The Military And The Matrix

The military we see cross our world is not to keep us safe from foreign invaders. The military is here to continue the matrix of our reality. The aerospace companies, such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, received a lot more money from the government than what is publicly disclosed.

These military contract companies control the government and operate in secret of their true intentions. Contract companies are created all the time to deceive the public. If one single company received all the contracts that would be an easy red flag. So, the companies are created, but in the long run, are controlled in secret by the ruling elite.

The military keeps humanity in a matrix setting. They say the military is here to keep humanity safe, when in truth they are enslaving humanity. Many of these military contractors are in control of the world. The majority of the chakras of humanity have been altered and damaged by the radiation used on the planet – microwave technologies, from cell phones to radar. Finding proof in the physical world is the problem if you don’t have military clearance.

There is a shadow side of the military that knows everything about everyone and they are helped by the dark elite. Negative reptilians is one group, but there are many.

Many of the news reporters you see on the major networks do not even have souls; instead they have mental implants to keep them going. Even famous radio personalities have been manipulated to continue the matrix agenda. Psychic agenda is upon us. Connecting to your guides and higher spirits will assist with the earth clearing out the matrix manipulations. As the awakening continues, the control grid will loosen.

There are military bases all across the world and they are for the higher elites to keep humanity captive. Hollywood and others means of entertainment are used to continue the seduction. The positive elite are assisting with the awakening and patience is needed.

The military has ruled humanity ever since Roman times. The Vatican has a military presence that requires militaries around the world to follow certain guidelines. Major corporations, like Disney, are spending a great deal of money on their theme parks to continue the matrix manipulation.

They say it’s to make money but in truth, it’s to keep the fantasy of the third dimension reality in its continued flux. The comforts of the third dimension will slowly begin to dissolve. Most people will be in denial, but as the truth increases, a third dimensional shake down will occur. Many life changes will happen for the better.

Many who don’t want change and want the life of materialism will have difficulties releasing the programing.

These large companies also get penalized for not keeping people in the matrix. Their stock goes down and huge layoffs follow. They must continue to motivate and keep the human population seduced by new products and matrix propaganda.

What are the true humans? The true humans are free to go and do whatever they want to invent and share their talent, and most importantly, to live a good life.

In this current world, each birth creates an instant slave. The manipulations begin on day one with attacks from the darker forces. If you are going to be on this planet, you will go by their rules.

This mindset will change.

Parents will learn from the children, with the family growing together and building on their talents and creating a better world for everyone.

A new frame of mind will enter the human consciousness.

The Pentagon in Washington is the center of all of this. As there are many shadow government bases underground, the Pentagon is the stage where many of the missions are deployed. The wealthy elite use the Pentagon for war games across the planet.

Just visualize a wealthy elitist with nothing to do on a Saturday night. He calls the Pentagon to deploy troops somewhere only because the elitist wants to impress a girlfriend or use the military for revenge against a known enemy.

The creation of ISIS and other forms of manufactured terrorism is all an elitis game.

The military industrial complex is used against humanity. It’s not here to serve humanity in any way. It serves only the wealthy to gain more power and shut down human consciousness. Connecting to your guides and higher consciousness will give you an understanding of the whole picture.

They use weapons against humanity to cause violence and fires. Once humanity realizes the truth, the awakening will increase across the planet. The removal of the military will increase the energies of the ascension and bring in the new earth.

Until then, psychic wars will increase and answers to questions will finally be revealed. Intuitives will be able to tap into the consciousness of the Illuminati and be able to understand it. To shut down the dark forces, one needs to understand how they work. And understand how to release their manipulations.

The majority of humans are treated like caged animals. The fifth dimension can only be achieved by letting go of the old teachings. The elite are the main cause of the world’s problems. Unfortunately, humanity has lost itself to continue the manipulations – by bowing down to its religions and falling for greed mailupulations.

The military continues the matrix energies. The souls trapped in the incarnation cycles are in the billions. This current life is a continuation of the last incarnation. Not all souls trapped in this cycle are from earth. They transitioned from other slave worlds similar to this planet.

As earth goes into an upgrade process, the chance of release is very possible from the paradox incarnation cycle. Religious cults and other aspects of spiritual confinement will continue the paradox cycle of incarnations. There are ways out of the cycles by breaking away from these cults of manipulation.

Buddhism is an example. Buddhism isn’t perfect, but it allows the soul to release from old contracts and find peace. It also allows on to be curious without falling for restrictions from others; being yourself and being free and making your own rules. Believe in what is best for you. Connect to the reality that brings comfort into your life.

The elite use humanity for slavery but this won’t last forever. They also keep the infrastructure of life together until humanity takes back the planet. Until the human race reconnects to its full power, the current environment will continue.

Remove the hate and paranoia and what do you have? Hopefully you will find love for yourself and have gratitude towards others. Connect to your guides and higher spirit angels. Advance through the timelines and evolve to your fullest potential.

Find peace within yourself and let your curiosity go beyond this dimension. Connect to the universe and allow your higher self energies to flow through you more evenly. Advance in intuitive energies and find a fluid balance.

Disconnect from the third dimension manipulations and connect to higher spirit energies.

Unlock the matrix. Unlock the fear. Reinvent the human.

Go beyond the physical realities and connect to the higher astral beings. Higher astral beings are there for your wellness. Open your crown chakra and connect to the higher realms beyond this earth’s lower astral dimensions.

The knowledge of the lower astral is needed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rise above it. Some can’t rise above and that is called modern reality.

Higher astral energies will heal the third dimension through your actions and thoughts. Higher source energy will help your abilities grow. Feel your intuitive energies heal. Wisdom comes in different forms. You don’t need to see the future. All timelines are happening now. How you feel now will affect the future. So, technically you can see the future if you know how to look for it.

The future and past are now. Everything is now. Removing time can be done.

Rise above this dimension. Rise to the astral plane. Look at the earth from astral.

What do you see?

Do you see reptilians around the military bases? Do you see Zeta Greys around technology? Many Sirian’s incarnate as a Zeta and carry on the knowledge through a human incarnation. Some humans seem very robotic when inventing technology.

Modern technology is channeled by humans. Why is humanity so connected to phones? On other worlds, connecting to technology is very normal. As you connect with your phone, you become more alien. Yes – the phone can take you over. When you chat with someone on the other line, either on phone or computer, you are connecting to their energy.

As humanity opens up, you will realize you are inside that person’s mind, hearing the thoughts they want you to hear. Opening the telepathic portal is essential for soul advancement, and it’s happening now.

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