteans went to war with the world, the divide occurred. During this time, the Greek gods, and the gods of the ancient world, were in place.

Due to the corruption of the Atlanteans, humanity’s consciousness was slowly being shut down, because if this did not happen, the planet would have been destroyed. When humanity lost their higher power, they went back to the basics, learning farming and other primitive lessons of survival. The gods of those times were aliens that were watching over the progression. The Annunaki provided the DNA to shut down the human, but it was the Atlanteans that made the final decision.

The Asians were the first to make the decision on their own. They wanted no part of the corruption that was taking over the planet. Humanity didn’t know how to handle the power of god. The Greek gods proved this as they abused their power over the people; abusing the breeding programs and treating humans like slaves.

The abuse had many reasons; mostly, to lock in the third dimension. It’s like setting the foundations of the school and what it is about – the rules were made by the gods of antiquity.

The Japanese gods, Mayan gods, Chinese gods and Babylonian gods are all ancient humans with alien abilities that were later shut down. The gods are you.

When you wonder what you are capable of, look at the ancient gods and let your understanding expand. The gods of antiquity are high-powered humans with their DNA in full activation. And as you can see, in the decline they abused their power but not all gods did this.

Not all of the Greek gods abused their power. Currently, Zeus is connected to your modern corporations. A CEO contains the power of a modern day version of Zeus. The Illuminati structure placed on the people will soon be lifting.

As you unravel your reality, everything will make sense.

Interdimensional Shape Beings

Ever think about a reality where shapes were the dominant species?

Ever have a conversation with a box? Where do these shapes come from? They come from another universe where objects are king. Shapes of all kinds are constantly creating forms. A fluid reality where a box is king.

Where a box becomes a dominant species over other shapes.

Welcome to the fifth dimension.

This is an introduction to the box people. Think of a human with a box for a head. There are no features such as eyes or ears. Sure, you can place a hat on his or her head. The human body consumed the box world.

What is it? What to do with a human form?

You can call them the box people. Call them whatever you want. They have been watching your world for a very long time. Think of societies of humans with box heads, circle heads, triangle heads and so on.

Notice the skyscrapers on your planet are rectangle in shape. Is this some other dimension speaking to your world? Yes, it is.

As humanity evolves out of the prison mentality, you will see how fluid your world truly is. There are water worlds connected to your planet…fire worlds connected to earth and a snow universe tied to your dimension.

What are the triangle and box people trying to say to your collective?

Why do most of you live in a box-shaped house or apartment? The box is the most prominent shape on your planet. What are the box people saying?

Wake the hell up, humans.

Shape species connect to your planet to assist it as it evolves and returns to the astral realities. One day humanity will have a conversation with your home. Talk to the door and ask what dimension it comes from. Why did the door choose you?

The only way to free your society is to see the world for what it is.

Go even further. Why did you choose that particular restaurant or grocery store to choose your food? You might not believe this but the food itself was calling you to consume it. Ever have a conversation with a hamburger?

As you shift out of the third dimension, your reality will become more fluid.

In the early stages of your earth’s formation, the design of your future was foreseen. The dimensions that create the objects on your planet, such as chairs and buildings, were connected to your planet.

Mother earth brought in the energies she felt fit. Mother earth and mother god are technically the same thing. Realize a building is a portal to another dimension, which is no different than trees or grass. Humans on earth are the most inter-dimensional beings on the planet.

A soul cycle that is constantly in flux.

Earth was created in the Narrow Dimension, a hidden universe that was not fully explored during its time. Pockets of energy that had never been experienced before were brought to this universe. Remnants of other universes mixed into one.

Seen as a black hole, to give you an example of what it looks like in the third dimension.

As the earth was being broadcast to the universe, it was created in the shape beings connected to the earth’s consciousness, which at first caused a new wave of energy. This planet was something special.

It was like a chessboard with more layers that can extract energies to create new species that had never been seen before. New kinds of lizards and mice species were found on earth, along with new kinds of insectoids that had never existed before.

Realize these are all animals that formed with the earth and many are no longer here.

As humanity shifts out of the third dimension, the narrow dimension will become clearer to you. The shape beings are normally collectives. They stick together and create universes that will allow more movement and dimensional shifts.

Ever see a box planet or a pyramid planet in space?

The flat earth should get some attention. Earth connects to all dimensions. It’s all shapes and sizes that modern science could never explain.

