Where is Atlantis and the Illuminati

The Illuminati took over the Atlantean energies, took over their influence over the world. The Greek architecture is very Atlantean.

The temples of Greece were once Atlantean temples. The architecture style lives on as you can see with the Roman empire. So the Atlantean influence still exists. The Parthenon in Athens is a perfect example of Atlantean influence. Once an Atlantean temple, it was converted to the Greek culture of the day.

Not all temples of Greece are Atlantean, but you see the influence. Rome wanted that world dominance and did not realize they were connecting to ancient Atlantis.

With the destruction of Atlantis, what did live beyond them was their religious powers. It wasn’t a religion, but it might as well have been–powerful psychic powers and telekinetic energies almost beyond other alien races.

To sum it up, Atlanteans could not handle the power as you have most likely heard from other sources. It’s like giving a newborn baby a high-powered sports car, a primitive race with advanced abilities but not enough maturity to handle its power.

If you need a simplified understanding of the Atlanteans, they are still here today in secret. Some joined the Illuminati and continued the manipulations. Others became wizards of your world, which eventually became the religions of your planet. Aliens Zeus and the Egyptian gods lost their way as humans became easy to manipulate.

Once the guardians of hope started to enslave humanity. Never saw this before, so you can say this is an experimentwatching a race of people more than willing to enslave society was unheard of.

There are sale worlds in the universe. The Earth human volunteers to be a slave race. You see this today as slavery is seen as modern-day life. Modern slavery is called culture in your world.

Atlantis lives within modern religion. Its power still reigns in your world. The magic is used for slavery of the mind. During the last years of Atlantis, the people thought they were doing the right thing, fighting other continents for reasons unknown, fictional reasons that would lead into your current timelines as for meaningless wars. Manufactured by manipulations became comprehension.

Many of your politicians are ancient Atlanteans continuing their manipulations. Thomas Jefferson was an ancient Atlantean politician, a sorcerer with great influence. Your modern world is an echo of the past.

The magic of ancient Babylon was Atlantean. The Babylonian world is your current world. The symbols and manipulations are a constant.

It is also highly likely your aliens will begin to interact with humans again. Don’t forget they know your race very well. Deception is seen a mile away. Even before the deception is created, they see it coming.

As of this writing, in the next ten years, you should begin to see more alien activity on your planet. This can change due to human reaction. They can easily change their minds and give you a few hundred years to sort out your issues with each other.

The Atlantean energies are everywhere. You can find their magic in religious places of your planet. Remove the manipulations and you will feel the Atlantean energies. The Archons use the Atlantean energies to fool humans, take your power away by saying you have no power.

The average thought pattern of a human is that humans are powerless, farthest from the truth.

As for your Illuminati and their location, follow the money and you will find them. The largest corporations have their symbols and influence. Look at your Fortune 500 and also the richest families in the world.

The thirteen families you are familiar with, but it goes much deeper. Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics is an Illuminati front. Boeing is turning more to the positive but not completely. These giant companies are here to build vortexes and tell you what to think.

Also they are here building the matrix you live in. The large tech companies are the overlords of your matrix. How many own a phone or a TV? Just look at the influence of that device. And also the media on those devices are a company from the same force that created them.

How would you feel if it was one company running your planet? You would freak out, correct? That’s the bad guy. So the companies are all separate but continuing the same agenda. Babylon is now a corporation continuing the same rituals to control your reality.

Google and Boeing are split as for corruption of manipulation, meaning they haven’t been fully taken over. Boeing is coming out of its manipulation after decades of control. As for Raytheon, that’s another story. If you want a public company that is connected to the Illuminati, it’s Raytheon.

Mind control operations and chemtrail technologies just to name a few agendas. All these top defense corporations also work with the black projects. In secret they continue the agenda. For the most part, the public sectors of these companies have no idea. But executives at the top are CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Cut these companies in half. The public front is for the shareholders and millionaires to be made, using out-of-this-world technologies for a war that will never happen. Enough weapons to destroy the planet, and how is it our society seems like it’s stuck in the Stone Age.

Society warfare with racism and corruption politics is all there to keep the children at a low vibration. Money is to keep humanity at a low vibration. Money is not just control, it’s there to manipulate the energies of human consciousness.

The consciousness is to stall and not grow spiritually. It’s difficult to do so when you are worried about feeding yourself, worried where the next paycheck is coming from. It’s all done by design.

Atlantis is still here; you just have to find it. The reactivation of humanity will bring Atlantis back into the physical reality. At the moment, most of Atlantis is in fourth dimension–at least what is left of it.

You can say the aliens in the fourth dimension are in the Atlantis dimension.

What is lifting now is the Archon Dimension or Archon Grid that is surrounding your planet. As the human consciousness continues to rise, the truth will find you. Believing in yourselves is the major key. Believing in your higher dimensional self will open the higher vibrations just as you imagine it.

There are dark Atlanteans using their spells on the human consciousness. They don’t like to be seen, but they are very real. Humans have been downgraded to an animal-like vibration. Wake up, get dressed, and go to work.

When the higher shifts awaken within you, humanity will no longer need sleep or a shower. You will always be awake. Some will look for rest. Most will want to stay awake to explore and continue the human experience.

As you awaken you will connect to the Illuminati forces, those of positive and negative. When upgrading your vibrations, you will see light and dark much differently. The benefits of both will be more clear.

The Archon vortex lives within the mind at the moment. It’s hard to think, and yes, the Annunaki are involved also. Humans are known to punish themselves and each other. That must come to an end.


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