The Quran – Channeled Text

Realize happiness can be found within. The fourth dimension is with you, and the higher dimensions aren’t too far away. As religion was brought to your world, the higher dimensions of your world slowly vanished.

To go further, religion connects to the lower dimensions of worlds that wish to hold your planet captive. The Quran was to unite humanity in the Middle East but instead divided it. The alien text was manipulated, and the consciousness of earth was hijacked.

The Sirians brought a gift to earth. That gift was alien knowledge. This knowledge was weaponized and used against humanity by the reptilians, mostly by the draconians. The architecture of manipulation connected to the root chakra and poisoned it. All the chakras were poisoned with violence.

This is why healing the chakras is so important–reconnecting to the universe and finding your galactic families once again, reaching to the vortex of your founders. The chakras represent worlds you come from. Sirius, Venus, and even the sun is connected to you.

The giants of the past were erased because they showed how alien your planet truly was. To get humans to murder each other was the master plan. The Quran played a large part in it, as the Quran has many Atlantean secrets from the high priests. The text was to reactivate the soul. Instead the Quran poisons the soul with violence.

The draconian way is to hold the mind and control the thoughts and actions that will lead to violence because violence holds the earth in the third dimension. But there is so much more because the Quran was to be a text of peace and a galactic bible for the third dimension, to unite humanity, and instead the divide is immense. There is a family energy around the Quran. Unfortunately that energy has been poisoned for many centuries.

As we continue with this religious subject, we want to mention the pope, who is always a weak soul and sometimes with a heart but usually a human that is easily manipulated. A weak soul is needed to compromise the people into submission.

A strong pope would speak out and destroy the Catholic Church. Weakness is needed even if strength is hinted at. That strength is manipulated to serve the Draconian agenda.

The mind of the Archons is simple. Let good be brought to the earth. Later on we will manipulate it, find its weakness, and slowly alter the energies to serve our higher purpose.

Why do the Archons have so much power over earth? It is because humanity in the ancient times surrendered. The wars in the past was a past against the Archons, and to erase the ideas of alien connections with your planet.

Why do so many humans not believe in the alien forces around your planet? Weakness in the consciousness made it normal to feel humans are alone in the universe.

The bloodshed of the past gave humanity no choice but to surrender because the souls that kept the earth safe were no more. They were destroyed and removed from the planet. Those speaking about aliens now are those that fought the wars on your battlefield.

Realize also comfort in the third dimension made it easy to forget the alien presence on your planet–a nice life living well and a vacation for two on the Bahamas.

The wars of the past were humans fighting aliens. History made sure that knowledge was forgotten.

The war of manipulation continues until humanity awakens from its slumber. The astral world has been constantly reaching out to your dimension and is easily forgotten, seen in fiction only as the prison planet continues to ignore the energies around you.

The Quran was the break of humanity from the fifth dimension. These religious texts were built to take humanity down and imprison it. The rape and murder on your planet must be healed before it goes fully into the fifth dimension.

Love is all.

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