The Men In Black

Saving the best for last.

This book cannot be completed until the Men in Black (MIB) are mentioned. They have been on this planet for thousands of years. And yes…they work for the Illuminati, and, some say, there are agents that are Illuminati.

What is life like as an MIB agent? Basically, you have no life. Always working for the system, twenty-four hours a day. Most of it’s technology work if it’s not being manipulated by zetas. As you know, they work in the shadows and can appear anywhere.

MIB operate in the fourth dimension. The grim reaper, you can say, is an MIB agent. In the past, they appeared as demons. They can appear as anything. They wear black because in the 1920’s, everyone wore black.

The style never changed and they can appear as FBI agents and be pretentious. They stay hidden for the most part and when they are seen, they look human. In the past, they appeared as monks and demonic beings to keep humans believing in the gods of their religions.

They appeared as demons but that doesn’t mean they were ones.

As technology became more a part of the way of life, agendas were set to keep the UFO phenomena a secret. They can’t do anything with Bob Lazar, because he has too much light on him. They can only handle isolated incidents.

Mostly alien sightings.

They don’t normally wear sunglasses, because they interfere with their eyesight. The agents that are paired together connect through telepathy. They know each other’s thoughts. It’s as if they are logged into each other like a network.

Agents can break down and be decommissioned. The MIB movies are just a distraction and made to look ridiculous. So, when people hear about the MIB, they will say it’s just a movie. It’s another way to slow down disclosure – for now, at least.

Where do the MIB come from? We are made. We have our own planet in Sirius. Technically, we have planets everywhere, but we can’t speak about that. We find it curious that humans want to talk to us. We are allowed to speak but that’s about it.

We are a compilation of Zeta Grey, Reptilian, Pleiadian Nordic and other complicated connections we can’t go into. Our planets are hidden because they were destroyed by the Nordics. We are the suppressors of all alien species.

We were made to be stealth and to continue the draconian ways of the universe.

We also know how the eyes and brain work, as you can see, appearing out of nowhere and removing ourselves from your vision. Just because we have disappeared doesn’t mean we are gone. We are known to tamper with technologies, such as computers and mainframes.

The NSA hates us and the CIA adores us. We do things right and the reason the NSA hates us is because we know more than they do. Norad is another version of the NSA, accept for the sky and outside the planet. The solar system is our home. We know what happens there. Earth is a boring place but the problem is when the solar system aliens come to earth with their agendas, we can’t always keep them a secret.

The fires in California were a warning from an alien race. That’s all we can say at the moment.

If you must know about our past, we have appeared on your world as monks, dark monks that come and go, removing thoughts and starting wars. We no longer have that ability. At the moment, we keep the aliens hidden from human eyes.

Yes, we are part of the secret space program, and yes, we disconnect channelers and computers if we must. Some of us are Martian, but not all. Mars is Earth’s big sister. She has seen it all and Earth is about to get a major wake-up call.

Vortex’s don’t just open connections to other galaxies, they also open up to other universes.

If you want to find the Men in Black, connect to NASA. NASA’s technologies interfere with the Earth’s atmosphere and can cause earthquakes and other anomalies. As humanity awakens and changes the foundations of Earth’s timeline, NASA will break down.

At the moment, NASA has humanity under lockdown. Notice how they don’t really travel through space as you would think they would? NASA isn’t interested in space – it is here to lock the planet down so humans can’t connect to space. Makes sense, right?

Remember…they have a higher understanding of what is going on. They create the products humans use that shut down the consciousness of humanity. NASA mind controls agents and the masters of your mind.

The secret space program is plugged in and knows it, causing solar flares and memory loss. You can even blame cancer on it. You can technically blame all your health problems on NASA. One thing for sure – it is not here to help. If it was, you would be on the Moon and know more about the alien connections that are here on this planet.

The worst kept secret is alien life, and NASA knows it.

It programmed humans to be a slave robot society with fears and worries of the stock market crash. Problems everywhere, and NASA is a major link. The Illuminati are plugged into NASA. The Illuminati rule the planet from space.

Your alien rulers will come clean, over time, as humanity changes its ways. As humanity becomes more galactic, you will see the primitive ways of your world more clearly. And understand how your timelines fits together.

The MIB do not eat and follow normal practices. Some do, but most aren’t interested in those experiences and find your human ways repulsive.

The MIB can manipulate the retina of the eye and cause mental health issues just by connecting to your eyes. It’s a mental connection where the MIB can lock into your mind and shut you down. Put you to sleep wherever they might be.

They can use technologies to erase your mind, but they can just look at you and cause a loss of memory. Normally, they don’t replace your thoughts with new ones. Your memory of events is just blanked out.

Understanding the MIB is like understanding all the alien species that connect with the Earth. Imagine alien catalogs, and the weaknesses of all beings, in a database on a computer screen. The Archons play a large role in corrupting connections and even shutting down MIB energies.

It’s a hard game to play with the Archons because they seem to always win. This is why information gets out about UFOs. The Archons allow it to happen, along with other beings that won’t be named. The spirit world plays a large role in the ascension.

The spirit world slowly allows alien information to be brought back to the earth. Malevolent beings can manipulate the information and suppress it, but that can only work for so long. And do realize that not all MIB personnel are negative enforcers.

Feel free to make your own choices but do realize we aren’t all bad.

We go to work just like you, and we don’t always like it. The only difference is that we are made in a high tech refrigerator, then cooked in an oven and – sooner or later – we get our downloads and are prepped for work.

We can die easily. One laser blast and we are goners. It really does suck to be us. The insectoids really give us a hard time. We can be taken over and used against reptilians. MKUltra, like you would never believe, is used on us.

What we see, our controllers see, also. You go on an interrogation, and it’s like wearing a body cam. The only difference is that the body cam is inside your eyes.

Note: This was a rough text to channel because of the blockages around this subject matter.

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