The Gnomes

The gnomes are the creators of Agartha. Magician gnomes come from the twelfth dimension. Yes, there are higher dimensions. Basically, Agartha, also called your middle earth, comes from another star system, which is in Sirius.

The birthplace of your planet came from Agartha. The formation of your world and its habitat is from Agartha. Earth is connected to several universes, as is every living creature on your planet. Agartha took earth under its arm as the planet was being created.

The gnomes are from another star system in another universe so opposite from your own. They have seen the highest of light and the darkest of dark. On other worlds they are tall, and on your planet, most are short.

They assisted in the creation of the human race. The human had been created long before the the Lyrans connected to its energies. But for the Lyrans to channel the human vibrations into your universe was a fascinating experience.

Every alien species has help in their evolution. Have you ever thought about how a twelfth dimensional being can become a physical third dimensional being? With trillions of years of evolution and a soul desire for exploration?

The break away into the third dimension was not easy. The gnomes were one of the first beings to do so. At the time, they did not have a physical form. Reincarnation downgrades one’s experience into the lower dimensions.

Without reincarnation this could never happen.

Reincarnation can be called breakaway. Dimensions are created to protect the third dimension in case of fall out. Your reality can easily break down and cause a mental depression. Depression is caused by dimensions being tampered with.

Weather conflicts can also be caused by disruptions in the dimensions.

Realize gnomes weren’t always human. They adapted this experience as earth became habitable. In other dimensions and universes, they were humanoid Gnomes. Many of them appeared as statues. Ever heard of movable statues?

Many of the early wizards were gnomes. The ancient gnomes are connected to the Nordic Tall Blonde Aliens. Many gnomes incarnated as the first ancient Atlanteans.

The gnome magic can be connected, too. Humanity is a lost species because of manipulation. A call for higher dimensions will clear the blockages of your earth. Acknowledge the power within. Everyone is a magician. Many aren’t ready for the responsibility.

Think of a society of magicians. The gnome vibration lives within the trees and all of nature. Ask them to come out. Ask them to say hello. They are playful and carry an organic wisdom that will live with you for centuries.

Those that know spirituality usually carry a gnome vibration with them.

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