Changes in the third dimension.

Your way of life is shifting to another reality. Less war and less trauma but only if you want it. The third dimension is just an outer layer. And don’t think the fourth dimension is anything easier. Some of you are feeling the effects of the transition.

Becoming lighter and less reliant on the matters of the third dimensional life. Meaning you are becoming translucent. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds because the rest of the world is a heavy dense matter that can issue with communicating with the outside world.

Meaning the universe.

If you are saying anything to the universe, such as how are you? Or better yet. Is this the best you can do. At least you are acknowledging the outside world. The universe is speaking to everyone all the time.

Only a few million might be responding back.

The universe does send email and does answer your prayers. But majority don’t notice. Majority of humanity is on the fast track. Constantly go go go. That can be a problem. It ok to stop and smell the roses.

Being still and being quiet can help you hear spirit.

Loud music normally blocks out spirit’s voice. Which is done for a reason. Music itself is a translucent energy. It is consciousness. Music is soul energy it is that person that created it and much more. The inspiration is there. It’s all there for you to absorb.

Depending on the right you can move into the higher dimensions. When you are ready, of course. The artist is a magican of sound. Magic is everywhere you just need to know how to recognize it.

Many people are transformed by music because it connects you to your soul origins in spirit. That same vibration is reminding you of home. Which helps you continue your incarnation on earth. Or it makes you homesick.

Music has over a thousand messages in it. Even if the lyrics are only several paragraphs of words. And every word has a deeper meaning.

Follow your feelings of what feels right to listen too. That artist and sound is speaking a great deal to you. For healing or assisting with a transition. Rock concerns most people leave their body and connect with the astral spirit. It’s as if everyone at the concert is on another world. And one day aliens will be seen and spirit beings.

If you are at a music concert most likely you are leaving earth for that time.

Majority feel a transforming change within their energy field. Many want to be relaxed and some want sex. It’s because you are connecting to the higher dimensions. You want to feel good and continue that energy cleanse.

Who needs drugs when you have music. At least the music is legal while most drugs are illegal. You can say the musician is a drug dealer of sound. And that’s all legal and the government can’t sensor that.

Sometimes explicit language is needed in music but the most loving sounds can heal any kind of situation. And making a living as a musician is difficult but with the desires of making sounds is important to you. The universe will provide.

The world needs more musicians. Wizards of sound without limitations is needed and the audience will find you. You want high energy it’s all in the music. Cancer can be cured and troubled relationships can find a new chapter.

Soul renewal is in music. Angelic realms have been making music forever. And one day every city on your planet will have music in the air played daily.

Look at your recent conflict in Baghdad. After the attack on the United States embassy play some translucent music. Answers will come of why the event even happened. Basically not enough music is playing. Even trees can create their own music.

Can you imagine approaching a tree playing music?

Go to a concert and it’s a tree vibrating sounds. The audience transcends into astral and everyone leaves high as a kite.

2020 is unlocking knowledge and new energies. This is why you are hearing this now. A singing tree and astral knowledge of being high just on your own energy is a hard sell when the world is riding on an old timeline.

2020 is a new timeline. So expect talk about singing trees and even spirit beings appearing out of nowhere. The angelic realm has been unlocked but don’t expect angels appearing in the skies just yet.

And a quick word on chemtrails. Humanity calls on them but that’s not everyone. Chemtrails continue the third dimensional mindset. Its a program but not a program for everyone. Think of it like humanity is receiving its marching orders from the shadow government.

The shadow government is basically a ruler of your reality. But not a ruler of everyone.

Many of you are breaking free and it’s not easy. Ever see a prison break on tv? Where the escaped prisoner is running for his or her life. Running through the sewer not showing for days or months. Breaking rules everyday to stay alive. Not having the best of relationships and feeling alone in the world.

That’s many of you.

Humanity is programed into a prison reality called the third dimension. Thoughts create your current reality. When Atlantis was destroyed it wasn’t completely destroyed. Demonic ideas came into the earth and created the third dimension.

Life in Atlantis and Lemuria was perfect in so many ways. So what would life be if we turned this into hell? No one was thinking hell would last this long. The contract of third dimension continued to be extended. You can thank the dark ages for that.

