A Few Days Ago I Was Attacked by Some Kind of Illuminati Black Magic – Part 1

I’m not completely sure what it was that attacked me. But I had a negative dream around the early morning time. It involved a large pizza, and it made zero sense. When I woke up all I felt was misery. Thinking it was just the morning blues I thought nothing of it. Besides the typical stresses of life, I fought off the depression the dream had caused and went on my day.

One thing I didn’t notice until later was that my cat was acting erratically the night before.  His name is Zoe. Yes he has a girl’s name it’s a long story. Anyway, Zoe was insane, just running up to me crying constantly. When he has fleas he becomes very vocal but this was different. It was as if he was on some kitty crack where he had to constantly scream in my direction.

All I did was screech back at him and didn’t think much of it. He did make me mad more than a few times. Even in the morning after the dream he was acting irrationally.

As the day continued, I went to work and for some reason I was mad at the world. Just mad for no reason. Suicidal feelings came out of nowhere. There was this feeling of “I don’t need to be here anymore.” Feelings of death. I felt like another person. Obsessing over nonsense that can cause social anxiety. I’m not going into details but it was bad. If that doesn’t make sense that’s too bad.

My hatred for the world came out of nowhere. It was as if my brain took a left turn. This strange problem would be a psychiatrist’s wet dream. The depressive feelings just dragged on throughout the day. Negative thoughts were exploding within my mind about how we live in a brainwashed society where material procession means more than human life. I always felt like an outsider so why am I wasting my time on this planet. If the materialist, brainwashed idiots want this hellhole, let them have it. Be a slave; enjoy your wasted existence.

This was not a good day. I was mad at the spirits on the other side. Why am I listening to those assholes that crossed over into heaven? They thought being a brain washed slave was what you call a good life. What a bunch of idiots. Getting up going to work every day being a good slave. The only happiness is fifteen minutes of sex and watching football on the weekends. What a wonderful world we live in.

That should give you an idea of what I was going through. After I left work at five o’clock I still didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t go crazy or anything but I didn’t feel right. So I went to a chicken restaurant and had a Caesar Salad for dinner. Went to Panera Bread to do some computer work.

And it hit me. I remembered the day before I was channeling the Nordic’s. Also known as the Tall Blondes. I was asking them about their history on earth and listened to an interview video of Miriam Delicado. It was a Project Camelot interview about the Tall Blondes.

What Miriam mentioned wasn’t much different than my reading with the Tall Blondes. How they created man and the earth was destroyed three times. That’s not exactly how she said it but it’s close enough. I still feel the earth was destroyed three times. And the Atlanteans came out of the third world and so did Hopi Indians.

We were intended to be a spiritual species. Not a war mongering materialistic ego infested society. The alien species in the universe are all connected as one in many ways. It’s all positive at least ninety percent of it and they are aware of the negative forces. We were never intended to go in this direction. This earth is consumed with material possessions and fear. If it’s not one thing, it’s another; we are far from spiritual. Religion is not spiritual. It’s more of a fear mongering control grid.  The majority of this planet is negative, but I’m not going to go into that.

When I arrived at home after realizing that I was attacked, I did a meditation and saw the energy of a reptilian. All I did was consume my meditation with white light and used Saint Michael’s help with the clearing. After those words, the negative energy was gone and I was fine the next morning. But then my mother told me her glasses disappeared. Usually they are next to her bed. She found them at the end of her bed stuck in between the bed post.

She could have done that in her sleep but still she has no memory of it. What a coincidence? And the cat is a little erratic but mostly quiet. Too bad I can’t tell too many people about this. When you live in a society with video games and day time talk shows mentioning what happened might not flow to well with the general public.  The majority of the public is brainwashed by the media that aliens don’t exist, psychics don’t exist and ghosts don’t exist. What a lovely world we live in. By the way everyone is psychic. I hope that sits well with you.

We live on this planet like slaves and watch TV and live in fear twenty four hours a day. The controllers of this world use black magic daily. They don’t think much of us. We are useful idiots that keep them in power by buying their products. The Illuminati does control our world. But it goes deeper. There are negative ET’s secretly controlling our world. They won’t let themselves be seen. When you watch a puppet show do you ever see the puppet masters? You might see the strings but that is it.

Take a look at our society. It’s all about being lost or living in fear. Even successful people live in fear. You can easily go back to being poor. There are no aliens flying in the skies because our controller’s don’t want them there. Not that they don’t exist. Alien’s used to be a part of our daily lives, just take a look at ancient history. ET’s were everywhere and they still are but they are in a higher density.

Our arrogant, materialistic society turns away when any real psychic power is shown and proven. Yet our entertainment is filled with psychics and unknown magic. Take a look at a male psychiatrists. Most of them probably love the movie Star Wars. And most probably lived a sheltered life. If a real alien space craft landed and an alien stepped out to say hello, guess who would turn and run for their life.

Maybe I’m just completely insane and I should be a better slave. Be more loyal to our puppet masters. Watch more TV and be the brainwashed consumer I was destined to be.

Understand this when you start questioning your reality and start to expose those who are pulling the strings. You will begin to watch your life erode. There are Illuminati in our society who control everything. And they think they are above us all. And in many ways they are. But they are not better. Just more psychotic.

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