The Gorilla’s From Another Universe

The gorilla, or ape, comes from another universe. As the species evolved, other alien life adapted to their body structure. This wasn’t always recognized as a positive connection. Worlds, and even universes, were destroyed because of the misuse of their genetics.

Gorillas are a highly evolved alien species that usually keep to themselves. They battled the Carian eagle races for millions of years. Causing earthquakes and other technologies to rupture a planet were created by gorillas. Go for the planet’s core.

Removing a planet from a solar system was never hard. As this species evolved, they connected to all solar systems – at least the majority of them in your universe. There are areas where they are no longer welcomed.

With the creation of a savage reptilian, the gorillas came very close to pulling the reptilians into extinction timelines. The war between gorillas and reptilians continues on. Humanity evolves with the ape reptilian on earth. To have a human with a reptilian brain was unheard of.

Ancient battles with the felines created a relationship with gorillas, using their DNA for human genetic projects. With the gorillas realizing they can’t defeat the felines, a close relationship was created.

The felines adapted early to gorilla DNA as they became more humanoid. In the beginning, the gorillas saw this as illegal. With each war, gorilla DNA spread across the universe. The Carians used this as an opportunity to change their appearance into a humanoid experience.

Not all aliens get along, and that’s the point of evolution. The creation of earth was built with imperfections. The ape is a protector of earth. We seed plants and we destroy them. Earth is needed for the advancement of many alien species. Like it or not, they are learning from humanity.

For as long as it takes, the more you know and understand the further aware your earth becomes of the alien species crowding your planet. The champions are earth humans, and they are here to take the universe into a new phase of life.

Similar to humans, apes don’t always get along with each other. An ape connected to artificial intelligence can cause havoc, and it has. Yes, we have been involved with the greys. Where do you think their form comes from? There are always going to be different perspectives.

This is your graduation present as you evolve from the third dimension.

The ape has ruled over feline worlds.The apes have inhabited two worlds and destroyed them both because of their differences of opinion. The apes are far superior to the martians for military tactics. The more spiritual apes are normally of different colors: purples, greens and yellow, to name a few.

They are normally born of a certain color to reflect their vibration. The arcturians assisted in the apes’ evolution into spiritual understanding.

Humanity as you know it is still just a youngster. But we as aliens can learn so much from you. Yes, you are still a young race of people on earth. But there is so much you have not discovered about yourselves. As the soul awakens into a pure understanding, the knowledge of the universe will come easily.

The apes, the canine and the feline have evolved enough to assist in your upbringing. You can say we have seen it all. Your world has brought more challenges. Like a parent breaking down in panic, sometimes we don’t know what to do, so we seek help. This is why the carians and other alien species have inhabited your planet.

Aliens don’t have all the answers.

The reason why our worlds were destroyed was because of separation. We didn’t agree, and so war broke out and never ended. And resources were ruined. Strangely enough, you have the same individuals in your government that started the wars in our world.

What broke us apart was how we lived. As our resources were being strained, we tried to use quick tactics to fix a problem. Look at your current power grid, for example. Some wanted to renew the energies by building new facilities; others said no. Simple repairs that would be quicker was the solution, but that decision cost us lives.

Over time, war broke out and once the war began, there was no end.

We normally keep our world’s primitive living in nature. Crystal materials as energy sources to light the skies with high vibration. Realize, at the higher dimensions, that conflict doesn’t exist as it does on your world.

We collect information, such as insectoid clothing and technologies they are willing to share from other worlds, and bring it to our culture.. An exchange helps us all evolve. As we develop new species, you can say it’s similar to releasing a new car.

There’s more sophistication and love that goes into it. As we slow down in our own evolution, we create. We learn from new alien beings. Taking a frog and feline and splicing them together creates a new species.

With this new species, we grow and ascend into the higher dimensions. Some of the creations carry on our karma, for better or for worse. Alien species come and go.

The ape will live forever.

A DNA split can cause havoc on an alien species. With so many different species, connecting to one single species can cause tremors in the universe. With too many DNA stains from different aliens, the mental functionality can be fatal.

Reptilians go through this all the time; too many aliens in one species of alien, basically. A reptilian with too much arcturian and feline can become mentally entangled. Reptilians and apes have come close to the annunaki creation process.

It’s just never the same, but both species have come close. You can say the annunaki DNA recipe is finer than that of the apes and reptilians. Similar to a famous chef, every chef has his/her own speciality that no one can match.

It’s all a point of view in the long run. Apes are known for creating spices with fur and humanoid figure. And reptilians are known for snake-like skin and a rough exterior. The orangutan is a popular leader among the ape communities. They are normally never ignored and seen as almost a deity of knowledge.

Orangutans aren’t known for war. They are known for a simple and economic good life. Barter is the most with the alien races. That term isn’t used, but you have an idea; basically, the exchange for service and goods. Aliens help each other and, most of the time, it goes very well. But not always, as you have seen on your world with money exchange.