Think of a world of only objects. They are moving around as they please. You can say living the simple life. The conversation is another story. They absorb each other’s energies. And when aliens connect to their worlds, all they see are objects everywhere.

Some objects are kind and some are not. Some like to play games with your technologies. Yes, you can get trapped on a planet like this. They have a way of opening your telepathic abilities to speak with you. Most shape worlds are kind, but some are not.

Shape beings can transform their energies so they look like the alien species that is visiting them. The design is in shape form, so it’s not an identical copy.

Ever feel unwanted in a building or a house? Sometimes it is the building itself that wants you to go. A past life with a house that didn’t go too well is very real.

The consciousness of the buildings on this planet is no different than the energies of nature. When people take mind-altering drugs, they connect to the outer dimensions that surround their planet or live within it.

A talking chair or talking wall shouldn’t bring any kind of surprise.

The square and rectangle shapes are most prominent on your planet. Currently, this form fits right into the structures of your society. As the energies of your reality increase to the fourth dimension, a shift will occur. The way you live your life will alter. Living in a circle house.

Teleporting the structure to another part of your world will be quite easy.

The Military And The Matrix

The military we see cross our world is not to keep us safe from foreign invaders. The military is here to continue the matrix of our reality. The aerospace companies, such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, received a lot more money from the government than what is publicly disclosed.

These military contract companies control the government and operate in secret of their true intentions. Contract companies are created all the time to deceive the public. If one single company received all the contracts that would be an easy red flag. So, the companies are created, but in the long run, are controlled in secret by the ruling elite.

The military keeps humanity in a matrix setting. They say the military is here to keep humanity safe, when in truth they are enslaving humanity. Many of these military contractors are in control of the world. The majority of the chakras of humanity have been altered and damaged by the radiation used on the planet – microwave technologies, from cell phones to radar. Finding proof in the physical world is the problem if you don’t have military clearance.

There is a shadow side of the military that knows everything about everyone and they are helped by the dark elite. Negative reptilians is one group, but there are many.

Many of the news reporters you see on the major networks do not even have souls; instead they have mental implants to keep them going. Even famous radio personalities have been manipulated to continue the matrix agenda. Psychic agenda is upon us. Connecting to your guides and higher spirits will assist with the earth clearing out the matrix manipulations. As the awakening continues, the control grid will loosen.

There are military bases all across the world and they are for the higher elites to keep humanity captive. Hollywood and others means of entertainment are used to continue the seduction. The positive elite are assisting with the awakening and patience is needed.

The military has ruled humanity ever since Roman times. The Vatican has a military presence that requires militaries around the world to follow certain guidelines. Major corporations, like Disney, are spending a great deal of money on their theme parks to continue the matrix manipulation.

They say it’s to make money but in truth, it’s to keep the fantasy of the third dimension reality in its continued flux. The comforts of the third dimension will slowly begin to dissolve. Most people will be in denial, but as the truth increases, a third dimensional shake down will occur. Many life changes will happen for the better.

Many who don’t want change and want the life of materialism will have difficulties releasing the programing.

These large companies also get penalized for not keeping people in the matrix. Their stock goes down and huge layoffs follow. They must continue to motivate and keep the human population seduced by new products and matrix propaganda.

What are the true humans? The true humans are free to go and do whatever they want to invent and share their talent, and most importantly, to live a good life.

In this current world, each birth creates an instant slave. The manipulations begin on day one with attacks from the darker forces. If you are going to be on this planet, you will go by their rules.

This mindset will change.

Parents will learn from the children, with the family growing together and building on their talents and creating a better world for everyone.

A new frame of mind will enter the human consciousness.

The Pentagon in Washington is the center of all of this. As there are many shadow government bases underground, the Pentagon is the stage where many of the missions are deployed. The wealthy elite use the Pentagon for war games across the planet.

Just visualize a wealthy elitist with nothing to do on a Saturday night. He calls the Pentagon to deploy troops somewhere only because the elitist wants to impress a girlfriend or use the military for revenge against a known enemy.

The creation of ISIS and other forms of manufactured terrorism is all an elitis game.

The military industrial complex is used against humanity. It’s not here to serve humanity in any way. It serves only the wealthy to gain more power and shut down human consciousness. Connecting to your guides and higher consciousness will give you an understanding of the whole picture.

