Saturn – Channeled Text

Saturn is the forbidden planet and is still active with a civilization. It is also known as the lost world, and once again there is life on this planet at a higher dimension. Reptilian influence moved into this planet long ago.

When you look at illuminati symbolism, Saturn is mentioned many times. The lost world could not make a decision of what side it should be on so it’s very divided. Same as Earth but Saturn is at a higher dimension.

The positive beings aren’t always to be seen by all aliens. Normally the higher dimension of Saturn is fifth dimension. The lower vibrations are at fourth dimension. But that does not mean fifth dimension can’t be infiltrated by lower-vibration beings.

A war in space and Saturn was involved with it. Mars usually gets the bad rap of being the god of war. In this channeling we are here to tell you, Saturn is far worse. Most Saturn beings are in human form but not exactly as humans.

Many are skinny with five fingers and no reason to have food. Energy is food; different vibrations are considered food. There are mountains and springs where your energies can be recharged. Saturn beings appear as gas-like beings and can take a more physical form if they must.

As they pass through the different dimensions that is known as long-distance travel, where a single thought takes them there, what they are missing is emotions. There are known to be intense beings of the light and dark.

They have emotions but not as intense as the humans on earth. It’s more direction and sometimes is hostile. Most of the dimensions are interchangeable, meaning they’re always in movement and you are never in the same place every day. You are always somewhere new.

They don’t have homes. The entire planet is a home.

When earth came into existence Saturn invaded. You can say earth was pulled towards this current solar system to be imprisoned by it. The architecture of earth was very different, and you can say earth was a playground everyone wanted.

The beings of Saturn can be worse than the Archons because Saturn can be more destructive. If we can’t have it we will destroy it. And Saturn infiltrated the reptilians that were guarding earth, the positive reptilians. Saturn beings are known for possession and can look demonic in third dimension.

Saturn’s energies can be found in the Jinn. You can see the Jinn is the new god of earth that wishes to be worshipped. Understanding the dark entities of your planet will assist will freeing the manipulations.

Lower astral was brought onto earth’s surface and hidden in the third dimension. Horror movies and kind of negative thought gives power to lower astral. Negative actions strengthen lower astral to remain on the third-dimension level.

Lower astral is like a mask over humanity. Children see these dark entities as soon as they are born. They see angels also, but of course, the dark ones are welcomed on the earth’s surface and rule the human consciousness.

To give you more insight, Saturn is another world where the illuminati exist. This is the planet where they live. They don’t control the entire planet but most of it. Once again there is a divide between positive and negative on this world. Saturn has not healed the divide, but earth is giving the divide power.

When the earth heals, Saturn will heal also.

Saturn is the home of Satan and, unfortunately, father of earth, with the same influence as Mars. Saturn rules the male human on earth and even the female. Understand during the development process of a child, the mother and the child are cursed by Saturn and Mars. It goes much further with other alien entities, but in this text we will speak of Mars and Saturn.

Saturn wants the development of the child to be as difficult as possible. You are not allowed on earth to enter the forbidden planet because you also entering the forbidden solar system. You are being marked and even cursed for being here.

The curse is the mental curse of negativity. A mental frown is implanted on the child and mother. Realize this can be healed, but it’s not always easy to heal. The mental frown is depression. The Martian wants the female off the planet for good.

The female was cursed for staying on earth. The Pleiadians and Lyrans wouldn’t allow the female to be removed from earth. The Sirian at one time threatened to destroy Saturn. After earth was plagued by Saturn’s manipulation. It was impossible.

When humans incarnate on earth, many souls travel through Saturn. This is another entry point as there are many. Many deceptive beings incarnate through Saturn such as Aleister Crowley and many of the Satanists of your world. The Bush family is another one.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was incarnated through Saturn and also Elvis. For better and for worse, Julius Caesar was incarnated through Saturn also.

To explain further, there are many entry points into earth such as Agartha and Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, and Andromeda just to name a few. They all have entry points into the astral plane surrounding earth.

The fastest way to incarnate on earth is through lower astral.