The Dark Ages extended your lessons in third dimension to the year two thousand.

Darkness on your planet when too far. Humanity had to heal from the black plague and other diseases. Education was eradicated and survival was the future of humanity. Timelines of prosperity were destroyed and the earth human was slowly transitioning into mutation.

The Dark Ages was more about DNA and the eradication of the human race. Disease was used to created another race of human. Now this was slowed down but not completely stopped. Humanity became stronger because of the Black Plague and the Bubonic Plague.

Humanity transformed twice during those plague periods.

Even today humanity is being tampered with. With chemtrail technologies and food GMO’s. The controllers of your earth want an obedient human. Many of you are saying no to the elite. Astral can be hell. But its all worth it.

Humanity is the gold DNA of the universe.

Interdimensional Shape Beings

Ever think about a reality where shapes were the dominant species?

Ever have a conversation with a box? Where do these shapes come from? They come from another universe where objects are king. Shapes of all kinds are constantly creating forms. A fluid reality where a box is king.

Where a box becomes a dominant species over other shapes.

Welcome to the fifth dimension.

This is an introduction to the box people. Think of a human with a box for a head. There are no features such as eyes or ears. Sure, you can place a hat on his or her head. The human body consumed the box world.

What is it? What to do with a human form?

You can call them the box people. Call them whatever you want. They have been watching your world for a very long time. Think of societies of humans with box heads, circle heads, triangle heads and so on.

Notice the skyscrapers on your planet are rectangle in shape. Is this some other dimension speaking to your world? Yes, it is.

As humanity evolves out of the prison mentality, you will see how fluid your world truly is. There are water worlds connected to your planet…fire worlds connected to earth and a snow universe tied to your dimension.

What are the triangle and box people trying to say to your collective?

Why do most of you live in a box-shaped house or apartment? The box is the most prominent shape on your planet. What are the box people saying?

Wake the hell up, humans.

Shape species connect to your planet to assist it as it evolves and returns to the astral realities. One day humanity will have a conversation with your home. Talk to the door and ask what dimension it comes from. Why did the door choose you?

The only way to free your society is to see the world for what it is.

Go even further. Why did you choose that particular restaurant or grocery store to choose your food? You might not believe this but the food itself was calling you to consume it. Ever have a conversation with a hamburger?

As you shift out of the third dimension, your reality will become more fluid.

In the early stages of your earth’s formation, the design of your future was foreseen. The dimensions that create the objects on your planet, such as chairs and buildings, were connected to your planet.

Mother earth brought in the energies she felt fit. Mother earth and mother god are technically the same thing. Realize a building is a portal to another dimension, which is no different than trees or grass. Humans on earth are the most inter-dimensional beings on the planet.

A soul cycle that is constantly in flux.

Earth was created in the Narrow Dimension, a hidden universe that was not fully explored during its time. Pockets of energy that had never been experienced before were brought to this universe. Remnants of other universes mixed into one.

Seen as a black hole, to give you an example of what it looks like in the third dimension.

As the earth was being broadcast to the universe, it was created in the shape beings connected to the earth’s consciousness, which at first caused a new wave of energy. This planet was something special.

It was like a chessboard with more layers that can extract energies to create new species that had never been seen before. New kinds of lizards and mice species were found on earth, along with new kinds of insectoids that had never existed before.

Realize these are all animals that formed with the earth and many are no longer here.

As humanity shifts out of the third dimension, the narrow dimension will become clearer to you. The shape beings are normally collectives. They stick together and create universes that will allow more movement and dimensional shifts.

Ever see a box planet or a pyramid planet in space?

The flat earth should get some attention. Earth connects to all dimensions. It’s all shapes and sizes that modern science could never explain.

Think of a world of only objects. They are moving around as they please. You can say living the simple life. The conversation is another story. They absorb each other’s energies. And when aliens connect to their worlds, all they see are objects everywhere.

Some objects are kind and some are not. Some like to play games with your technologies. Yes, you can get trapped on a planet like this. They have a way of opening your telepathic abilities to speak with you. Most shape worlds are kind, but some are not.

Shape beings can transform their energies so they look like the alien species that is visiting them. The design is in shape form, so it’s not an identical copy.

