Syria Channeling – Law of One 4-14-18 – Channeled Text

What is happening with Syria? Assad, the President of Syria, is not the problem. He is not perfect, but the global elite wants him out. He is helping the Syrian people, but his efforts are not always going to be recognized.

Syria’s location is near many stargates and alien portal energies. Many negative Sirian races are using Syria to lower humanities consciousness. It’s not always the reptilians causing difficulties; not to say reptilians are not involved. But this is a Sirian controversy.

Realise aliens see the future. Syria is one of the last places of conflict that can be fully ruled. Iraq still plays a part in the global manipulation, but Syria is the hot spot. Iran can’t be taken over and much of the deep state are getting desperate.

Realize that those of you who do not want war are always going to be manipulated until you raise your vibration to the 4th dimension. Raise your consciousness and you see your aliens.

The Sirians are connected to Saudi Arabia, and they do not always play nice with the deep state. They have no trouble selling out the Saudis that they made rich. The alien Sirians helped the House of Saud become rich and powerful.

In ancient times, the Sirians quietly invaded the Arab world, using wealth as a way to convince the royal families to give in to the Sirian agenda. Mecca is the capital of the manipulation over Saudi Arabia and Syria. The United Arab Emirates is under this control, also. Over the years, the manipulation has eased – but not entirely.

Mecca is what is controlling the leaders of the Arab world. Sirian councils, called the Quan, come from Sirius B. Their agenda is not positive. Some of these Sirians are reptilian in appearance. Their manipulations extend to Egypt.

Quan were refugees from Orion that were forced to leave Sirius B after manipulating its councils and taking many Sirian women hostage. The woman were transformed into men and used as leaders.

When Quan found Earth, it was easy prey. For years, they settled in the desert regions of Saudi Arabia, not to be seen, figuring out their next plan and laying low as they were being tracked by the Law of One.

The Law of One is a positive Sirian Council that resides on Earth at this time. They connect to the Galactic Federation of Light watching over the Earth’s oceans. The Pacific and the Atlantic ocean can be as dense as the desert regions of your world. Many alien star bases are under water, deep within the Pacific Rim.

If you ever see an alien spacecraft near the ocean, it will most likely be in the Pacific. The area is open and there is less traffic than the Atlantic. More Reptilian and Zeta bases are within the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Not to say all are malevolent.

The Law of One has always been connected to Egypt and Atlantis. They never interfered with the human experience; but as Quan became an influence, it was too late to turn the manipulation around. Quan and the Annunaki took over the Arab world, with Mecca being the capital of manipulation.

The idea was to lose the women and let the men rule the world. Women would reject the manipulations, so they had to be seen as evil. Quan told the males to destroy the females and to use them only for reproduction and the home – nothing more.

The negative reptilians had their moments of darkness, but the Sirians took it a step further – to do away with the females all together, and even have the males reproduce all on their own. Experiments were conducted for men to have children, and these hybrids were destroyed after many failures.

The Law of One interfered by destroying these test sites. Some of the illuminati carry these traits currently. Male hybrid humans were created to have children. This is a common Sirian trait within the alien species. A good portion of the species carries these traits.

Wonder why there are so many females in the workforce, with no children, who have lazy husbands or partners? Within some Lyran feline races, the males birth the children and care for the home. Sirians, Pleiadians, Orions and Andromedans have worlds like this.

Your planet is more reptilian, so the roles are switched, with the female being the mother and caretaker. To be close to and bond with the children, many females take on the birthing role. Without that bond, mothers feel very alone and isolated. Being a boss at work and having no family at home is very lonely. So, many females take on the birthing role to have that connection to their children.

Some mothers never connect to their children on your world. Some believe just having a child will open the maternal instinct and that doesn’t always happen.

Back to discussing Quan.

The malevolent Sirians are always battling the malevolent Reptilians, changing timelines that cause humans to feel ill. When a human gets sick out of nowhere, most likely a timeline was just shifted. Timeline shifts can also conflict with the weather. The wars in earth’s past can be connected to timeline wars – Galactic wars on other star systems.

To tell you the truth, right now, the reason why most humans will not acknowledge aliens on your planet is because they want no part of it – because most of the humans on your world have had enough of it. When you connect to the negative energies of a world like this, you pull in negative memories with aliens, such as fear.

This is simple – but also complicated.

We will continue with the Sirian and Reptilian connections in the next chapter.

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