In the past, Agartha was the earth. Elemental beings such as elves, fairies, dragons, and other higher dimensional beings were the true earth. Elementals from Sirius and the Pleiadians inhabited the planet long before the manipulation began.

These beings were always seen by lower vibrations such as the reptilians and insectoids. To go even further, the earth was created in another dimension, the Grey Dimension which was in another universe, the Grey universe, but earth was a spark of light.

In its early days, it was already surrounded by darkness. The Grey Dimension is an Archon universe. The earth at that time was separate from the Grey Dimension. Even in the very beginning the planet was under siege.

To be clear, this wasn’t an Archon planet.

Many wars covered the earth’s surface. Alien life gave further birth to earth’s nature. Mother Earth herself is nature, a nature being of trees and planets. Earth is called a seed planet. Mother Earth is a seed being.

She can turn a moon into a planet, making it a life force.

The Quran On Other Worlds – Channeled Text

Understand other worlds influence planet earth: Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and other worlds in other star systems. The secret governments know this because they visit these places on a daily basis. That’s their reality while humanity is on one planet. The elite travel to other worlds in secret, in other dimensions. Children are abducted and brought to other worlds, mainly Mars. The technique is very simple using technology and the knowledge that you are doing the right thing. Humanity needs to be enslaved. It’s the right thing to do, so we can have all the power and do as we do. Live free as the weak suffer on earth. The Quran shows the weakness in man as humanity uses violence towards each other. The same thought pattern is used by the elite, as the Quran opens portals to other worlds. Violent acts allow dark entities to travel through your world freely. The new education system will be about spirituality on a galactic scale.

In Sirius there is a world called Bruce. This is a world of the elite one of them at least. Once a barren planet, but now it’s full of life. Paradise world, where the elite live in luxury in the fourth dimension. You can call it a forbidden zone, and understand the name of the planet is to keep it simple. Think of this as a Garden of Eden for the elite, and many of the elite aren’t even human. Many are feline and dragon-like in appearance in a human form, but they aren’t called human. Felines that can change color with a single thought. Normally this planet is left alone, meaning other Sirians keep their distance, and it’s not also easy to find either as it is very close to Sirius C. To give you another understanding of the elite or illuminati, many are in human form but deformed as for face structure and even body structure. Their mental powers are intense, but their looks can be hideous.

The Martians’ elite is who we are describing at this time. They were persecuted in the past for their appearance, another reason for the monks of your past hiding their appearance behind a hooded cloak. Ever heard of a powerful monk? The elite are hidden, and the cloak was invented for them to disappear. The time of ancient Atlantis, the reptilians pressured the Atlanteans to go against the Martians because of their appearance. Alien wars are constant on your planet. Your mythology is a sign of the past alien connections. As you reactivate you will understand this. The deactivated human is currently on your planet in the billions. Annunaki money plagues the consciousness to control the thoughts of humanity. Money has been weaponized and is used to divide everyone. A Sirian creation is used as a gift and only a gift.

Planet Clear is another world the Quran is connected to, deep within Sirius and a hidden star system called the forbidden zone. This is an Annunaki planet where the elite are connected also, a battle planet that can look similar to Egypt, a desert planet with Egyptian like architecture throughout the world. This is a slave planet. Humans are brought here to reproduce and be configured into this reality, meaning they have no idea earth even exists. To help you understand, many that come from the planet Clear are now reincarnated on your world as sex slaves and are known for sexual services such as prostitution and strip clubs. The pimps used to be Annunaki from the planet Clear. There’s a great amount of richness to this planet with diamond luxury, a beautiful slave planet in the desert. Dubai has a lot of similarities, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia to name a few others. Disease doesn’t really exist on this planet. So when souls incarnate on your world from Clear, they easily fall prey to disease. Sexual pleasures are a plus on planet Clear. Unfortunately no one has any rights and you can be taken or abducted by the powerful without a problem. If you fight back you die. So the rich cities in the Arab world are connected to planet Clear. The portals and vortexes are connected to Clear. You must be careful because once again, your rights mean nothing. Once the elite want you, it’s over. Those that wear the gold are the powerful. Anyone else wearing gold will be destroyed. Basically humans are indoctrinated into thinking a certain way. Sounds familiar? Some are micro chipped and some are not. There is no money system just a control system. Follow the rules and you will be fine. Also Lucifer’s energy surrounds planet Clear.

