Mecca – Channeled Text

The feline Lyrans have been protecting earth for billions of years. There were many incidents aimed to destroy earth. The Reptilians wanted earth for themselves – the dinosaur experiment was not working. Earth was intended by the Reptilians to be a dinosaur world, and having humans and dinosaurs roam the earth together was the plan…

As long as the reptilians ruled the planet.

The Sirian councils decided for a human experience on this planet – a planet for everyone. The human experiment was to continue on earth. The positive Reptilians integrated with Ashtar Command to assist with Earth’s protection and have the negative Reptilians removed from earth. If the Reptilians could not have it, Earth was going to be destroyed. Many lessons were learned from Lyra. The many defenses around earth increased. The wars between the Reptilians and the Lyrans caused the dinosaurs to be extinct.

The modern earth human was being created through alien technology. The modern human was a mix of the alien species visiting the planet at the time. The modern human went through many versions, with the first humans being very advanced and evil, while the Neanderthal human was developed and left alone to evolve.

This new version of human was denser, and complicated in ways never seen before. They had characteristics that were not seen for some time in the most advanced beings. Tribal humans were very primitive and intense with rage, with ape and Reptilian traits being very obvious.

Humans with both ape and Reptilian DNA had an energy that clashed. As a Neanderthal, the human was calm at a third dimensional form and a primitive energy that would go out of control with rage, but for the most part, a humble being.

As the DNA was enhanced with the primate humans, many different kinds of beings evolved. The Sasquatch and Dodman also came from these early experiments. Different versions of the Sasquatch were invented through out time as the human evolved.

Mecca came to be the center of the earth. The foundation of what the world should follow. The current agenda was to control the mind. Culture is another word for mind control in your world.

During the middle ages, magic was everywhere and never truly understood. Over time, magic went underground. Now, the elite rule magic on your planet. Modern day slavery is linked to commerce. The modern consumer is the modern slave, fitting into the modern mix of mind control to be recognized and be successful.

The gods that once ruled your planet have turned into modern day money, religion and consumerism. The modern controllers are quiet these days, using celebrity and power to set future agendas.

The modern human is told not to believe that these manipulative forces are here – to go with the flow, make a living, be complacent, and, most of all, accept the reality told to you that aliens are not here on this planet in another dimension. To play the part of ordinary humans. Don’t forget -you have no power.

The myths are nothing else. They are just myths. The modern generation knows better and all is well in the world. Humans are not to realize there are higher dimensional beings here helping humanity. But there are others who want to keep humanity as mind controlled slaves.

Black magic is used everyday, never mentioned in modern conversations with the masses. Humans are not to know that modern magic is being used to manipulate the minds of the masses. Mecca is a mind control center, and so is Washington, DC. Currently, London is silent and so is the Vatican. But look at America, which is always in world news conversations.

Modern Rome is setting the agenda for earth. Mecca has much of the illuminati members upgrading their powers by draining the energies of humanity. The illuminati black magicians are not to be seen by the modern human. Mecca is one of the sources of their power.

The Vatican is a place for rituals. There are many sacred sites connected to the druids, which the illuminati mind also control and to keep their magic seducing humanity. Modern religion gives power to the illuminati. The more you worship to man created gods, such as the Pope, the more you give your power to the elite.

There is nothing wrong with worshiping god. Realize this: worshiping Buddha or Jesus gives the elite power. You have the freedom to do as you wish. The elite manipulate the energies of the earth. Following the guidelines of a simple holiday gives the elite power. And even a wedding can give them power, because the elite are there to control your marriage. This isn’t always the case. But realize religion is normally pulled into marriage in the ceremony. You can be married to the illuminati, also. Married to their agenda.

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