Mecca – Channeled Text

The feline Lyrans have been protecting earth for billions of years. There were many incidents aimed to destroy earth. The Reptilians wanted earth for themselves – the dinosaur experiment was not working. Earth was intended by the Reptilians to be a dinosaur world, and having humans and dinosaurs roam the earth together was the plan…

As long as the reptilians ruled the planet.

The Sirian councils decided for a human experience on this planet – a planet for everyone. The human experiment was to continue on earth. The positive Reptilians integrated with Ashtar Command to assist with Earth’s protection and have the negative Reptilians removed from earth. If the Reptilians could not have it, Earth was going to be destroyed. Many lessons were learned from Lyra. The many defenses around earth increased. The wars between the Reptilians and the Lyrans caused the dinosaurs to be extinct.

The modern earth human was being created through alien technology. The modern human was a mix of the alien species visiting the planet at the time. The modern human went through many versions, with the first humans being very advanced and evil, while the Neanderthal human was developed and left alone to evolve.

This new version of human was denser, and complicated in ways never seen before. They had characteristics that were not seen for some time in the most advanced beings. Tribal humans were very primitive and intense with rage, with ape and Reptilian traits being very obvious.

Humans with both ape and Reptilian DNA had an energy that clashed. As a Neanderthal, the human was calm at a third dimensional form and a primitive energy that would go out of control with rage, but for the most part, a humble being.

As the DNA was enhanced with the primate humans, many different kinds of beings evolved. The Sasquatch and Dodman also came from these early experiments. Different versions of the Sasquatch were invented through out time as the human evolved.

Mecca came to be the center of the earth. The foundation of what the world should follow. The current agenda was to control the mind. Culture is another word for mind control in your world.

During the middle ages, magic was everywhere and never truly understood. Over time, magic went underground. Now, the elite rule magic on your planet. Modern day slavery is linked to commerce. The modern consumer is the modern slave, fitting into the modern mix of mind control to be recognized and be successful.

The gods that once ruled your planet have turned into modern day money, religion and consumerism. The modern controllers are quiet these days, using celebrity and power to set future agendas.

The modern human is told not to believe that these manipulative forces are here – to go with the flow, make a living, be complacent, and, most of all, accept the reality told to you that aliens are not here on this planet in another dimension. To play the part of ordinary humans. Don’t forget -you have no power.

The myths are nothing else. They are just myths. The modern generation knows better and all is well in the world. Humans are not to realize there are higher dimensional beings here helping humanity. But there are others who want to keep humanity as mind controlled slaves.

Black magic is used everyday, never mentioned in modern conversations with the masses. Humans are not to know that modern magic is being used to manipulate the minds of the masses. Mecca is a mind control center, and so is Washington, DC. Currently, London is silent and so is the Vatican. But look at America, which is always in world news conversations.

Modern Rome is setting the agenda for earth. Mecca has much of the illuminati members upgrading their powers by draining the energies of humanity. The illuminati black magicians are not to be seen by the modern human. Mecca is one of the sources of their power.

The Vatican is a place for rituals. There are many sacred sites connected to the druids, which the illuminati mind also control and to keep their magic seducing humanity. Modern religion gives power to the illuminati. The more you worship to man created gods, such as the Pope, the more you give your power to the elite.

There is nothing wrong with worshiping god. Realize this: worshiping Buddha or Jesus gives the elite power. You have the freedom to do as you wish. The elite manipulate the energies of the earth. Following the guidelines of a simple holiday gives the elite power. And even a wedding can give them power, because the elite are there to control your marriage. This isn’t always the case. But realize religion is normally pulled into marriage in the ceremony. You can be married to the illuminati, also. Married to their agenda.

Atlantis Connections Part 1 – Channeled Text

Reptilians want this world for themselves. They found a weakness in humans and exploited it, lowering the human vibration with thoughts of greed and selfishness. They showed humans riches and then took it away. Why do you think there is only a small percent who are wealthy on your world?