Many citizens of your world reincarnated from a slave planet. Souls go from slave planet to slave planet because of the teachings they learn. When the world goes into higher vibration, they just leave. There are souls that are underdeveloped and need the third-dimension energies to grow. How are they at such a low vibration? The curiosity of a dense environment. The physical world can be an addiction. Some incarnate in the physical, but that is what they prefer and will do anything to keep it that way.

Earth is graduating to the fourth and fifth dimensions and even higher. The population will decrease because of this. Scholars will stay and be with the world until it achieves its highest vibration. The scholars are those assisting earth to achieve its high vibration. And they are currently incarnated on earth at this time. The path to the fourth dimension will not be easy. The slaves of the third dimension are used to being slaves. Unlocking from the third will feel like it’s impossible. It’s like losing one’s identity. How will the fourth dimension affect earth? The surrounding energies will change such as the way of life. How you live life will change. Same as any new era enters into the new generations. What was once old will be forgotten. Where humans used to walk they will fly. A less dense earth–humans will feel more angelic and more telepathic. Energies will glow around you. Astral travel will simplify itself and be easier for all of you. Heal the slave mentality on your planet. It is called normal, but in truth it is not as you know.

The Quran – Channeled Text

Realize happiness can be found within. The fourth dimension is with you, and the higher dimensions aren’t too far away. As religion was brought to your world, the higher dimensions of your world slowly vanished.

To go further, religion connects to the lower dimensions of worlds that wish to hold your planet captive. The Quran was to unite humanity in the Middle East but instead divided it. The alien text was manipulated, and the consciousness of earth was hijacked.

The Sirians brought a gift to earth. That gift was alien knowledge. This knowledge was weaponized and used against humanity by the reptilians, mostly by the draconians. The architecture of manipulation connected to the root chakra and poisoned it. All the chakras were poisoned with violence.

This is why healing the chakras is so important–reconnecting to the universe and finding your galactic families once again, reaching to the vortex of your founders. The chakras represent worlds you come from. Sirius, Venus, and even the sun is connected to you.

The giants of the past were erased because they showed how alien your planet truly was. To get humans to murder each other was the master plan. The Quran played a large part in it, as the Quran has many Atlantean secrets from the high priests. The text was to reactivate the soul. Instead the Quran poisons the soul with violence.

The draconian way is to hold the mind and control the thoughts and actions that will lead to violence because violence holds the earth in the third dimension. But there is so much more because the Quran was to be a text of peace and a galactic bible for the third dimension, to unite humanity, and instead the divide is immense. There is a family energy around the Quran. Unfortunately that energy has been poisoned for many centuries.

As we continue with this religious subject, we want to mention the pope, who is always a weak soul and sometimes with a heart but usually a human that is easily manipulated. A weak soul is needed to compromise the people into submission.

A strong pope would speak out and destroy the Catholic Church. Weakness is needed even if strength is hinted at. That strength is manipulated to serve the Draconian agenda.

The mind of the Archons is simple. Let good be brought to the earth. Later on we will manipulate it, find its weakness, and slowly alter the energies to serve our higher purpose.

Why do the Archons have so much power over earth? It is because humanity in the ancient times surrendered. The wars in the past was a past against the Archons, and to erase the ideas of alien connections with your planet.

Why do so many humans not believe in the alien forces around your planet? Weakness in the consciousness made it normal to feel humans are alone in the universe.

The bloodshed of the past gave humanity no choice but to surrender because the souls that kept the earth safe were no more. They were destroyed and removed from the planet. Those speaking about aliens now are those that fought the wars on your battlefield.

Realize also comfort in the third dimension made it easy to forget the alien presence on your planet–a nice life living well and a vacation for two on the Bahamas.