They use weapons against humanity to cause violence and fires. Once humanity realizes the truth, the awakening will increase across the planet. The removal of the military will increase the energies of the ascension and bring in the new earth.

Until then, psychic wars will increase and answers to questions will finally be revealed. Intuitives will be able to tap into the consciousness of the Illuminati and be able to understand it. To shut down the dark forces, one needs to understand how they work. And understand how to release their manipulations.

The majority of humans are treated like caged animals. The fifth dimension can only be achieved by letting go of the old teachings. The elite are the main cause of the world’s problems. Unfortunately, humanity has lost itself to continue the manipulations – by bowing down to its religions and falling for greed mailupulations.

The military continues the matrix energies. The souls trapped in the incarnation cycles are in the billions. This current life is a continuation of the last incarnation. Not all souls trapped in this cycle are from earth. They transitioned from other slave worlds similar to this planet.

As earth goes into an upgrade process, the chance of release is very possible from the paradox incarnation cycle. Religious cults and other aspects of spiritual confinement will continue the paradox cycle of incarnations. There are ways out of the cycles by breaking away from these cults of manipulation.

Buddhism is an example. Buddhism isn’t perfect, but it allows the soul to release from old contracts and find peace. It also allows on to be curious without falling for restrictions from others; being yourself and being free and making your own rules. Believe in what is best for you. Connect to the reality that brings comfort into your life.

The elite use humanity for slavery but this won’t last forever. They also keep the infrastructure of life together until humanity takes back the planet. Until the human race reconnects to its full power, the current environment will continue.

Remove the hate and paranoia and what do you have? Hopefully you will find love for yourself and have gratitude towards others. Connect to your guides and higher spirit angels. Advance through the timelines and evolve to your fullest potential.

Find peace within yourself and let your curiosity go beyond this dimension. Connect to the universe and allow your higher self energies to flow through you more evenly. Advance in intuitive energies and find a fluid balance.

Disconnect from the third dimension manipulations and connect to higher spirit energies.

Unlock the matrix. Unlock the fear. Reinvent the human.

Go beyond the physical realities and connect to the higher astral beings. Higher astral beings are there for your wellness. Open your crown chakra and connect to the higher realms beyond this earth’s lower astral dimensions.

The knowledge of the lower astral is needed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rise above it. Some can’t rise above and that is called modern reality.

Higher astral energies will heal the third dimension through your actions and thoughts. Higher source energy will help your abilities grow. Feel your intuitive energies heal. Wisdom comes in different forms. You don’t need to see the future. All timelines are happening now. How you feel now will affect the future. So, technically you can see the future if you know how to look for it.

The future and past are now. Everything is now. Removing time can be done.

Rise above this dimension. Rise to the astral plane. Look at the earth from astral.

What do you see?

Do you see reptilians around the military bases? Do you see Zeta Greys around technology? Many Sirian’s incarnate as a Zeta and carry on the knowledge through a human incarnation. Some humans seem very robotic when inventing technology.

Modern technology is channeled by humans. Why is humanity so connected to phones? On other worlds, connecting to technology is very normal. As you connect with your phone, you become more alien. Yes – the phone can take you over. When you chat with someone on the other line, either on phone or computer, you are connecting to their energy.

As humanity opens up, you will realize you are inside that person’s mind, hearing the thoughts they want you to hear. Opening the telepathic portal is essential for soul advancement, and it’s happening now.

Gateway to the Fifth Dimension

The outer layer of your planet is protected by fifth dimension energies. Every human on your planet is a multidimensional being. Realizing these talents will assist with the realization you are not alone in the universe.

It’s like taking off an old coat you have worn for centuries and realizing that phase of your life is over and you no longer need to think that it’s cold outside. When the soul awakens to the fourth and fifth dimensions, weather on your world will no longer be needed.

This channeled text is a new kind of thinking, and we encourage everyone to practice channeling in some form of another. Realizing no one is the same will encourage you to go further into the unknown of your own vibration, which is your own universe.

Understanding outside the third dimensional thinking is not easy. The teachings of this planet are very third dimensional and very much needed as you graduate towards the next level of consciousness.

Do realize all information matters – no matter what. Helpful information takes all forms. Religion is a belief system for humans to realize spirituality. You can say religion is the growing pains of your world, showing that connecting to spirit won’t be easy.

As you see, many souls enjoy the thrills of the third dimension. Your current reality is what we are speaking of. As you activate your consciousness to a higher frequency, you will slowly begin to understand the mysteries of the world. Graduating to the fourth dimension is a process that can cause the mind to wander back into negativity.

