Greetings Humanity- Channeled Text

Greetings, humanity. The time is coming for the high-vibration transformation. Realize you are connected to the animal star people. The animal kingdom on your animal is no different than you.

As your vibrations heighten, the understanding of this will come more true to you. As of now, the majority of humans see animals as another species when, in fact, they are you and you are them. Most of you have been animals on your planet before a human incarnation.

Those who enjoy flying are usually from the flying insectoid races–always with wings and always ready to fly.

It is time for the human to reconnect to the universe. By doing this, expect the unexpected and realize many waves of change are on their way. In the past, your planet was plunged into darkness with no way out. Some of this is in your Bible, the book of Zechariah.

Your current darkness is the industrial revolution that has technology taking over your current lives. The birth of artificial intelligence was during your World War II. Humanity has to make a decision–to find what is truth in your life or continue to live the lie of the third dimension.

We realize many would rather not hear the truth and will believe whatever they what and call it truth. There are dimensions that will comfort those belief systems, and they will continue on that timeline of disbelief.

Comfort in the mind is no different than comfort food. Everyone wants to feel good. There is nothing wrong with that. But looking the other direction as others suffer is neglect of your fellow human beings.

Save yourself. Free your mind. Realize the darkness of your planet. Desire to look the other way. Live in comfort and forget the troubles of the world. Darkness prevails in your comfort. When you want to truly see the truth, the truth will come. You might have a great deal of disbelief at first. But ask for assistance during this transition into the unknown.

The reptilian manipulations are ending on your planet. Fires and strange global warming are on their way as the Earth transitions into the fourth dimension.

A strange world is on its way. The mysteries will continue to unravel as Egypt comes to life. The Atlantean knowledge is opening portals across your Earth. A great transition is near.

There will be a future when alien ships will be welcomed back into your lives. The animal kingdom will be more important to you.

You can say Earth is being disconnected from Planet X. The manipulations will be cleared and you will see Planet X with no problem. Yes, other worlds are causing difficulties on your planet. More of these beings were kicked off Earth but continued to cause trouble.

Saturn, Uranus, and Mars have been a mix of conflict on your world. Planet X is not seen in your solar system in your dimension. It’s larger than your moon and can even replace your moon sometime in the future.

As you upgrade your vibrations, you will understand this. Heal Planet X and bring it closer to you. Yes, this is the Annunaki world. It will be seen as fantasy until your dimension is ready for it to be seen in your reality.

It is possible for your planet to advance its technologies in the next ten years, where the alien influence becomes more obvious. The Air Force already has these technologies but feel humans are not ready for it yet.

As you mature and know your surroundings more clearly, healing the hostility on your planet is what is needed most. Many of you are ready but more are not. There are too many activities within the third dimension that are too attractive to let go of. Most are not ready to let go.

Understand this, that many in the spiritual community want to control the fourth and fifth dimensions. You will see this as the ego spins out of control, wanting attention and thinking they are always right.

In four years you will see the great change occur.


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