Ever feel unwanted in a building or a house? Sometimes it is the building itself that wants you to go. A past life with a house that didn’t go too well is very real.

The consciousness of the buildings on this planet is no different than the energies of nature. When people take mind-altering drugs, they connect to the outer dimensions that surround their planet or live within it.

A talking chair or talking wall shouldn’t bring any kind of surprise.

The square and rectangle shapes are most prominent on your planet. Currently, this form fits right into the structures of your society. As the energies of your reality increase to the fourth dimension, a shift will occur. The way you live your life will alter. Living in a circle house.

Teleporting the structure to another part of your world will be quite easy.

The Quran On Other Worlds – Channeled Text

Understand other worlds influence planet earth: Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and other worlds in other star systems. The secret governments know this because they visit these places on a daily basis. That’s their reality while humanity is on one planet. The elite travel to other worlds in secret, in other dimensions. Children are abducted and brought to other worlds, mainly Mars. The technique is very simple using technology and the knowledge that you are doing the right thing. Humanity needs to be enslaved. It’s the right thing to do, so we can have all the power and do as we do. Live free as the weak suffer on earth. The Quran shows the weakness in man as humanity uses violence towards each other. The same thought pattern is used by the elite, as the Quran opens portals to other worlds. Violent acts allow dark entities to travel through your world freely. The new education system will be about spirituality on a galactic scale.

In Sirius there is a world called Bruce. This is a world of the elite one of them at least. Once a barren planet, but now it’s full of life. Paradise world, where the elite live in luxury in the fourth dimension. You can call it a forbidden zone, and understand the name of the planet is to keep it simple. Think of this as a Garden of Eden for the elite, and many of the elite aren’t even human. Many are feline and dragon-like in appearance in a human form, but they aren’t called human. Felines that can change color with a single thought. Normally this planet is left alone, meaning other Sirians keep their distance, and it’s not also easy to find either as it is very close to Sirius C. To give you another understanding of the elite or illuminati, many are in human form but deformed as for face structure and even body structure. Their mental powers are intense, but their looks can be hideous.

The Martians’ elite is who we are describing at this time. They were persecuted in the past for their appearance, another reason for the monks of your past hiding their appearance behind a hooded cloak. Ever heard of a powerful monk? The elite are hidden, and the cloak was invented for them to disappear. The time of ancient Atlantis, the reptilians pressured the Atlanteans to go against the Martians because of their appearance. Alien wars are constant on your planet. Your mythology is a sign of the past alien connections. As you reactivate you will understand this. The deactivated human is currently on your planet in the billions. Annunaki money plagues the consciousness to control the thoughts of humanity. Money has been weaponized and is used to divide everyone. A Sirian creation is used as a gift and only a gift.

Planet Clear is another world the Quran is connected to, deep within Sirius and a hidden star system called the forbidden zone. This is an Annunaki planet where the elite are connected also, a battle planet that can look similar to Egypt, a desert planet with Egyptian like architecture throughout the world. This is a slave planet. Humans are brought here to reproduce and be configured into this reality, meaning they have no idea earth even exists. To help you understand, many that come from the planet Clear are now reincarnated on your world as sex slaves and are known for sexual services such as prostitution and strip clubs. The pimps used to be Annunaki from the planet Clear. There’s a great amount of richness to this planet with diamond luxury, a beautiful slave planet in the desert. Dubai has a lot of similarities, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia to name a few others. Disease doesn’t really exist on this planet. So when souls incarnate on your world from Clear, they easily fall prey to disease. Sexual pleasures are a plus on planet Clear. Unfortunately no one has any rights and you can be taken or abducted by the powerful without a problem. If you fight back you die. So the rich cities in the Arab world are connected to planet Clear. The portals and vortexes are connected to Clear. You must be careful because once again, your rights mean nothing. Once the elite want you, it’s over. Those that wear the gold are the powerful. Anyone else wearing gold will be destroyed. Basically humans are indoctrinated into thinking a certain way. Sounds familiar? Some are micro chipped and some are not. There is no money system just a control system. Follow the rules and you will be fine. Also Lucifer’s energy surrounds planet Clear.