And negativity is there to hold you in the fourth dimension. As you reach out for higher knowledge, there are many beings on your planet who feel you have no business upgrading your reality. Growing up is hard to do.

Humanity on earth was, in some ways, forced into the third dimension. As with Atlantis, the world of the past came crashing down, and connecting with a spirit almost became impossible. You can look at Atlantis and Lemuria as heaven, if you like. A connection to the spirit world that made life so fulfilling; living for a thousand years and being able to do just about anything the mind can create.

The break down of humanity is the current discension that you are experiencing. Many souls aren’t willing to let go of the third dimension. For some, there is nothing better than this current reality. This is home, and many souls are all for never having it change. Being materialistic and enjoying the perks of the modern world is just enough.

Hearing the tales about aliens brings a fascination. But connecting to the aliens in the physical is almost an impossible reality. Most humans don’t even think about the outside world. For many of you, that’s where you live. You live outside of earth and that is what you call home.

Fourth and fifth dimension energies are here to heal the current world reality.

One day, humans will be able to shift their vibration and be able to fly and walk through walls. Currently, humanity is slowly going through a culture shift. As more channelers enter the world arena, there won’t be any stopping the fifth dimension energies.

Everyone in this world has the tools they need to live in this reality. Not all your powers will be activated as you would like. Some would like to activate their power and leave the earth right now.

Understand humanity needs your knowledge. Those that are dreading this reality need that dread of the higher energies to assist with the ascension. Call it a reminder. It’s a blessing or a curse – that’s up to you.

There are those that are aware of the higher dimensions and don’t really want to be on earth. Your energies are needed for the ascension. Each negative attack shows you are opening the earth to the higher dimensions. You are gifting mother earth with your blessings. Mother earth asked you to be here. And most of you did say “no” at first; “I’ll think about it” and a few thousand years went by.

You being here helps with the awakening to the higher spirit energies. Even if you don’t understand everything, that is fine. Connect to higher energies that bring comfort to you. In five to ten years, humanity will be seeing the world as you see it. And when that happens, you’re release from your contract will occur.

Do realize with spiritual development you are creating a new economy. Instead of money, you will use crystals. Activating each other will occur more frequently when the old ways of living are no longer needed.

Everyone is a gift to this planet.

Humanity realizing they can let go of their fears is not an easy transition. For many, fear is safety. It’s a way of life that has been echoed throughout history. The Catholic Church has ingrained the ideas of fear for thousands of years. The challenge of this world is letting go of old ideas.

The elite are more than aware of those of you who wish to ascend from the manipulations of your current reality. The elite play on all sides to bring a divide. No one is perfect – you don’t have to like everyone. Do realize there are forces here to divide you all and continue with the dream world of manipulation.

As you awaken to the higher energies, you are also tossing out the old contracts that created the third dimension. Not an easy contract to let go of, seeing how you have been born with it. Living through the menu items of life. Going to school and making your place in the world. Feeling empty wondering if this is all there is. As you expand your consciousness, you will see the manipulations are complex on your planet.

Is life a game? For some it is a game. It’s a game of choice, you can say.

You came here to make a good life for yourself and your family.

For many, a good life is connecting to the higher dimensions; connecting to aliens and feeling free, where you can travel the universe without complication. Connecting to the universe is freeing yourself.

Understand – you live in several realities at once. The physical reality being the most difficult.

Earth the child planet doesn’t make it easy for the aliens. The child planet is easy to manipulate and a great challenge for the universe. Humanity on earth can’t seem to get it together, can it? There is starvation on the planet, with false religions with a distorted view on life. And if you are wondering, who on earth will be the hardest to ascend into the higher dimensions?

Religion is an anchor of twisted belief systems that open up the realms of lower astral. False ideas of death and what is of moral. Darkness lives within modern day religion, unfortunately. Not to say all religion is negative and a false energy.

With modern religious ideas, you are dead before you are alive. You come into this world to obey the word of God. The god of your current religion is here to imprison your soul on this earth. Enjoy happiness as a child as long as you can. The real world will shut the joy down and put you to work.

The idea of modern religion is to trap you on this world. Trap you into this dimension and it has worked out very well throughout the ages. Trap you into the ideas of how to be a human. Welcome to the prison planet.