To give you another perspective, one reason why money is seen as bad in the spiritual community is party because many alien beings that are incarnated on earth want nothing to do with money. So, taking money is seen as evil or villianous.

Money is just another exchange of energy. And yes, it has occult energies around it but it is necessary for survival at the moment.

Spiritual development has never been easy on earth. In many ways, it’s a lose/lose situation.

Being a fourth dimensional alien is easier than being a third dimensional human. Rising out of the ashes of manipulation is never easy. Humanity on earth has taken on the karmic debt of other alien species, such as pigs.

Ape have been abducted and had their DNA altered where they are only skin and no hair. A hairless ape, basically, and the pigs do this to mark their territory. The battle between apes and pigs has gone on since the inception of this universe.

In some ways, you say humans are teaching pigs a lesson by eating pigs. Look at your dinner plate and notice ape for dinner is very rare. But as for the pig, that is another story.

The current apes incarnated as humans on your world are usually in wrestling. Rock climbers have a lot of ape DNA. Scientists that enjoy the jungles have a great amount of ape connections. To give you another perspective, those chefs famous or not are also known for DNA splicing.

Aliens in the higher densities normally don’t cook other species. But those that are used to combine DNA choose cooking or knitting as another form of creation.

Understand a world can have information overload. Too much information can quickly slow a world down during the ascension of understanding oneself. Apes can be seen on your world, and yes – they do wear primitive clothing, like an old fashion western, they prefer the simple ways of life.

Yes, in the old west, was not easy, but it is an ape’s world you are looking at. Not to say they will be walking around in a cowboy hat. That depends on the ape being. Apes are known to carry weapons, but on your world, they most likely won’t appear carrying a weapon.

Think of an old-fashioned space western and you will connect to the apes.

The Gnomes

The gnomes are the creators of Agartha. Magician gnomes come from the twelfth dimension. Yes, there are higher dimensions. Basically, Agartha, also called your middle earth, comes from another star system, which is in Sirius.

The birthplace of your planet came from Agartha. The formation of your world and its habitat is from Agartha. Earth is connected to several universes, as is every living creature on your planet. Agartha took earth under its arm as the planet was being created.

The gnomes are from another star system in another universe so opposite from your own. They have seen the highest of light and the darkest of dark. On other worlds they are tall, and on your planet, most are short.

They assisted in the creation of the human race. The human had been created long before the the Lyrans connected to its energies. But for the Lyrans to channel the human vibrations into your universe was a fascinating experience.

Every alien species has help in their evolution. Have you ever thought about how a twelfth dimensional being can become a physical third dimensional being? With trillions of years of evolution and a soul desire for exploration?

The break away into the third dimension was not easy. The gnomes were one of the first beings to do so. At the time, they did not have a physical form. Reincarnation downgrades one’s experience into the lower dimensions.

Without reincarnation this could never happen.

Reincarnation can be called breakaway. Dimensions are created to protect the third dimension in case of fall out. Your reality can easily break down and cause a mental depression. Depression is caused by dimensions being tampered with.

Weather conflicts can also be caused by disruptions in the dimensions.

Realize gnomes weren’t always human. They adapted this experience as earth became habitable. In other dimensions and universes, they were humanoid Gnomes. Many of them appeared as statues. Ever heard of movable statues?

Many of the early wizards were gnomes. The ancient gnomes are connected to the Nordic Tall Blonde Aliens. Many gnomes incarnated as the first ancient Atlanteans.

The gnome magic can be connected, too. Humanity is a lost species because of manipulation. A call for higher dimensions will clear the blockages of your earth. Acknowledge the power within. Everyone is a magician. Many aren’t ready for the responsibility.

Think of a society of magicians. The gnome vibration lives within the trees and all of nature. Ask them to come out. Ask them to say hello. They are playful and carry an organic wisdom that will live with you for centuries.

Those that know spirituality usually carry a gnome vibration with them.

The Rhinoceros From Sirius

Realize that the rhino live in many star systems. Sirius is connected to earth, which brought their energy to your world. This is a war alien species but also a peaceful vibration. They have fought the canines for millions of years for who can be the dominant species.

The rhino has defeated the reptilian countless times.

The rhino has found peace among their species, but it wasn’t easy. They are descendants of the dragon race. They no longer carry reptilian DNA. The dragon is part of their soul evolution. Shifting dimensions and awakening forgotten worlds. Assisting them with finding new life to reincarnate.

They, like you, always felt they were the only life in the universe. All alien species have a evolution of being alone as they advance in maturity. Wars with the monkeys and destruction of many reptilian planets.

Millions of years of wars through this universe. The destruction of planets is felt on your world because earth houses many of the refugees. Have a problem with the reptilians? Call in the rhinos.

The elephant and rhino share their DNA, as you can see the similarities. For a long time, the rhinos protected the elephants from the reptilians and insectoids. As the elephant race became a peaceful race, they no longer accepted war.

Many alien species saw this as a weakness, and used the volunerbility to their advantage.

The rhino arrived on your planet to learn and expand their own consciousness. Most of them evolved from emotion. The passions also evolved, and as they evolved back into passion, they once again began to dominate other species.