Reptilians programmed the human to want these riches. Gold, silver, and diamonds give the human false intentions to want these riches to be wealthy, disconnecting the human from spirit. Empty, low vibrations are being sent to the human to continue this low vibration strain.

Money is a low vibration. Those who are ruled by wealth will always follow it. And finding spirit will always be a difficulty. How do you survive without money? Tell yourself you will survive without money and everything will be fine. Build that timeline. It is possible to manifest.

“To be successful is to be rich with money” is incorrect.

After the low vibrations took over the planet, all knowledge of Atlantis was lost. The soul became ill with disease and third-dimensional energies. The Atlanteans decided to become obsessive and decided they should rule the Earth. A great war occurred, a war with everyone.

The reptilians put little effort into taking over Atlantis once the Atlanteans became more egotistical. Selfish is probably a better word for it–discovering their own darkness, a new journey of the soul. The only way for this new journey to continue was to destroy themselves. At the time they did not see it like that.

The powerful Atlanteans of the Councils of Nine decided to defend themself from outsiders. Outsider Atlanteans were in some cases more advanced than the original Atlanteans as for genetics, also more attractive and smarter in the mind.

What caused the destruction of Atlantis? Many events happened one after the other. The Atlanteans, those in the high councils, became lost. They never wanted war, but Atlantis was attacked by outside forces. Third-dimensional ideas began to sink into the minds of the Atlanteans.

The attacks from outside sources were ideas. Fear of an invasion, fear that the Atlanteans might lose it all. The paradise island was only temporary.

The reptilians basically let the Atlanteans destroy themselves by starting mental wars with the peaceful race, giving them no choice but to fight back. Alien races watching the Atlanteans had no idea the Atlanteans would destroy themselves until it was too late.

The Alpha Draconians made sure to keep their activities quiet. Stay away from the Pleiadians, especially the Tall Blonde Nordics. The methods of the reptilians were already known and would be detected. The Earth humans, on the other hand, had no idea. They were told but never truly experienced a reptilian manipulation.

The soul of the Atlantean was powerful but also weak. Advanced as for science and technology but weak as for mental weakness–character manipulation, which did take years to break down. A paradise place with advanced thoughts and creativity, a moral dilemma–so much power, but there was something missing. How do they retain this power? In a high-stress environment, can the Atlanteans keep their cool and make the right decisions?

The soul of the Atlantean at that point had not been fully explored. Yes, they can be of a positive light, but what about darkness? Can they go into darkness and reconnect to the light? At that point it had not been explored before.

This was not casual conversation, but it was discussed by the councils. Could it be they could lose their power and not gain it back? The depths of this disconnection is possible. One again, thinking like this was unheard of but did occur in small circles.

Savagery was a possibility within the Atlanteans, but, at these high levels, never explored.

Until the Annunaki and reptilians began their mind alterations. you can be the only one with this power. Forget the others. You can be a god. You call this today the God Complex. As the manipulations continued, the brain function changed also with many Atlanteans. Their mind was becoming more reptilian. As experiments continued to improve Atlanteans, it was actually there to strike them down.

The Atlanteans left Atlantis to create new human species and be with the reptilians and Annunaki manipulators. These Atlanteans were male and female, and the females did have children with the Annunaki and reptilians.

Relationships with aliens and Earth humans is basically a love fest between the races. All forms of lovemaking were manifested. Lovemaking with alien insects was conducted also. It wasn’t often, but if both parties were attracted to each other, arrangements were made. And yes, insect people do exist. As the human consciousness catches up, you will see for yourself.

As for the Archons, they reproduce in their own hive. When they mend with humans, they connect to your thoughts and remove your thoughts and add their own. There are cases when they reproduce with humans. Some are born as homicidal maniacs, astral infusion which can turn into a natural birth.

They can reproduce in third dimension, but it’s forbidden. Erratic behaviors and deformities occur in the birthing process, same as the reptilians but can be much worse.

Archons are attracted to Arcturian energies. The high intellect is an energy from which they can learn. An Archon manipulation can transform a noteworthy scientist into a psychopath introvert. Arcturians are very connected to the scientists of your world and spiritualists. The Archon have infiltrated both as you can see.