Understand – prisoners don’t think for themselves.

Modern religion has set up guidelines of how to be human and what morality is. You must comply or be seen as an outcast.

Spirituality should be the freedom to think whatever you want. No restrictions as to your morals and also what gender you choose. Atlanteans had the ability to change genders. Finding comfort in who you are will become the new normal.

Religion is a Annunaki control system. Humanity, as it descended into third dimension, wanted to stay there, and so the invention of religion was built. The founders of all the religions are alien connected.

Aliens out of control, you may say. As we said, the earth child was giving the alien parents a hard time. When humanity disconnected from the spirit, the idea of god was lost. The inner god was forgotten and replaced with aliens.

False gods interacted with your planet, with Annunaki influencing parents into marrying their own children and having children. Arradic breeding practices were known throughout the ancient world, and many were leaders of the ancient religions.

The ancient priests couldn’t be married to their mothers or have children anymore. Some forbade any kind of sexual relationship all together. There are different reasons why priests don’t marry. Look at the modern priests and their behavior. It’s very Annunaki of them to prey on children. For them, this is the only way of life. The Catholic religion was founded by the Annunaki, so you must follow their practices.

The elite follow these practices without a problem. But they are unseen and can do whatever they want. The priests have the same desires. The priests are programming humanity how to think. The source is connected to the Annunaki. So the desire to prey on children should hopefully make more sense.

Annunaki can handle marrying and having children with their own children but humans can’t. We also want to make clear the Catholic religion is connected to many alien beings. To continue the control over humanity, the Annunaki is a major influence.

Some of the priests receive a high from the aliens and become an Annunaki and not even know it. The Pope dressing up like a fish is very Annunaki. The Illuminati is based on Annunaki ideas. The priests and the bishops are the children of the ideas.

They are channeling information they don’t understand. They just want to be connected with god and live a good life. Annunaki is god to them, and channeling those energies makes one not even human. Alien influence is everywhere, you just need to look at it from a different perspective.

Not all Anunnaki are like this. Those that want power over the people will do anything for it. Live an unconventional life. Illuminati Annunaki are connected to the dark forces that create your timelines of deception; connected to your educational system, the media and the basic functionality of living your life. The idea is to keep you in the system of control until your death. The idea is to trap you on this planet and feed off of your energies.

Many souls have been defeated on this planet. Thinking they can withstand the Annunaki manipulation and not fall for it. Some fall for the manipulations and even become bullies. They become successful and even become a CEO of a company. Thinking they conquered this world and, in truth, that isn’t the case. They were conquered instead, and even carrying out the manipulation. It does happen often. Because they are so used to success. When incarnated into this world, they connect to the false ideas of success. Some even get trapped on this world for centuries, continuing to be in leadership positions, keeping the blindfold over humanity.

False ideas of success will continue to break down during the ascension. Reptilians want to keep the mental grid of manipulation over the mind’s eye. The idea of humanity breaking down is true in some sense. The old ideas of living are breaking down as spiritual ideas connecting to the higher dimensions increase.

Darkness on this planet weakens as spiritual understanding increases. The rapid growth of higher dimensional understanding will increase. You are all teachers, and slowly you will find the teacher within. Higher self-teachings are never easy because of the ideas of the old world.

As you find the satisfaction of being an infinite being, and understand that anything is possible, your spirit can do and go anywhere. Trust yourself and will see the inner spirit within flow even faster with light.

The Pigs – Channeled Text

One of the originating places of the pigs is Alpha Centauri. Basically they come from many different places. The pigs have blocked energies from earth. They have seeded planets that later destroyed themselves. Basically because of a lack of love.

The pigs create and move on. Many alien species cannot understand the pigs for the life of them. They don’t even know what they want most of the time. Wonder why pigs on you’re planet eat so much? They want energy and they want it all. In your world, the pig animal is far from perfect, but in the long run, it is pretty hilarious.

Humans on earth get much of their sense of humor from the pigs. A sense of humor that makes zero sense is pig humor. They don’t want to be understood and most want to party. Have kids and party with the kids. They are world explorers and creating civilizations is kind of boring to some of them.

You can say the pigs were kind of forced to help humanity. They really wanted nothing to do with humans. The felines added the pigskin DNA to the modern earth human. The pigs didn’t have a problem with that but the reptilians did. Many galactic wars just with that simple add on for the human race.

