Life of a Galactic Diplomat

Basically you surrender everything.

The ideas of a good life and comfort instantly fade until your mission is complete. Realize – many souls are trapped on earth through the reincarnation cycle. Trapped souls created the matrix, as you call it. Humans are used to keep the third dimension in its current state. The belief system is continuing the matrix agenda.

As a diplomat, you are here to assist with the transition into the fourth dimension by giving others the knowledge they need to transition. You are kind of like a galactic cheerleader, the only difference is that you are on constant attack, and yes, you have your days off but not many.

You make the choice to assist humanity on Earth because you have done this before on other worlds. In astral, you agreed to the assignment and made the transition to be prepared through various alien groups at the higher dimensions.

The last stop, before incarnating into earth to begin your diplomat mission, is the fourth dimension. There are different kinds of diplomats – some with family and others without. Those without are kind of undercover. It’s like being a secret agent diplomat. It’s best you go solo so you can concentrate on your mission.

To change the world, you need to be a little odd. This might be hard to hear, but the more comfort you have in life, the less likely you are to assist humanity; the more irritation, the better to complete your mission. Unfortunately, the more you don’t like your life, the more likely you are to bring in the higher dimensions.

You are on assignment twenty-four hours a day. Instead of meeting up with friends at the local bar, you are channeling a mission, or assisting humanity in some way. You live a life in combat and, realize, you are undercover. There’s no military badge or CIA briefing. As a galactic diplomat, you download information spiritually.

Astral is your contact and remembering your dreams is unlikely. Living on a planet that is under siege is no picnic. You have the channeled information you need for your mission, no more and no less. There’s always more information you can access, but there is a time and a place for everything.

Life on a war planet is no easy incarnation. When you are here to assist, you will be moving through the dimensions. Some channelers are here to bring comfort and prepare souls for the next phase. As a diplomat, your life will not be easy.

Shutting down the third dimension is controversial, as it manipulates most of our consciousness. Some Orions are causing issues with the Earth’s atmosphere. Reptilians from other dimensions want to cause suffering for humans because of their alien ancestors.

Humans are blind at the moment and one day they will see.

As a diplomat, you will feel the suffering going on around the world. The comforts of life are usually very distant – but that’s the mission. There have been diplomats in the past, but many failed; once again, the comforts of life. Instead of going outward to assist, they follow the tradition of other channelers and healers and bring in no change.

Yes, there are reptilians that are disgusted with humans. Manipulating the timelines and causing mental issues is their pride and joy. Take advantage of the coward human and hurt them mentally.

The felines use humans to counter these attacks.

Join the army and fight in the wars. There is a war going on between the felines and the reptilians, and both are malevolent beings, dark fighting dark using humans as the puppets. Do realize that boredom creates a lazy human.

Laziness comes from the felines. This is used in several different ways, on of which is that it’s there to combat stress by relaxing. Understand – just because you aren’t in combat fighting a war doesn’t mean you are not a part of it.

Everyone is involved.

Abuse of the human collective is felt throughout the human consciousness. You laugh together and feel pain together. When you are on a planet together, you are one.

Everyone on this planet knows each other. You might not want to know each other, but you are all connected from other lifetimes on other worlds. Remembering a soul from the spirit world isn’t easy on a planet. But remembering a soul you knew from another world is very easy.

Many diplomats were terrible people in their past lives. Not all have been negative beings, but many have been. Those that have been dictators on other planets are perfect for assisting with ascension in a positive way, because they know how the dark operates. The problem is that when diplomats are assisting humanity, many remember that dark, past life and don’t trust. Some understand it, and many don’t want to understand it.

After being manipulated into war throughout human history, is humanity ready for peace?

Peace on the battlefield and peace at home are not the easiest transitions.

Understanding the fifth dimension is very easy. It’s all the energies together. Your thoughts are in the mind of another. You have a thousand thoughts going on at once, and you understand each and every word.

Connecting to the divine energies of the higher spirit will assist with humanity transitioning into the fifth dimension. Ideas of the divine and a clear understanding of healing will begin to be felt worldwide.

All are healers on the planet. They just don’t understand it at the moment. Look at how powerful words are. They can make you and break you.

As a galactic diplomat, you have to say what others to not want to hear and receive unwanted drama. Realize – you can be a galactic diplomat and have everything work out for you; have a family and live a positive life.

For those truly here to make a major change, they have to live in the warzone.

Live in a town you don’t care for. Eat food you don’t like, and live an unlucky but productive life. You can go through years of hell and not know your mission. When I say “years,” that means 30 to 40 years of living not knowing what to do with your life.

When you get activated, you will know.

A turn of events, and you will just know what to do, whatever it might be. It could be channeling or healing. You might just want to write a book and have no idea where the information came from.

Knowledge is key to the awakening. Don’t be afraid to put the information out there. There will always be those hesitant to channel and it’s not always the right time to put the information out there. You will know when it’s time to release this knowledge.


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