The wars of the past were humans fighting aliens. History made sure that knowledge was forgotten.

The war of manipulation continues until humanity awakens from its slumber. The astral world has been constantly reaching out to your dimension and is easily forgotten, seen in fiction only as the prison planet continues to ignore the energies around you.

The Quran was the break of humanity from the fifth dimension. These religious texts were built to take humanity down and imprison it. The rape and murder on your planet must be healed before it goes fully into the fifth dimension.

Love is all.

Greetings Humanity- Channeled Text

Greetings, humanity. The time is coming for the high-vibration transformation. Realize you are connected to the animal star people. The animal kingdom on your animal is no different than you.

As your vibrations heighten, the understanding of this will come more true to you. As of now, the majority of humans see animals as another species when, in fact, they are you and you are them. Most of you have been animals on your planet before a human incarnation.

Those who enjoy flying are usually from the flying insectoid races–always with wings and always ready to fly.

It is time for the human to reconnect to the universe. By doing this, expect the unexpected and realize many waves of change are on their way. In the past, your planet was plunged into darkness with no way out. Some of this is in your Bible, the book of Zechariah.

Your current darkness is the industrial revolution that has technology taking over your current lives. The birth of artificial intelligence was during your World War II. Humanity has to make a decision–to find what is truth in your life or continue to live the lie of the third dimension.

We realize many would rather not hear the truth and will believe whatever they what and call it truth. There are dimensions that will comfort those belief systems, and they will continue on that timeline of disbelief.

Comfort in the mind is no different than comfort food. Everyone wants to feel good. There is nothing wrong with that. But looking the other direction as others suffer is neglect of your fellow human beings.

Save yourself. Free your mind. Realize the darkness of your planet. Desire to look the other way. Live in comfort and forget the troubles of the world. Darkness prevails in your comfort. When you want to truly see the truth, the truth will come. You might have a great deal of disbelief at first. But ask for assistance during this transition into the unknown.

The reptilian manipulations are ending on your planet. Fires and strange global warming are on their way as the Earth transitions into the fourth dimension.

A strange world is on its way. The mysteries will continue to unravel as Egypt comes to life. The Atlantean knowledge is opening portals across your Earth. A great transition is near.

There will be a future when alien ships will be welcomed back into your lives. The animal kingdom will be more important to you.

You can say Earth is being disconnected from Planet X. The manipulations will be cleared and you will see Planet X with no problem. Yes, other worlds are causing difficulties on your planet. More of these beings were kicked off Earth but continued to cause trouble.

Saturn, Uranus, and Mars have been a mix of conflict on your world. Planet X is not seen in your solar system in your dimension. It’s larger than your moon and can even replace your moon sometime in the future.

As you upgrade your vibrations, you will understand this. Heal Planet X and bring it closer to you. Yes, this is the Annunaki world. It will be seen as fantasy until your dimension is ready for it to be seen in your reality.

It is possible for your planet to advance its technologies in the next ten years, where the alien influence becomes more obvious. The Air Force already has these technologies but feel humans are not ready for it yet.

As you mature and know your surroundings more clearly, healing the hostility on your planet is what is needed most. Many of you are ready but more are not. There are too many activities within the third dimension that are too attractive to let go of. Most are not ready to let go.

Understand this, that many in the spiritual community want to control the fourth and fifth dimensions. You will see this as the ego spins out of control, wanting attention and thinking they are always right.

In four years you will see the great change occur.


Where is Atlantis and the Illuminati

The Illuminati took over the Atlantean energies, took over their influence over the world. The Greek architecture is very Atlantean.

The temples of Greece were once Atlantean temples. The architecture style lives on as you can see with the Roman empire. So the Atlantean influence still exists. The Parthenon in Athens is a perfect example of Atlantean influence. Once an Atlantean temple, it was converted to the Greek culture of the day.

Not all temples of Greece are Atlantean, but you see the influence. Rome wanted that world dominance and did not realize they were connecting to ancient Atlantis.

