Messages From the Outer World – Channeled Message

Egypt is your ancient Atlantis. The Egyptian energies have been alive long before your earth was created, and is known by many different names. Orion is their source energy and most of you will recognize that.

Notice the different hieroglyphs and see how many different species of aliens that visited your world. And realize your planet is safe. There are many challenges ahead, and you know this. The energy circles of Orion surround your planet to keep it safe. It is true humans decide who comes to this world and who does not.

You, as Earth humans, control your reality. If you wish for a positive alien visitation, you will have it. It’s up to your human collective to know us and understand our intentions. Many fear us, so that is one of the reasons for our visitations to be far from being realized.

Humanity has not decided on a whole if they want us to connect to your race – us being the Orions, the Yahyels and the Zetas collectives. The wisdom of your planet is still keeping us at a distance, as there is so much healing needed for your world – poverty and abusive connections with family and personal love relationships.

We are not that hard to reach. So much fear has been embedded on your planet’s consciousness. Any idea or connection to extraterrestrial life is almost forbidden entirely in your world. We brought you languages and technologies and watched you grow. We have been watching you grow from the beginning of time. We are not your fathers. We are your friends and family.

The idea is to find your inner happiness. Find your inner soul that speaks out often but is often ignored due to belief systems. The soul energies of this planet are connected to the Arcturian collective consciousness.

The Arcturians, with permission, can hear your thoughts and be a part of your soul mission. Every human on your planet visits an Arcturian reality during your incarnation on planet Earth – a school of the higher soul, you can say. During great challenges, many of you connect to the Arcturians and visit their healing chambers in astral. You can disconnect to your soul-being and lose yourself entirely through grief. It’s always your choice what direction you go in life.

Many lower astral beings use grief and suffering as a way to convince the soul they are victims. There is no hope. There is nothing to live for…when, in fact, you have everything to live for. But it’s always your choice to choose your direction. Challenges are to uplift you and even take you to another direction. Conflict is not there to discourage you from following your soul desire. Conflict is there to open you up. That’s why there are so many conflicts on your planet. The soul wishes to grow, and it’s how you use that growth that is up to you. All conflict has a purpose to advance the soul experience.

Suicide takes the soul into the unknown. The soul chooses what conflict to experience. The more you connect to the light during a suicide experience, the quicker you will heal. Realize that the soul will lose fragmentation and split apart. Other versions of the soul will be scattered and you will feel this intensity. Healing from a suicide is never a simple matter. As the fragments of the soul scatter, they get manipulated, and healing those manipulations can take years or decades. You can pass into the gates of heaven. But those fragments are lost and reconnecting to them is never easy. Realize those fragments can be used for darkness.

Souls that have experienced suicide usually take the effects of the suicide into future incarnations. Realize contracts were broken and now you are living a new incarnation. Usually reconnecting to a new incarnation is not easy to continue a new contract – meaning there are souls that continue the suicide process. Depending on the soul, it will take five incarnations to break the cycle. Realize the soul is normally tortured by the past suicide energies.

The soul has the choice to continue a lifetime. You can break the suicide cycle.

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