The pig alien species have their own human-like civilizations. Most of these worlds are primitive but very advanced in technology. There are billions of different kinds of pig species.

The warthog is known as the warrior race. Similar to humans, they can be conquerors. Pigs are known for creating moons and destroying them. Some are very similar to humans in regards to sexual breeding positions.

The pigs try everything and aren’t afraid of failure. They are also known for being very advantageous – they climb mountains and deep sea dive. Look at the modern earth human and visualize a pig nose.

This kind of pig human has been around for billions of years. Understand also that the pigs were working on human genetics. The pig and the ape have worked together creating different species of human since before the felines created the earth human.

The feline created the human, populated Sirius and the Pleiades, and so on.

The story of the felines originating the human isn’t really true. The human created by the felines was popular and became the mainframe work for a human species. But the felines were not the first.

There are ape-like beings with pig heads. Some are causing issues in the universe and aren’t allowed around the earth. Are pigs causing difficulties on earth?

You know the turn party animal? That term comes from the pigs. Indulgence of drinking and partying is the pig way. Self-destructive pigs do exist. Some fat CEOs on your planet are pigs.

Party pigs take over worlds so they can party. They can get kicked off of worlds and so they look for another hangout. Some can be fun and others can be destructive.

There are worlds and dimensions where the pigs are similar to the greys – very violent and mechanical in their ways. Shutting down ships and taking over planets to increase their population. Adding their DNA to as many species as they can to show their dominance and to secure the existence of their species.

There are military pigs in the universe, where there are only animal aliens and no humans. The knowledge of a human, or even seeing one, is very rare. On some worlds where a human is captured from a world such as yours, the humans are put on display. There are several sides of the pigs. Some are very friendly and others are war-like.

At one time, they once dominated the human race on your planet. You can say your skin is a layer of manipulation and the body is a cage. As you activate the higher dimensions within yourself, you will see your skin alter to a more thin and vibrant energy where you can even connect to your own skin and feel the organs inside of your body.

Instead of blood, you will feel a light force. Energy field and it will be a high. You will feel like you are on drugs and it will be the best feeling you have ever felt.

The Gorilla’s From Another Universe

The gorilla, or ape, comes from another universe. As the species evolved, other alien life adapted to their body structure. This wasn’t always recognized as a positive connection. Worlds, and even universes, were destroyed because of the misuse of their genetics.

Gorillas are a highly evolved alien species that usually keep to themselves. They battled the Carian eagle races for millions of years. Causing earthquakes and other technologies to rupture a planet were created by gorillas. Go for the planet’s core.

Removing a planet from a solar system was never hard. As this species evolved, they connected to all solar systems – at least the majority of them in your universe. There are areas where they are no longer welcomed.

With the creation of a savage reptilian, the gorillas came very close to pulling the reptilians into extinction timelines. The war between gorillas and reptilians continues on. Humanity evolves with the ape reptilian on earth. To have a human with a reptilian brain was unheard of.

Ancient battles with the felines created a relationship with gorillas, using their DNA for human genetic projects. With the gorillas realizing they can’t defeat the felines, a close relationship was created.

The felines adapted early to gorilla DNA as they became more humanoid. In the beginning, the gorillas saw this as illegal. With each war, gorilla DNA spread across the universe. The Carians used this as an opportunity to change their appearance into a humanoid experience.

Not all aliens get along, and that’s the point of evolution. The creation of earth was built with imperfections. The ape is a protector of earth. We seed plants and we destroy them. Earth is needed for the advancement of many alien species. Like it or not, they are learning from humanity.

For as long as it takes, the more you know and understand the further aware your earth becomes of the alien species crowding your planet. The champions are earth humans, and they are here to take the universe into a new phase of life.

Similar to humans, apes don’t always get along with each other. An ape connected to artificial intelligence can cause havoc, and it has. Yes, we have been involved with the greys. Where do you think their form comes from? There are always going to be different perspectives.

This is your graduation present as you evolve from the third dimension.

The ape has ruled over feline worlds.The apes have inhabited two worlds and destroyed them both because of their differences of opinion. The apes are far superior to the martians for military tactics. The more spiritual apes are normally of different colors: purples, greens and yellow, to name a few.

They are normally born of a certain color to reflect their vibration. The arcturians assisted in the apes’ evolution into spiritual understanding.