With the destruction of Atlantis, what did live beyond them was their religious powers. It wasn’t a religion, but it might as well have been–powerful psychic powers and telekinetic energies almost beyond other alien races.

To sum it up, Atlanteans could not handle the power as you have most likely heard from other sources. It’s like giving a newborn baby a high-powered sports car, a primitive race with advanced abilities but not enough maturity to handle its power.

If you need a simplified understanding of the Atlanteans, they are still here today in secret. Some joined the Illuminati and continued the manipulations. Others became wizards of your world, which eventually became the religions of your planet. Aliens Zeus and the Egyptian gods lost their way as humans became easy to manipulate.

Once the guardians of hope started to enslave humanity. Never saw this before, so you can say this is an experimentwatching a race of people more than willing to enslave society was unheard of.

There are sale worlds in the universe. The Earth human volunteers to be a slave race. You see this today as slavery is seen as modern-day life. Modern slavery is called culture in your world.

Atlantis lives within modern religion. Its power still reigns in your world. The magic is used for slavery of the mind. During the last years of Atlantis, the people thought they were doing the right thing, fighting other continents for reasons unknown, fictional reasons that would lead into your current timelines as for meaningless wars. Manufactured by manipulations became comprehension.

Many of your politicians are ancient Atlanteans continuing their manipulations. Thomas Jefferson was an ancient Atlantean politician, a sorcerer with great influence. Your modern world is an echo of the past.

The magic of ancient Babylon was Atlantean. The Babylonian world is your current world. The symbols and manipulations are a constant.

It is also highly likely your aliens will begin to interact with humans again. Don’t forget they know your race very well. Deception is seen a mile away. Even before the deception is created, they see it coming.

As of this writing, in the next ten years, you should begin to see more alien activity on your planet. This can change due to human reaction. They can easily change their minds and give you a few hundred years to sort out your issues with each other.

The Atlantean energies are everywhere. You can find their magic in religious places of your planet. Remove the manipulations and you will feel the Atlantean energies. The Archons use the Atlantean energies to fool humans, take your power away by saying you have no power.

The average thought pattern of a human is that humans are powerless, farthest from the truth.

As for your Illuminati and their location, follow the money and you will find them. The largest corporations have their symbols and influence. Look at your Fortune 500 and also the richest families in the world.

The thirteen families you are familiar with, but it goes much deeper. Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics is an Illuminati front. Boeing is turning more to the positive but not completely. These giant companies are here to build vortexes and tell you what to think.

Also they are here building the matrix you live in. The large tech companies are the overlords of your matrix. How many own a phone or a TV? Just look at the influence of that device. And also the media on those devices are a company from the same force that created them.

How would you feel if it was one company running your planet? You would freak out, correct? That’s the bad guy. So the companies are all separate but continuing the same agenda. Babylon is now a corporation continuing the same rituals to control your reality.

Google and Boeing are split as for corruption of manipulation, meaning they haven’t been fully taken over. Boeing is coming out of its manipulation after decades of control. As for Raytheon, that’s another story. If you want a public company that is connected to the Illuminati, it’s Raytheon.

Mind control operations and chemtrail technologies just to name a few agendas. All these top defense corporations also work with the black projects. In secret they continue the agenda. For the most part, the public sectors of these companies have no idea. But executives at the top are CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Cut these companies in half. The public front is for the shareholders and millionaires to be made, using out-of-this-world technologies for a war that will never happen. Enough weapons to destroy the planet, and how is it our society seems like it’s stuck in the Stone Age.

Society warfare with racism and corruption politics is all there to keep the children at a low vibration. Money is to keep humanity at a low vibration. Money is not just control, it’s there to manipulate the energies of human consciousness.

The consciousness is to stall and not grow spiritually. It’s difficult to do so when you are worried about feeding yourself, worried where the next paycheck is coming from. It’s all done by design.

Atlantis is still here; you just have to find it. The reactivation of humanity will bring Atlantis back into the physical reality. At the moment, most of Atlantis is in fourth dimension–at least what is left of it.

