Saturn – Channeled Text

Saturn is the forbidden planet and is still active with a civilization. It is also known as the lost world, and once again there is life on this planet at a higher dimension. Reptilian influence moved into this planet long ago.

When you look at illuminati symbolism, Saturn is mentioned many times. The lost world could not make a decision of what side it should be on so it’s very divided. Same as Earth but Saturn is at a higher dimension.

The positive beings aren’t always to be seen by all aliens. Normally the higher dimension of Saturn is fifth dimension. The lower vibrations are at fourth dimension. But that does not mean fifth dimension can’t be infiltrated by lower-vibration beings.

A war in space and Saturn was involved with it. Mars usually gets the bad rap of being the god of war. In this channeling we are here to tell you, Saturn is far worse. Most Saturn beings are in human form but not exactly as humans.

Many are skinny with five fingers and no reason to have food. Energy is food; different vibrations are considered food. There are mountains and springs where your energies can be recharged. Saturn beings appear as gas-like beings and can take a more physical form if they must.

As they pass through the different dimensions that is known as long-distance travel, where a single thought takes them there, what they are missing is emotions. There are known to be intense beings of the light and dark.

They have emotions but not as intense as the humans on earth. It’s more direction and sometimes is hostile. Most of the dimensions are interchangeable, meaning they’re always in movement and you are never in the same place every day. You are always somewhere new.

They don’t have homes. The entire planet is a home.

When earth came into existence Saturn invaded. You can say earth was pulled towards this current solar system to be imprisoned by it. The architecture of earth was very different, and you can say earth was a playground everyone wanted.

The beings of Saturn can be worse than the Archons because Saturn can be more destructive. If we can’t have it we will destroy it. And Saturn infiltrated the reptilians that were guarding earth, the positive reptilians. Saturn beings are known for possession and can look demonic in third dimension.

Saturn’s energies can be found in the Jinn. You can see the Jinn is the new god of earth that wishes to be worshipped. Understanding the dark entities of your planet will assist will freeing the manipulations.

Lower astral was brought onto earth’s surface and hidden in the third dimension. Horror movies and kind of negative thought gives power to lower astral. Negative actions strengthen lower astral to remain on the third-dimension level.

Lower astral is like a mask over humanity. Children see these dark entities as soon as they are born. They see angels also, but of course, the dark ones are welcomed on the earth’s surface and rule the human consciousness.

To give you more insight, Saturn is another world where the illuminati exist. This is the planet where they live. They don’t control the entire planet but most of it. Once again there is a divide between positive and negative on this world. Saturn has not healed the divide, but earth is giving the divide power.

When the earth heals, Saturn will heal also.

Saturn is the home of Satan and, unfortunately, father of earth, with the same influence as Mars. Saturn rules the male human on earth and even the female. Understand during the development process of a child, the mother and the child are cursed by Saturn and Mars. It goes much further with other alien entities, but in this text we will speak of Mars and Saturn.

Saturn wants the development of the child to be as difficult as possible. You are not allowed on earth to enter the forbidden planet because you also entering the forbidden solar system. You are being marked and even cursed for being here.

The curse is the mental curse of negativity. A mental frown is implanted on the child and mother. Realize this can be healed, but it’s not always easy to heal. The mental frown is depression. The Martian wants the female off the planet for good.

The female was cursed for staying on earth. The Pleiadians and Lyrans wouldn’t allow the female to be removed from earth. The Sirian at one time threatened to destroy Saturn. After earth was plagued by Saturn’s manipulation. It was impossible.

When humans incarnate on earth, many souls travel through Saturn. This is another entry point as there are many. Many deceptive beings incarnate through Saturn such as Aleister Crowley and many of the Satanists of your world. The Bush family is another one.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was incarnated through Saturn and also Elvis. For better and for worse, Julius Caesar was incarnated through Saturn also.

To explain further, there are many entry points into earth such as Agartha and Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, and Andromeda just to name a few. They all have entry points into the astral plane surrounding earth.

The fastest way to incarnate on earth is through lower astral.

In the past, Agartha was the earth. Elemental beings such as elves, fairies, dragons, and other higher dimensional beings were the true earth. Elementals from Sirius and the Pleiadians inhabited the planet long before the manipulation began.

These beings were always seen by lower vibrations such as the reptilians and insectoids. To go even further, the earth was created in another dimension, the Grey Dimension which was in another universe, the Grey universe, but earth was a spark of light.

In its early days, it was already surrounded by darkness. The Grey Dimension is an Archon universe. The earth at that time was separate from the Grey Dimension. Even in the very beginning the planet was under siege.

To be clear, this wasn’t an Archon planet.

Many wars covered the earth’s surface. Alien life gave further birth to earth’s nature. Mother Earth herself is nature, a nature being of trees and planets. Earth is called a seed planet. Mother Earth is a seed being.

She can turn a moon into a planet, making it a life force.

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