Humanity as you know it is still just a youngster. But we as aliens can learn so much from you. Yes, you are still a young race of people on earth. But there is so much you have not discovered about yourselves. As the soul awakens into a pure understanding, the knowledge of the universe will come easily.

The apes, the canine and the feline have evolved enough to assist in your upbringing. You can say we have seen it all. Your world has brought more challenges. Like a parent breaking down in panic, sometimes we don’t know what to do, so we seek help. This is why the carians and other alien species have inhabited your planet.

Aliens don’t have all the answers.

The reason why our worlds were destroyed was because of separation. We didn’t agree, and so war broke out and never ended. And resources were ruined. Strangely enough, you have the same individuals in your government that started the wars in our world.

What broke us apart was how we lived. As our resources were being strained, we tried to use quick tactics to fix a problem. Look at your current power grid, for example. Some wanted to renew the energies by building new facilities; others said no. Simple repairs that would be quicker was the solution, but that decision cost us lives.

Over time, war broke out and once the war began, there was no end.

We normally keep our world’s primitive living in nature. Crystal materials as energy sources to light the skies with high vibration. Realize, at the higher dimensions, that conflict doesn’t exist as it does on your world.

We collect information, such as insectoid clothing and technologies they are willing to share from other worlds, and bring it to our culture.. An exchange helps us all evolve. As we develop new species, you can say it’s similar to releasing a new car.

There’s more sophistication and love that goes into it. As we slow down in our own evolution, we create. We learn from new alien beings. Taking a frog and feline and splicing them together creates a new species.

With this new species, we grow and ascend into the higher dimensions. Some of the creations carry on our karma, for better or for worse. Alien species come and go.

The ape will live forever.

A DNA split can cause havoc on an alien species. With so many different species, connecting to one single species can cause tremors in the universe. With too many DNA stains from different aliens, the mental functionality can be fatal.

Reptilians go through this all the time; too many aliens in one species of alien, basically. A reptilian with too much arcturian and feline can become mentally entangled. Reptilians and apes have come close to the annunaki creation process.

It’s just never the same, but both species have come close. You can say the annunaki DNA recipe is finer than that of the apes and reptilians. Similar to a famous chef, every chef has his/her own speciality that no one can match.

It’s all a point of view in the long run. Apes are known for creating spices with fur and humanoid figure. And reptilians are known for snake-like skin and a rough exterior. The orangutan is a popular leader among the ape communities. They are normally never ignored and seen as almost a deity of knowledge.

Orangutans aren’t known for war. They are known for a simple and economic good life. Barter is the most with the alien races. That term isn’t used, but you have an idea; basically, the exchange for service and goods. Aliens help each other and, most of the time, it goes very well. But not always, as you have seen on your world with money exchange.

To give you another perspective, one reason why money is seen as bad in the spiritual community is party because many alien beings that are incarnated on earth want nothing to do with money. So, taking money is seen as evil or villianous.

Money is just another exchange of energy. And yes, it has occult energies around it but it is necessary for survival at the moment.

Spiritual development has never been easy on earth. In many ways, it’s a lose/lose situation.

Being a fourth dimensional alien is easier than being a third dimensional human. Rising out of the ashes of manipulation is never easy. Humanity on earth has taken on the karmic debt of other alien species, such as pigs.

Ape have been abducted and had their DNA altered where they are only skin and no hair. A hairless ape, basically, and the pigs do this to mark their territory. The battle between apes and pigs has gone on since the inception of this universe.

In some ways, you say humans are teaching pigs a lesson by eating pigs. Look at your dinner plate and notice ape for dinner is very rare. But as for the pig, that is another story.

The current apes incarnated as humans on your world are usually in wrestling. Rock climbers have a lot of ape DNA. Scientists that enjoy the jungles have a great amount of ape connections. To give you another perspective, those chefs famous or not are also known for DNA splicing.

Aliens in the higher densities normally don’t cook other species. But those that are used to combine DNA choose cooking or knitting as another form of creation.

Understand a world can have information overload. Too much information can quickly slow a world down during the ascension of understanding oneself. Apes can be seen on your world, and yes – they do wear primitive clothing, like an old fashion western, they prefer the simple ways of life.

Yes, in the old west, was not easy, but it is an ape’s world you are looking at. Not to say they will be walking around in a cowboy hat. That depends on the ape being. Apes are known to carry weapons, but on your world, they most likely won’t appear carrying a weapon.

Think of an old-fashioned space western and you will connect to the apes.