You can say the aliens in the fourth dimension are in the Atlantis dimension.

What is lifting now is the Archon Dimension or Archon Grid that is surrounding your planet. As the human consciousness continues to rise, the truth will find you. Believing in yourselves is the major key. Believing in your higher dimensional self will open the higher vibrations just as you imagine it.

There are dark Atlanteans using their spells on the human consciousness. They don’t like to be seen, but they are very real. Humans have been downgraded to an animal-like vibration. Wake up, get dressed, and go to work.

When the higher shifts awaken within you, humanity will no longer need sleep or a shower. You will always be awake. Some will look for rest. Most will want to stay awake to explore and continue the human experience.

As you awaken you will connect to the Illuminati forces, those of positive and negative. When upgrading your vibrations, you will see light and dark much differently. The benefits of both will be more clear.

The Archon vortex lives within the mind at the moment. It’s hard to think, and yes, the Annunaki are involved also. Humans are known to punish themselves and each other. That must come to an end.


Messages From the Outer World – Channeled Message

Egypt is your ancient Atlantis. The Egyptian energies have been alive long before your earth was created, and is known by many different names. Orion is their source energy and most of you will recognize that.

Notice the different hieroglyphs and see how many different species of aliens that visited your world. And realize your planet is safe. There are many challenges ahead, and you know this. The energy circles of Orion surround your planet to keep it safe. It is true humans decide who comes to this world and who does not.

You, as Earth humans, control your reality. If you wish for a positive alien visitation, you will have it. It’s up to your human collective to know us and understand our intentions. Many fear us, so that is one of the reasons for our visitations to be far from being realized.

Humanity has not decided on a whole if they want us to connect to your race – us being the Orions, the Yahyels and the Zetas collectives. The wisdom of your planet is still keeping us at a distance, as there is so much healing needed for your world – poverty and abusive connections with family and personal love relationships.

We are not that hard to reach. So much fear has been embedded on your planet’s consciousness. Any idea or connection to extraterrestrial life is almost forbidden entirely in your world. We brought you languages and technologies and watched you grow. We have been watching you grow from the beginning of time. We are not your fathers. We are your friends and family.

The idea is to find your inner happiness. Find your inner soul that speaks out often but is often ignored due to belief systems. The soul energies of this planet are connected to the Arcturian collective consciousness.

The Arcturians, with permission, can hear your thoughts and be a part of your soul mission. Every human on your planet visits an Arcturian reality during your incarnation on planet Earth – a school of the higher soul, you can say. During great challenges, many of you connect to the Arcturians and visit their healing chambers in astral. You can disconnect to your soul-being and lose yourself entirely through grief. It’s always your choice what direction you go in life.

Many lower astral beings use grief and suffering as a way to convince the soul they are victims. There is no hope. There is nothing to live for…when, in fact, you have everything to live for. But it’s always your choice to choose your direction. Challenges are to uplift you and even take you to another direction. Conflict is not there to discourage you from following your soul desire. Conflict is there to open you up. That’s why there are so many conflicts on your planet. The soul wishes to grow, and it’s how you use that growth that is up to you. All conflict has a purpose to advance the soul experience.

Suicide takes the soul into the unknown. The soul chooses what conflict to experience. The more you connect to the light during a suicide experience, the quicker you will heal. Realize that the soul will lose fragmentation and split apart. Other versions of the soul will be scattered and you will feel this intensity. Healing from a suicide is never a simple matter. As the fragments of the soul scatter, they get manipulated, and healing those manipulations can take years or decades. You can pass into the gates of heaven. But those fragments are lost and reconnecting to them is never easy. Realize those fragments can be used for darkness.

Souls that have experienced suicide usually take the effects of the suicide into future incarnations. Realize contracts were broken and now you are living a new incarnation. Usually reconnecting to a new incarnation is not easy to continue a new contract – meaning there are souls that continue the suicide process. Depending on the soul, it will take five incarnations to break the cycle. Realize the soul is normally tortured by the past suicide energies.

The soul has the choice to continue a lifetime. You can break the suicide cycle.