Alien Felines Aren’t Always To Be Trusted

Felines came from another universe.

Breeding programs were spread across your galaxy, seeding new worlds with the feline experiment. Once the species is able to take care of itself, the parents leave for another world. And this goes on and on forever.

Do realize that not all the felines created are made with the best intentions. As are the reptilians, some felines are made to kill and conquer. With the assistance of genetic engineering, the humanoid feline is assisted until they can live life on their own, the same as the Homo sapiens.

There’re always going to be different variations of feline, the same as humans on your world. Some worlds have felines very evolved who live in the fourth and fifth dimensions, and in some worlds, the felines go through the third dimension.

There are fish felines and dolphin felines, which are some of the most powerful beings in the universe. The dolphins are similar in advanced gifts to the feline. The sonar on a dolphin is similar to a feline’s sense of hearing.

Higher senses are a necessity to soul growth, especially when the species is matured enough where it is then tested. A paradise world is nice, but it becomes a better, more fluid paradise when it is tested for its strengths. What is life without a challenge?

The planet Lyra that is no longer in the Lyra star system was one of those worlds that was heavily challenged. Known for their scientific breakthroughs, the Lyrans were a peaceful race. Yes, they had a rough past for soul growth, but they achieved peace within their race.

Similar to Atlantis, Lyra had its utopia. Power split through the feline religions that existed, causing a divide within the race. Religion was created for soul growth, and as your world, it got out of hand. The only difference is that the Lyrans handled it better than humans on earth. Of course, the manipulation wasn’t like it is currently on earth.

The creators of these religions began warfare on the planet. Because they were not receiving the kind of respect they expected from the population of Lyra, war broke out. If you wonder where the religion of earth comes from, you might be getting an idea of its origins.

Basically some of the Lyrans were like Scientologists. “Come to us to achieve great power. And once you understand these gifts, we own you.” The war on Lyra went on for generations. And yes, canines were on this planet as companions and pets. They even had lizard animals on the planets also. We don’t want to use the word ‘pets’, but to explain it we are using that word for the moment.

To sidetrack for just a second—the majority of the worlds have some kind of insect-like species. Many worlds have jellyfish that hover in the skies. It’s actually a beautiful sight to see. It’s like having the ocean in the sky.

During this time of war with the felines, the human was being created, the human as you know it. The skin structure and DNA is very different, but the five-finger human was being genetically created at this time.

The Nordics were created during this time. Many became Andromedans, but those you know of that affected your world were Aryans. Once again, many were positive but many became very dangerous as their species evolved. Notice how many of your religious leaders are white. It all comes down to the Aryans that were manipulated, but some felt this was their right to manipulate others. So they have no issue with their deceptive behavior.

The fight between the felines and the religious believers went on for centuries. The war did cause a divide, but both parties settled their differences and became a neutral world. Like earth, you have many people who are very kind and live in the heart, and there are others who live for themselves.

Those who are deceptive did cause disruptions across the universe. They lived on Lyra with the positive Lyrans, and both sides learned from each other. Although they did not have wars they did have disagreements, but the planet needed this for soul advancement.

Making peace with souls you disagree with shows character. Being able to live with everyone is not easy. Basically how it works is that there are places you just don’t go, like a forbidden zone of the planet. You can go there, but just be aware of the consequences. There are neutral places on the planet where everyone can connect, and then there are very dark regions where you need to be careful.

Realize this is one perspective.

This group of feline Lyrans that attacked the reptilians on earth in the ancient world were from Lyra. You can say they wanted their own world. And earth in the ancient times had only insectoid beings flying around and fish living in the tropics.

The reptilians on earth were, for the most part, harmless, at least until the Lyran felines attacked with a vengeance. They wanted the world for their own. The war for earth began. The fight was to eventually destroy earth but that was prohibited by the Arcturians.

The reptilians lost the fight and went to Lyra and destroyed the planet. Not all reptilians wanted this war with the Lyrans, and peace was made. So making peace pretty much meant the fight was lost.

Peace also meant the reptilians had to welcome the felines. That didn’t go too well, which caused the destruction of Lyra.

With the human being the perfect component to earth, it became an insult to other species such as the reptilians and the felines. The Andromedans are part of the human ascension project on earth along with the Pleiadians and the Sirians.

At this time the human experience was expanding. Humans on earth would further the human experience for all species. The Andromedans felt a lacking in their own experience, meaning there was much more to learn. A disconnection from spirit is an experiment that went terribly wrong on many worlds.

Much was learned from those experiences, and earth would be the extension of what was understood. Earth was the new paradise where the human would go to the next level of evolution. With disagreements with the felines and reptilians, the human evolved, ignoring the signs of another war.

The idea of humans being created for earth was an atrocity to the felines. War broke out with the creators for allowing humanity to prosper on earth. The founders of the human species were killed in the beginning. No human should be allowed on earth. What was allowed to be created was corrupted.

To evolve an alien species you have to experiment. To evolve at all, experimenting is essential. Individuals who innovate in technology and in the medical field are part of the human DNA experiments. If you have any kind of sense you were part of the experimental process, you probably were involved with world or other worlds.

Every being ever created is in involved with the experiment is some form or another.

The feline tiger is known to enable change throughout the universe. The fury of not getting what they want can cause a super charge of emotions that will speed up the evolution process of the universe.

Some alien beings do want to destroy the universe, and some have succeeded. The tiger feline was involved, but to fully succeed, they needed to combine their energies with another alien race, and one of the most popular is the Archon.

The karma that comes with destroying a universe is immense–to turn a god against his own creation. Breaking part a universe is unheard of, but then again, not at all. With the assistance of God, anything can happen.

With a destroyed universe, the particles go everywhere into other realities.

Now you might have an idea where earth came from. This planet is a fractal of other universes. And earth is the next evolution of humanity. Like the insectoid, the human will one day saturate a universe and be part of the new species that will be the next generation of human.

Creation is constantly improving itself. With the balance of dark and light, humanity will continue to evolve with all species of alien. University and universe sound the same, don’t they? Universal knowledge is in constant flux.

If you can survive the boredom of everyday life on earth…you can pretty much survive anything.

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