The rhino is similar to the reptilians, showing strength and dominating other races.

Much of this thinking is now in the past. But as the rhino connected to the earth human experience, their civilization changed. Every species is here to evolve to better themselves. Making peace with the insectoids. Surviving the mind control of the insectoids.

Rhino worlds for millions of years were under the control of the insectoids and the rabbit species. Warrior races sometimes believe they carry all the knowledge similar to your planet. When the truth of manipulation is revealed, those souls are either ridiculed or destroyed.

The rhino is still evolving into a peaceful vibration. They are the protectors of the universe. They incarnated on earth to evolve and now the reptilian manipulation has removed them from your planet. The survival skills of the rhino was inherited by the human race, as they are one of many alien races watching over your planet, protecting it.

When connecting to your alien friends, you might see a humanoid rhino being on ship. Their peaceful energy is giving guidance. Many have left the energies of war. With their knowledge, they can cure negativity and remove insectoid implants.

Simplicity is of their species. Notice the complications of your world. The more simplistic and less negative it becomes. The more enlightened it will be with simplicity.

They have similar worlds that are the same as your third dimension. It’s more primitive, but they have vehicles and barter practices.

One of the reasons they came to earth was to protect humanity from the reptilian and archon manipulations. A human species that doesn’t know any better needs someone to watch out for them.

Usually, rhinos appear at government alien meetings with humans. They normally don’t say anything but their presence is known sometimes. The illuminati puts pressure on humanity to grow. The rhino is here to give some relief.

Rhinos are here to shift humanity out of war and into peace. We are here to assist with your ascension and be recognized as your family.

At this time, the rhinos are watching over the earth’s oceans. Portals are used within the oceans to manipulate humanity, and unwanted guests arrived through the Atlantic and the Pacific religions.

Antarctica is protected at this time.

Alien Species Introduction

As humanity goes through a vibrational upgrade, many changes will be made, such as understanding the alien species on your planet, the strangeness of it all and the realization that this is a channeled message – a channeled message connecting to the universe to open the heavens of your earth to a new way of life. Understand that much of your bible has been channeled.

Uplifting messages and changes to your vibration are needed. New information to your planet is needed as you enhance your way of life.

In this segment, we will be connecting to Alpha Centauri. This star system is assisting earth, but not much is known of its assistance.

Realize that major events on your planet also cause alien reentry into your world. With each event, human consciousness allows it to happen. There are major events happening across earth all the time, throughout the ages. That’s a lot of alien beings connected to your reality.

Even with the contract with third dimension, thousands of years of integrations have been made. You wake up with the earth everyday and never realize the complications it takes to put the third dimensional reality together.

Several matrix energies are seeded on your world, so they are added or replaced when needed. As a new era arrives, changes are made to the matrix. Every second a change is made. Your future is planned before you incarnate. Think of it as a highway system – a complex map of highways and you are the car. The vehicle with the free will to do whatever you want. But there are times when you can’t just get off a life path. When life gets difficult, it’s hard to end the difficulties, correct? It feels like the difficulties are never ending.

When you are living a harsh reality, the timeline feels like forever. This is the most crucial time, because the soul expands with never ending information. The soul can even turn to a golden color if you ever thought to look.

A golden energy at the right level gives the soul connections to the spirit world. During this battle with the third dimension, higher dimensional beings are here to connect. The harsh reality opens you up to higher beings because you need all the help you can get.

The easier the life, the more likely the soul will play it safe and not grow.

The harsher the reality, the more risks are made because there is no other choice. Which gives your life a complexity. During the turmoil, it’s not always easy to connect. During the rough weather of soul expansion, it’s not always easy to see through the weather and to connect to the sunshine of high vibrational energies.

Every human has about a thousand alien species connected to them for one single incarnation. In the third dimension, it’s hard to imagine this. In higher dimensions, it makes so much sense. Think of yourself as a cruise ship heading out to sea. You need all the help you can get.

Your higher self is the captain and your shipmates are your guides. For some of you, your main guide is your higher self. For those who never have an issue with their guides, most likely your higher self is your guide.

The main spirit guide is like a executive chef at a restaurant, making sure everything runs smoothly. Hard tests are there to make sure you make it through.

So with so many guides, most are alien beings. Close your eyes and what do you see? The belief system can make it hard to see the guides. Humans feel they are not worthy. Everyone is worthy.

Not everyone is ready to see a spirit guide. Some of the most powerful guides are insectoids. When you go into the darkness of your timeline, the insectoid guide is there with you.

To give you a perspective of the Alpha Centauri aliens, they are on earth to make sure humanity doesn’t destroy other planets. The illuminati consciousness wants to rid of aliens assisting humanity. Galactic wars are common in channelings.

The news media is manipulated because the aliens are losing control over the human mind. They hit the fear factor and control the narrative. Those in the third dimension don’t notice it; business as usual, they think. These are the same humans that think you are alone in the universe.

Think again.