The Rhinoceros From Sirius

Realize that the rhino live in many star systems. Sirius is connected to earth, which brought their energy to your world. This is a war alien species but also a peaceful vibration. They have fought the canines for millions of years for who can be the dominant species.

The rhino has defeated the reptilian countless times.

The rhino has found peace among their species, but it wasn’t easy. They are descendants of the dragon race. They no longer carry reptilian DNA. The dragon is part of their soul evolution. Shifting dimensions and awakening forgotten worlds. Assisting them with finding new life to reincarnate.

They, like you, always felt they were the only life in the universe. All alien species have a evolution of being alone as they advance in maturity. Wars with the monkeys and destruction of many reptilian planets.

Millions of years of wars through this universe. The destruction of planets is felt on your world because earth houses many of the refugees. Have a problem with the reptilians? Call in the rhinos.

The elephant and rhino share their DNA, as you can see the similarities. For a long time, the rhinos protected the elephants from the reptilians and insectoids. As the elephant race became a peaceful race, they no longer accepted war.

Many alien species saw this as a weakness, and used the volunerbility to their advantage.

The rhino arrived on your planet to learn and expand their own consciousness. Most of them evolved from emotion. The passions also evolved, and as they evolved back into passion, they once again began to dominate other species.

The rhino is similar to the reptilians, showing strength and dominating other races.

Much of this thinking is now in the past. But as the rhino connected to the earth human experience, their civilization changed. Every species is here to evolve to better themselves. Making peace with the insectoids. Surviving the mind control of the insectoids.

Rhino worlds for millions of years were under the control of the insectoids and the rabbit species. Warrior races sometimes believe they carry all the knowledge similar to your planet. When the truth of manipulation is revealed, those souls are either ridiculed or destroyed.

The rhino is still evolving into a peaceful vibration. They are the protectors of the universe. They incarnated on earth to evolve and now the reptilian manipulation has removed them from your planet. The survival skills of the rhino was inherited by the human race, as they are one of many alien races watching over your planet, protecting it.

When connecting to your alien friends, you might see a humanoid rhino being on ship. Their peaceful energy is giving guidance. Many have left the energies of war. With their knowledge, they can cure negativity and remove insectoid implants.

Simplicity is of their species. Notice the complications of your world. The more simplistic and less negative it becomes. The more enlightened it will be with simplicity.

They have similar worlds that are the same as your third dimension. It’s more primitive, but they have vehicles and barter practices.

One of the reasons they came to earth was to protect humanity from the reptilian and archon manipulations. A human species that doesn’t know any better needs someone to watch out for them.

Usually, rhinos appear at government alien meetings with humans. They normally don’t say anything but their presence is known sometimes. The illuminati puts pressure on humanity to grow. The rhino is here to give some relief.

Rhinos are here to shift humanity out of war and into peace. We are here to assist with your ascension and be recognized as your family.

At this time, the rhinos are watching over the earth’s oceans. Portals are used within the oceans to manipulate humanity, and unwanted guests arrived through the Atlantic and the Pacific religions.

Antarctica is protected at this time.

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