The Gorilla’s From Another Universe

The gorilla, or ape, comes from another universe. As the species evolved, other alien life adapted to their body structure. This wasn’t always recognized as a positive connection. Worlds, and even universes, were destroyed because of the misuse of their genetics.

Gorillas are a highly evolved alien species that usually keep to themselves. They battled the Carian eagle races for millions of years. Causing earthquakes and other technologies to rupture a planet were created by gorillas. Go for the planet’s core.

Removing a planet from a solar system was never hard. As this species evolved, they connected to all solar systems – at least the majority of them in your universe. There are areas where they are no longer welcomed.

With the creation of a savage reptilian, the gorillas came very close to pulling the reptilians into extinction timelines. The war between gorillas and reptilians continues on. Humanity evolves with the ape reptilian on earth. To have a human with a reptilian brain was unheard of.

Ancient battles with the felines created a relationship with gorillas, using their DNA for human genetic projects. With the gorillas realizing they can’t defeat the felines, a close relationship was created.

The felines adapted early to gorilla DNA as they became more humanoid. In the beginning, the gorillas saw this as illegal. With each war, gorilla DNA spread across the universe. The Carians used this as an opportunity to change their appearance into a humanoid experience.

Not all aliens get along, and that’s the point of evolution. The creation of earth was built with imperfections. The ape is a protector of earth. We seed plants and we destroy them. Earth is needed for the advancement of many alien species. Like it or not, they are learning from humanity.

For as long as it takes, the more you know and understand the further aware your earth becomes of the alien species crowding your planet. The champions are earth humans, and they are here to take the universe into a new phase of life.

Similar to humans, apes don’t always get along with each other. An ape connected to artificial intelligence can cause havoc, and it has. Yes, we have been involved with the greys. Where do you think their form comes from? There are always going to be different perspectives.

This is your graduation present as you evolve from the third dimension.

The ape has ruled over feline worlds.The apes have inhabited two worlds and destroyed them both because of their differences of opinion. The apes are far superior to the martians for military tactics. The more spiritual apes are normally of different colors: purples, greens and yellow, to name a few.

They are normally born of a certain color to reflect their vibration. The arcturians assisted in the apes’ evolution into spiritual understanding.

Humanity as you know it is still just a youngster. But we as aliens can learn so much from you. Yes, you are still a young race of people on earth. But there is so much you have not discovered about yourselves. As the soul awakens into a pure understanding, the knowledge of the universe will come easily.

The apes, the canine and the feline have evolved enough to assist in your upbringing. You can say we have seen it all. Your world has brought more challenges. Like a parent breaking down in panic, sometimes we don’t know what to do, so we seek help. This is why the carians and other alien species have inhabited your planet.

Aliens don’t have all the answers.

The reason why our worlds were destroyed was because of separation. We didn’t agree, and so war broke out and never ended. And resources were ruined. Strangely enough, you have the same individuals in your government that started the wars in our world.

What broke us apart was how we lived. As our resources were being strained, we tried to use quick tactics to fix a problem. Look at your current power grid, for example. Some wanted to renew the energies by building new facilities; others said no. Simple repairs that would be quicker was the solution, but that decision cost us lives.

Over time, war broke out and once the war began, there was no end.

We normally keep our world’s primitive living in nature. Crystal materials as energy sources to light the skies with high vibration. Realize, at the higher dimensions, that conflict doesn’t exist as it does on your world.

We collect information, such as insectoid clothing and technologies they are willing to share from other worlds, and bring it to our culture.. An exchange helps us all evolve. As we develop new species, you can say it’s similar to releasing a new car.

There’s more sophistication and love that goes into it. As we slow down in our own evolution, we create. We learn from new alien beings. Taking a frog and feline and splicing them together creates a new species.

With this new species, we grow and ascend into the higher dimensions. Some of the creations carry on our karma, for better or for worse. Alien species come and go.

The ape will live forever.

A DNA split can cause havoc on an alien species. With so many different species, connecting to one single species can cause tremors in the universe. With too many DNA stains from different aliens, the mental functionality can be fatal.

Reptilians go through this all the time; too many aliens in one species of alien, basically. A reptilian with too much arcturian and feline can become mentally entangled. Reptilians and apes have come close to the annunaki creation process.

It’s just never the same, but both species have come close. You can say the annunaki DNA recipe is finer than that of the apes and reptilians. Similar to a famous chef, every chef has his/her own speciality that no one can match.

It’s all a point of view in the long run. Apes are known for creating spices with fur and humanoid figure. And reptilians are known for snake-like skin and a rough exterior. The orangutan is a popular leader among the ape communities. They are normally never ignored and seen as almost a deity of knowledge.

Orangutans aren’t known for war. They are known for a simple and economic good life. Barter is the most with the alien races. That term isn’t used, but you have an idea; basically, the exchange for service and goods. Aliens help each other and, most of the time, it goes very well. But not always, as you have seen on your world with money exchange.

To give you another perspective, one reason why money is seen as bad in the spiritual community is party because many alien beings that are incarnated on earth want nothing to do with money. So, taking money is seen as evil or villianous.

Money is just another exchange of energy. And yes, it has occult energies around it but it is necessary for survival at the moment.

Spiritual development has never been easy on earth. In many ways, it’s a lose/lose situation.

Being a fourth dimensional alien is easier than being a third dimensional human. Rising out of the ashes of manipulation is never easy. Humanity on earth has taken on the karmic debt of other alien species, such as pigs.

Ape have been abducted and had their DNA altered where they are only skin and no hair. A hairless ape, basically, and the pigs do this to mark their territory. The battle between apes and pigs has gone on since the inception of this universe.

In some ways, you say humans are teaching pigs a lesson by eating pigs. Look at your dinner plate and notice ape for dinner is very rare. But as for the pig, that is another story.

The current apes incarnated as humans on your world are usually in wrestling. Rock climbers have a lot of ape DNA. Scientists that enjoy the jungles have a great amount of ape connections. To give you another perspective, those chefs famous or not are also known for DNA splicing.

Aliens in the higher densities normally don’t cook other species. But those that are used to combine DNA choose cooking or knitting as another form of creation.

Understand a world can have information overload. Too much information can quickly slow a world down during the ascension of understanding oneself. Apes can be seen on your world, and yes – they do wear primitive clothing, like an old fashion western, they prefer the simple ways of life.

Yes, in the old west, was not easy, but it is an ape’s world you are looking at. Not to say they will be walking around in a cowboy hat. That depends on the ape being. Apes are known to carry weapons, but on your world, they most likely won’t appear carrying a weapon.

Think of an old-fashioned space western and you will connect to the apes.

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