About The Book

Gateway to the Fifth Dimension Book 1 is a channeled text from various spirit guides and high councils in the spirit world. Call this a gift from the future. This book is one volume and just a small amount of material that is out there. Call this a window into the unknown.

Knowledge is knowledge, and no matter what your belief system, the information here is to help with your awareness of the unknown – the unknown to be known and to grow beyond the modern teachings and to graduate from this level of consciousness. And what exactly is the graduation? As you heal the third dimension and leave the problems of this current age and bring in higher dimensional knowledge. So you can build ships that can travel through light. Build new technologies that can assist with your telepathic abilities. A new voice of reason will emerge.

To open portals and to see them clearly. To touch them and to feel the outer rim into other realities. Humanity is awakening into a new level of consciousness that might seem scattered right now. But in the future, all will be clear.

This book is a send off of the third dimension. A healing energy and an awareness of what the human is capable, with abilities to stop time and to travel through it. Your astral self will see other realities and timetables of what is to come.

Everyone on this planet has an extraterrestrial connection. It’s time to embrace the unknown and to travel into the knowledge you know as in infinite light. Exploring infinite dimensions, explaining your reality even more. Reaching out to infinite wisdom that will breathe life into your current reality. The idea is to change your reality for the better.