Alien Species Introduction

As humanity goes through a vibrational upgrade, many changes will be made, such as understanding the alien species on your planet, the strangeness of it all and the realization that this is a channeled message – a channeled message connecting to the universe to open the heavens of your earth to a new way of life. Understand that much of your bible has been channeled.

Uplifting messages and changes to your vibration are needed. New information to your planet is needed as you enhance your way of life.

In this segment, we will be connecting to Alpha Centauri. This star system is assisting earth, but not much is known of its assistance.

Realize that major events on your planet also cause alien reentry into your world. With each event, human consciousness allows it to happen. There are major events happening across earth all the time, throughout the ages. That’s a lot of alien beings connected to your reality.

Even with the contract with third dimension, thousands of years of integrations have been made. You wake up with the earth everyday and never realize the complications it takes to put the third dimensional reality together.

Several matrix energies are seeded on your world, so they are added or replaced when needed. As a new era arrives, changes are made to the matrix. Every second a change is made. Your future is planned before you incarnate. Think of it as a highway system – a complex map of highways and you are the car. The vehicle with the free will to do whatever you want. But there are times when you can’t just get off a life path. When life gets difficult, it’s hard to end the difficulties, correct? It feels like the difficulties are never ending.

When you are living a harsh reality, the timeline feels like forever. This is the most crucial time, because the soul expands with never ending information. The soul can even turn to a golden color if you ever thought to look.

A golden energy at the right level gives the soul connections to the spirit world. During this battle with the third dimension, higher dimensional beings are here to connect. The harsh reality opens you up to higher beings because you need all the help you can get.

The easier the life, the more likely the soul will play it safe and not grow.

The harsher the reality, the more risks are made because there is no other choice. Which gives your life a complexity. During the turmoil, it’s not always easy to connect. During the rough weather of soul expansion, it’s not always easy to see through the weather and to connect to the sunshine of high vibrational energies.

Every human has about a thousand alien species connected to them for one single incarnation. In the third dimension, it’s hard to imagine this. In higher dimensions, it makes so much sense. Think of yourself as a cruise ship heading out to sea. You need all the help you can get.

Your higher self is the captain and your shipmates are your guides. For some of you, your main guide is your higher self. For those who never have an issue with their guides, most likely your higher self is your guide.

The main spirit guide is like a executive chef at a restaurant, making sure everything runs smoothly. Hard tests are there to make sure you make it through.

So with so many guides, most are alien beings. Close your eyes and what do you see? The belief system can make it hard to see the guides. Humans feel they are not worthy. Everyone is worthy.

Not everyone is ready to see a spirit guide. Some of the most powerful guides are insectoids. When you go into the darkness of your timeline, the insectoid guide is there with you.

To give you a perspective of the Alpha Centauri aliens, they are on earth to make sure humanity doesn’t destroy other planets. The illuminati consciousness wants to rid of aliens assisting humanity. Galactic wars are common in channelings.

The news media is manipulated because the aliens are losing control over the human mind. They hit the fear factor and control the narrative. Those in the third dimension don’t notice it; business as usual, they think. These are the same humans that think you are alone in the universe.

Think again.

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