With your modern religion, there is God, but it’s a merciful God. With the scientific communities, there is no god, only science. With the Archon agenda it’s very simple. Control the mind and turn it into a maze. The Archon influences complicated your way of thinking. And they can also interfere with Annunaki and reptilian agendas also. Archons can be seen as demons and also very powerful light angels.

Another reason why you have the archangels. Some of them are positive archangels. Archons are known to have wings because they connect to all species–the bird, insect, reptilian, and all forms of life. Reptilian pigs with an Archon influence can be troublesome on your world. They are no longer welcomed on your planet.

Notice Archon and Archangel in the same name context. It’s because the positive Archon can be seen as one of the most powerful beings on your planet. Is Archangel Michael a positive Archon? Yes, he is. Through the flow of light of his soul, he has connected to all beings of light. He’s been challenged in many lifetimes and lost himself. He lost the courage to be his true self, but after thousands of years of being tested, he has mastered eternal love.

You can say Archangel Michael is a double agent. He knows the light and also the dark. To fend off the dark, you must know it. To hold it and remove it, you must understand it. When you have a priest in your timeline clearing a demonic possession, the priest must understand darkness to remove and heal the darkness. Not to say you must be dark, but you must understand it so you yourself are not possessed. This is why understanding the dark is so important. Some run away from it.

Realize you can’t always run. There is nothing to be afraid of. Those who run are afraid of the dark within themselves. Facing your own inner darkness shows a great amount of maturity. People who are here to do harm on your world are experiencing their darkness. To let it out and to grow, to be a dark being is one of the great experiences. Usually newer souls fall into this the easiest, but that’s not always the case. Souls can lie in darkness for thousands or millions of years and beyond. But realize this also, you can always find the light. Many are not ready to see the light.

The battle between light and dark continues on your world. Darkness can bring in the rating, sell record albums and even books and movies. Letting go of this type of manipulation is no easy task.

Look at this even further. Think of going into darkness as similar to having a sex change. You are changing your frequency. That is all it is. It’s just a new experience. When light runs away from darkness, darkness continues to chase it. When you face darkness, darkness no longer sees the joy with antagonizing you. Sometimes this happens. And dark souls do end their experiences and reconnect to the light.

Remember, simplify life. Simplicity will help you find the light and find the answers.

Look closer into your soul. The future is ending darkness on your world. Healing darkness is easier said than done because fear rules the mind. Add love and light to your mind. No fear of spirits, aliens, or anyone for that matter.

When love finds your world, darkness will release. It’s that simple.

What happened to Atlantis is simple. The councils of Atlantis began to call themselves kings of Atlantis. The reptilian mind control became very fearless and destructive. Once the outcasts returned in a friendly manner, they began their mind manipulations–you can say propaganda agents, with lies and deceit and the corruption of the feminine energies.

The women were corrupted first. Due to their own darkness of sexual pleasures, that did lead to reptilian relationships. The positive councils of Atlantis was slowly seduced. Did the Atlanteans begin the first war? Yes, they did. Once the councils were taken over, they felt fear. We will go into more details of this at a later date.

The Atlanteans feared the outcasts of Atlantis and used their abilities to strike first what would later be called Asia Minor. You can say also this was a trap to get the Atlanteans to act on false pretenses. The agenda was to destroy the Atlanteans, and war was the answer.

Only the high councils of Atlantis were manipulated. The citizens of Atlantis had to fend for themselves. The Atlanteans who disagreed with the war and the constant influx of low vibrations fled Atlantis and would later found Egypt.

But first the Atlanteans had to destroy themselves. The modern timeline took over the Earth. As the wars continued with the outcasts and other countries, the high vibrations of Atlantis eroded. The continent became very sexualized and lost. The Lyrans, Pleiadians, and Sirians had no choice but to flee as the Atlanteans savaged the Earth.

The explosions were so fierce the Earth’s crust was affected. The outcasts of Atlantis used dirty bombs given to them by the reptilians. Toxic chemicals and also toxic negative beings were attached to these devices, which enforced the lowering of the Atlantean energies.

