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I never knew I was psychic until I was 31 years old. A hypnotist did several past life regressions and meditations for negativity.  After several meditations on my own, I started to see positive spirits and discovered my psychic abilities. I learned I had the ability to channel spirits on the other side including those who have crossed over after death.

All my life I knew there was an other side. I always felt the presence of spirits, but never knew what to do about it. After awakening my psychic power, I ended up shutting down my power for several years. There was no teacher to help me move to the next level.

January 2014 my guides pressured me to become a professional psychic. So I did what I could with no success until I found a psychic class meetup. I attended a psychic circle and was told I was able to read people and that being a psychic was the right direction for me. Several months went by where I learned about my abilities and how to ground.

Long story short, being a psychic reader didn’t feel right. So I pursued fiction writing with the help of a writing teacher. This is something I’ve been pursuing for many years with no success. Now seemed to be the time to give it another shot. I was in the middle of writing a novel and started to think about what would be the subject of my next project.

For years, I attempted to write about Atlantis. So for my next novel I decided to go for it and write a fictionalized version about the ancient world.

This novel was going to be about an ancient human astronaut who murders a reptilian alien. Let’s put it this way: my life hasn’t been the same since. When the plot unfolded in my mind, I received a message from an alien being. That alien being was a reptilian. It wasn’t a threat. But I do know what I heard and it wasn’t human. And it wasn’t a dark energy.

My ET world opened up and instead of writing fiction about aliens, I decided to go ahead and speak the truth about the alien activity going on around our world. Many messages from other extraterrestrial beings have followed since the reptilian encounter. So now is the time to tell their story and to reveal our own forgotten history.

We are currently going through an awakening process with the earth shifting into 4th density. At the moment we are approaching first contact with aliens but not for a long time. Maybe between 2027 – 2030. It depends on us if we want it to happen or not.

To help with the ascension into 4th density I plan on doing a series of talks to explain the different alien species and the agenda at hand. Also, the Illuminati choke hold will be explored. Everything is connected and we are steering ahead on a positive timeline. And I am here to help with the global awakening.

The extraterrestrials that visit our planet on a daily basis need to be understood. We need to understand that we are not alone in the universe and we are loved. There are negative entities controlling our earth, but their grip is loosening and it’s time for us to break free so we can connect to our higher self and finally be ourselves.