Many citizens of your world reincarnated from a slave planet. Souls go from slave planet to slave planet because of the teachings they learn. When the world goes into higher vibration, they just leave. There are souls that are underdeveloped and need the third-dimension energies to grow. How are they at such a low vibration? The curiosity of a dense environment. The physical world can be an addiction. Some incarnate in the physical, but that is what they prefer and will do anything to keep it that way.

Earth is graduating to the fourth and fifth dimensions and even higher. The population will decrease because of this. Scholars will stay and be with the world until it achieves its highest vibration. The scholars are those assisting earth to achieve its high vibration. And they are currently incarnated on earth at this time. The path to the fourth dimension will not be easy. The slaves of the third dimension are used to being slaves. Unlocking from the third will feel like it’s impossible. It’s like losing one’s identity. How will the fourth dimension affect earth? The surrounding energies will change such as the way of life. How you live life will change. Same as any new era enters into the new generations. What was once old will be forgotten. Where humans used to walk they will fly. A less dense earth–humans will feel more angelic and more telepathic. Energies will glow around you. Astral travel will simplify itself and be easier for all of you. Heal the slave mentality on your planet. It is called normal, but in truth it is not as you know.

The Quran – Channeled Text

Realize happiness can be found within. The fourth dimension is with you, and the higher dimensions aren’t too far away. As religion was brought to your world, the higher dimensions of your world slowly vanished.

To go further, religion connects to the lower dimensions of worlds that wish to hold your planet captive. The Quran was to unite humanity in the Middle East but instead divided it. The alien text was manipulated, and the consciousness of earth was hijacked.

The Sirians brought a gift to earth. That gift was alien knowledge. This knowledge was weaponized and used against humanity by the reptilians, mostly by the draconians. The architecture of manipulation connected to the root chakra and poisoned it. All the chakras were poisoned with violence.

This is why healing the chakras is so important–reconnecting to the universe and finding your galactic families once again, reaching to the vortex of your founders. The chakras represent worlds you come from. Sirius, Venus, and even the sun is connected to you.

The giants of the past were erased because they showed how alien your planet truly was. To get humans to murder each other was the master plan. The Quran played a large part in it, as the Quran has many Atlantean secrets from the high priests. The text was to reactivate the soul. Instead the Quran poisons the soul with violence.

The draconian way is to hold the mind and control the thoughts and actions that will lead to violence because violence holds the earth in the third dimension. But there is so much more because the Quran was to be a text of peace and a galactic bible for the third dimension, to unite humanity, and instead the divide is immense. There is a family energy around the Quran. Unfortunately that energy has been poisoned for many centuries.

As we continue with this religious subject, we want to mention the pope, who is always a weak soul and sometimes with a heart but usually a human that is easily manipulated. A weak soul is needed to compromise the people into submission.

A strong pope would speak out and destroy the Catholic Church. Weakness is needed even if strength is hinted at. That strength is manipulated to serve the Draconian agenda.

The mind of the Archons is simple. Let good be brought to the earth. Later on we will manipulate it, find its weakness, and slowly alter the energies to serve our higher purpose.

Why do the Archons have so much power over earth? It is because humanity in the ancient times surrendered. The wars in the past was a past against the Archons, and to erase the ideas of alien connections with your planet.

Why do so many humans not believe in the alien forces around your planet? Weakness in the consciousness made it normal to feel humans are alone in the universe.

The bloodshed of the past gave humanity no choice but to surrender because the souls that kept the earth safe were no more. They were destroyed and removed from the planet. Those speaking about aliens now are those that fought the wars on your battlefield.

Realize also comfort in the third dimension made it easy to forget the alien presence on your planet–a nice life living well and a vacation for two on the Bahamas.

The wars of the past were humans fighting aliens. History made sure that knowledge was forgotten.

The war of manipulation continues until humanity awakens from its slumber. The astral world has been constantly reaching out to your dimension and is easily forgotten, seen in fiction only as the prison planet continues to ignore the energies around you.

The Quran was the break of humanity from the fifth dimension. These religious texts were built to take humanity down and imprison it. The rape and murder on your planet must be healed before it goes fully into the fifth dimension.

Love is all.