During these wars Annunaki manipulated the human DNA where the human mind turned into more reptilian. The destruction of humanity was the agenda of the Annunaki and reptilians. Annunaki saw the human threat and potential but also saw them as the perfect slave race. You see this today in your modern culture.

The removal of reptilian mind control almost feels impossible. That’s because it seems to be impossible. The human mind has been downgraded to the mind of a rodent. Even a rodent can be very intelligent as an insect slave and the mind of a scavenger and nothing more.

You have the power to remove this hindrance through your thought patterns. You are more than a consumer; you are powerful beings, telepathic humans with telekinesis abilities. And there is so much more–graduating from the third density, not letting mundane problems in the world to control you.

How do you connect to your inner self? Meditation is one way to open your heart. Life is a meditation.

Let yourself go.

Instead of connecting to aliens, connect to yourself and your fellow humans. What happens is during the awakening process. Light workers ignore the third-dimensional humans. They also despise the third-dimensional life.

Realize connecting to your fellow humans, at least the consciousness of third dimension. This is another way to heal your world. The God consciousness lives within everyone. Realize you are God and realize forgiveness is key to healing the foundation of the soul.

If you feel you cannot connect to humans on a personal level, connect to the human consciousness. You might feel as if you are leaving your body. You might feel you have stepped into spirit.

What is happening is that you are connecting to the master timeline, the consciousness timeline where the world is at peace, where the world is put together.

A Few Days Ago I Was Attacked by Some Kind of Illuminati Black Magic – Part 2

There’s illuminati black magic all around us. It’s in our media and education system and has been embedded in our social environments. Dark entities do roam our earth and are used in negative hexes to keep us distracted to keep us from our higher self. We are loving beings but have been hijacked by the dark forces of this planet, some terrestrial and some extraterrestrial.

Many on our planet think we are living in bliss. This is the best it will ever get. Many in religious groups believe the earth will soon end and those who sin will be dealt with by the dark forces. Unfortunately, this is just another form of brainwashing. Building up fear at a young age removes your spirituality and replaces it with fear and a need for material possessions and money. Brainwashing done at such a high degree locks it into your mind where it cannot be undone easily. The belief system is the weapon the shadow elite use against us to keep the public asleep.

Manipulations done by the reptilians have been done with such sophistication. No one would ever believe an advanced alien race would be so wicked to such a primitive race of people. The reptilians keep quiet and stay unseen. This is how they keep their control. If they would ever show themselves to the public, a panic would break out and they would lose their control.

In quiet places they do reveal themselves to certain individuals they have grown tired of. Their negativity towards the human race is logical to them, seeing as how they see this planet as theirs. We are just a primitive joke to them. Unfortunately for them, many reptilians are becoming sympathetic to the human race on earth. They are growing with us, changing, and many do not like what is happening.

The Alpha Draconians, for the most part, see no reason to respect us, only because we have fallen for their dirty tricks. Just a note: Not all Draconians are negative, just to make that clear. We drifted away from spirituality to be materialistic and selfish.

The Atlanteans made many mistakes which brought our world into darkness. We were never intended to go into this direction. Currently we are ruled by ego and controlled by money. Arrogance has embraced our civilization and taken us further away from God.

The universe watches this planet with bewilderment. The first negative manipulation of the human race was so advanced, other races in the universe never saw it coming. Never has anything been done like this. Not at this degree.

This advanced manipulation has made the human race on earth more complicated and helped us grow. We are not always positive but not always completely negative either. We are complicated as far as emotions and our thinking. Earth is an insane asylum but also a great teacher. A hard teacher, but once you survive this world, you can handle just about anything. The teachings of this world are vast. Not easy, but the reward is spiritual growth.

Other worlds aren’t so complicated, so that is why we are the spotlight of the universe. Once we move into fourth density, the human race of earth will move the universe into an era of positive creativity.

This world is an experiment, and it’s an entry into a new level of thinking and spirituality.  We at birth have been cut off from spirituality. And it’s up to you to rediscover it and embrace it for what it was intended.

Dark entities do plague this earth. There are more of them on this planet than others. They watch us on a daily basis and push us towards darkness with attempts to overtake our souls. Notice the number of people who smoke cigarettes or consume a lot of alcohol. Some of these people have stepped into the trap. Unfortunately, some get trapped into their bad habits with no return to the light.

My own experience with dark entities is somewhat vast, and I won’t go into complete details. But I do have a good amount of experience with them. I was told by a psychic some time ago that there is always darkness trying to take over my soul. Of course, I didn’t quite understand the scope of what she was telling me.

I will tell you this. Back in 2011, I went to see a hypnotist about past-life regression and to help me clear out some negativity. The meditation worked wonders, and my psychic powers were activated. This came out of nowhere. By the way, I was thirty-one at the time. I could read without the help of tarot cards or any other kind of psychic tools.

Unfortunately, there was no teacher to help me expand my gift. So I closed down and lost touch with the hypnotist. One thing her guidance said was that my time will come. I had no idea what she was talking about.

Fast forward to 2014 around January, I was told by my guides that I must become a professional psychic. I found a psychic circle, and they confirmed my gifts. After a few months of classes, I did readings at a few psychic fairs. Some drama started up with certain psychic students. My mentor at the time noticed there was some kind of darkness around me. There was a dark entity within the room where we conducted our classes. The drama increased as I was attacked by a dark presence. Whatever it was, it didn’t want me there. This spirit was like a parasite that you can hear and feel, like a web of negativity.

I did a meditation clearing and thought everything was fine. Two weeks later my mood was changing, almost erratic. My mentor finally realized, after weeks, there was a dark entity attached to me somehow, and no one saw it. After I cleared it in a meditation, I got the feeling this was with me since childhood. The day I was born this thing attached itself to me, and I never knew it.

After the clearing I stayed away from the group and was told by my mentor that this was a test. He didn’t go into details because he didn’t know. Long story short, recently I was once again attacked by a dark entity. Before that happened I did a lecture about the Illuminati at the Village Inn in Tampa.

This past Sunday I was planning to do my next lecture, which is coming up Saturday. I was talking to a friend about aliens. He spoke about a group that goes out and investigates UFOs. The group is called Mufon. I thought it would be better if I could channel an ET. Maybe I would be taken more seriously if that makes any sense.

So I purchased an audio meditation that teaches you how to channel. It took only a few hours to feel comfortable with the idea of doing this. And it worked. I can now trance channel ETs and spirit guides. I’ll go into further details in another article.

Now I know why I’ve been attacked by so many dark entities throughout my life. I’m an obvious threat to the dark entities around us. I’ll just leave you with this. We are getting closer to first contact with aliens. The shift has begun.

A Few Days Ago I Was Attacked by Some Kind of Illuminati Black Magic – Part 1

I’m not completely sure what it was that attacked me. But I had a negative dream around the early morning time. It involved a large pizza, and it made zero sense. When I woke up all I felt was misery. Thinking it was just the morning blues I thought nothing of it. Besides the typical stresses of life, I fought off the depression the dream had caused and went on my day.

One thing I didn’t notice until later was that my cat was acting erratically the night before.  His name is Zoe. Yes he has a girl’s name it’s a long story. Anyway, Zoe was insane, just running up to me crying constantly. When he has fleas he becomes very vocal but this was different. It was as if he was on some kitty crack where he had to constantly scream in my direction.

All I did was screech back at him and didn’t think much of it. He did make me mad more than a few times. Even in the morning after the dream he was acting irrationally.

As the day continued, I went to work and for some reason I was mad at the world. Just mad for no reason. Suicidal feelings came out of nowhere. There was this feeling of “I don’t need to be here anymore.” Feelings of death. I felt like another person. Obsessing over nonsense that can cause social anxiety. I’m not going into details but it was bad. If that doesn’t make sense that’s too bad.

My hatred for the world came out of nowhere. It was as if my brain took a left turn. This strange problem would be a psychiatrist’s wet dream. The depressive feelings just dragged on throughout the day. Negative thoughts were exploding within my mind about how we live in a brainwashed society where material procession means more than human life. I always felt like an outsider so why am I wasting my time on this planet. If the materialist, brainwashed idiots want this hellhole, let them have it. Be a slave; enjoy your wasted existence.

This was not a good day. I was mad at the spirits on the other side. Why am I listening to those assholes that crossed over into heaven? They thought being a brain washed slave was what you call a good life. What a bunch of idiots. Getting up going to work every day being a good slave. The only happiness is fifteen minutes of sex and watching football on the weekends. What a wonderful world we live in.

That should give you an idea of what I was going through. After I left work at five o’clock I still didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t go crazy or anything but I didn’t feel right. So I went to a chicken restaurant and had a Caesar Salad for dinner. Went to Panera Bread to do some computer work.

And it hit me. I remembered the day before I was channeling the Nordic’s. Also known as the Tall Blondes. I was asking them about their history on earth and listened to an interview video of Miriam Delicado. It was a Project Camelot interview about the Tall Blondes.

What Miriam mentioned wasn’t much different than my reading with the Tall Blondes. How they created man and the earth was destroyed three times. That’s not exactly how she said it but it’s close enough. I still feel the earth was destroyed three times. And the Atlanteans came out of the third world and so did Hopi Indians.

We were intended to be a spiritual species. Not a war mongering materialistic ego infested society. The alien species in the universe are all connected as one in many ways. It’s all positive at least ninety percent of it and they are aware of the negative forces. We were never intended to go in this direction. This earth is consumed with material possessions and fear. If it’s not one thing, it’s another; we are far from spiritual. Religion is not spiritual. It’s more of a fear mongering control grid.  The majority of this planet is negative, but I’m not going to go into that.

When I arrived at home after realizing that I was attacked, I did a meditation and saw the energy of a reptilian. All I did was consume my meditation with white light and used Saint Michael’s help with the clearing. After those words, the negative energy was gone and I was fine the next morning. But then my mother told me her glasses disappeared. Usually they are next to her bed. She found them at the end of her bed stuck in between the bed post.

She could have done that in her sleep but still she has no memory of it. What a coincidence? And the cat is a little erratic but mostly quiet. Too bad I can’t tell too many people about this. When you live in a society with video games and day time talk shows mentioning what happened might not flow to well with the general public.  The majority of the public is brainwashed by the media that aliens don’t exist, psychics don’t exist and ghosts don’t exist. What a lovely world we live in. By the way everyone is psychic. I hope that sits well with you.

We live on this planet like slaves and watch TV and live in fear twenty four hours a day. The controllers of this world use black magic daily. They don’t think much of us. We are useful idiots that keep them in power by buying their products. The Illuminati does control our world. But it goes deeper. There are negative ET’s secretly controlling our world. They won’t let themselves be seen. When you watch a puppet show do you ever see the puppet masters? You might see the strings but that is it.

Take a look at our society. It’s all about being lost or living in fear. Even successful people live in fear. You can easily go back to being poor. There are no aliens flying in the skies because our controller’s don’t want them there. Not that they don’t exist. Alien’s used to be a part of our daily lives, just take a look at ancient history. ET’s were everywhere and they still are but they are in a higher density.

Our arrogant, materialistic society turns away when any real psychic power is shown and proven. Yet our entertainment is filled with psychics and unknown magic. Take a look at a male psychiatrists. Most of them probably love the movie Star Wars. And most probably lived a sheltered life. If a real alien space craft landed and an alien stepped out to say hello, guess who would turn and run for their life.

Maybe I’m just completely insane and I should be a better slave. Be more loyal to our puppet masters. Watch more TV and be the brainwashed consumer I was destined to be.

Understand this when you start questioning your reality and start to expose those who are pulling the strings. You will begin to watch your life erode. There are Illuminati in our society who control everything. And they think they are above us all. And in many ways they are. But they are not better. Just more psychotic.