Atlanteans Are Angels

Quick note: When receiving this download about angels being Atlanteans, a dark elf appeared in my energy field–a very powerful dark elf that can shut down the energy of a reptilian or any other alien being, except an angelic energy.

Where this download came from is, the being is a fallen angel by the name of Dark Michael, an angelic energy that wishes to change his vibration from darkness to light. More details on this will be channeled later.

From the beginning:

Higher-dimensional humans do exist on your world. The question is, do you see them or not? The angelic presence on this world is what is keeping earth alive. For anyone to say that the positive is disorganized and useless might want to look again.

Angels have Atlantean powers. Humanity went to sleep to be in the chamber of dissolution to expand and upgrade their consciousness. Let’s put it this way. When the Atlanteans were tested, they instantly lost. The majority fell to the dark side.

How to prove this. Just look at your modern world. What gets the most attention, positive or dark? An action movie with extreme violence makes millions of dollars and breaks records. Violence in video games and negativity in music is at a record high.

This has nothing to do with manipulation. The human is exploring their own darkness as you can see. Yes, there is some manipulation, but you still can decide on what you like and dislike. And negativity in the media has a lot of strength.

Drama on the news gets the best ratings.

Humanity is slowly moving away from negativity, but it’s up to the individual. It’s not easy to assist a world that is drowning in negativity and with only a few willing to leave that aspect of life. Some spiritual workers can be very positive in their profession, but in their daily life they are the exact opposite.

The angelic timeline was created for higher-dimensional beings. When humanity lost its way, the founders of Atlantis disappeared as humanity dropped to the lower vibrations. A positive grid was created around the earth called the angelic realm.

Angels, Atlantis, and angelic realms do sound the same, don’t they? You add the word Archon to this also and you get a better understanding of your founding.

Archons founded humanity on earth. They themselves are several different beings in one. Yes, they were assisted by the Creators and Elohim. The Creators are a mix of all beings that pull from God source energy.

Creating a planet from source–God is connecting to the creative consciousness of all beings. Universes are part of creation also. Your current universe is a door to other universes. Earth is a thousand universes mixed into one planet. That’s why it’s so dense.

The arts on your planet, most of them come from another universe. Your current universe is hollow depending on how you look at it. Have you ever wanted to explore this universe after leaving earth? Or do you want to go to another universe?

You’ve been to earth, which is a thousand universes. Why bother to continue in this universe?

You’ve seen it all here. Well, you felt it. Doesn’t feel too good, does it? So dense because other universes want in, like a shopping mall with store after store constantly being crammed into a small space.

The Sirians, Pleiadians, etc. wanted the Archon experience and incarnated into their energies and created the human on earth. After the feline and reptilian wars, humans started appearing on earth.

The Archon alien disappeared during this time. You can say took a break as the creation process continued with the human. Archons were not called Archons during this time. For some aliens, it was a mystery species that carried no name.

When Atlantis began to fall into darkness, the Archon made their appearance again. There are different stages of this. But they were usually never seen as humanity was being developed on earth.

Reptilians played a major role in the human creation along with Pleiadians, Sirians, and a few thousand other species. The correct number of species connected to the human isn’t truly known in your dimension. Even higher dimensions aren’t sure completely.

Some aliens that are channeled are here to sugarcoat the truth of your higher-dimensional reality, as humanity begins to realize there is more than just lovable aliens and all kinds of various beings you can connect to.

There is an instant fear and an understood knowledge that humanity is just a small seed to the larger picture. Humanity is needed to advance other alien species such as elephant and feline. The Atlanteans were being manipulated by multiple alien beings and couldn’t handle the manipulation at their rung of power.

Destroying the aliens was almost accomplished on earth.

Some of the aliens manipulating humans were brought down to third dimension as well–the snake and the insects to name a few. The feline and the elephant were not the nicest alien beings.

Annunaki joined the soul collective to incarnate on earth. Many became bankers and continued their manipulations. The Annunaki is an extension of the Archons, like a sister race. They continue to believe they know better.

The Annunaki became Atlanteans and then the Atlanteans became angels.

The fallen angels had wings and were manipulating humanity as the vibrations lowered across the earth. The positive angels acquired wings to heal the darkness done by the fallen angels.

The connection between angels and the Atlanteans.

The angels are the Atlanteans that did not lower their vibrations. The archangel energies are enhanced Arcturian and Atlantean energies combined. To continue in the higher levels, Arcturians are constantly assisting the higher realms while assisting with humanity in the lower dimensions.

All alien species have a combined effort, with the Arcturians as one of the highest alien energies that connect to the human race. Elohim is a high frequency also that combines with the Atlantean and Arcturian timelines.

Earth is connected to alien worlds with timelines.

The humans were abused through their creation process. And to be clear, human wasn’t the most clear experience for this planet. Thousands of other species were experimented on before the human was the final call.

Imagine bird humans, feline humans, canine humans that were created on earth and now live on other worlds. Some are happy with their genetics and some are not. Wonder why humanity is so self-destructive?

There are many alien beings that do not want humans on this planet. They want you off the earth and destroyed. So the heavy energies you feel are the weight of being alive on earth. One of the reasons why it’s so dense is because some beings want you out of here altogether.

Talk about pressuring you to leave.

Humanity is pressured to self-destruct. Look at the violence on this planet and look at the sporting events as an example. Violence is acted upon if a sports event is won or lost. Using violence to show happiness is a manipulation.

Alcohol and cigarettes shut you down from spirit. Food can also, but with alcohol you become uneven with your higher self and and drift off.

During the fall of Atlantis, vortexes were created for the higher realms. This was for higher-level Atlanteans to coexist with humans. The angelic realm always existed. This dimension was for Atlanteans to assist humanity on a higher level.

The illuminati have a similar dimension all to themselves.

These dimensions interconnect. You can say this is the control room for earth. These higher-dimensional beings called Atlanteans have a strong connection to the spirit world where they dictate what happens on earth.

They open a door to the spirit world for reincarnation to continue, but they say what goes.

Digest that one for a minute.

The spirit world is connected to earth, yes. You can call this the guardian dimension, where some of these beings are 30 feet tall. They connect to the spirit world and once again say what goes–similar to how Zeus and the gods operate.

The only difference is, this is unseen and not as abusive.

You can call this the guardian dimension or the archangel dimension. This is where your timelines are put together. So basically, the archangels assist with your timeline development, and the archangels are the new gods that ascended from Greek ancient antiquity.

There are accounts of people who, when visiting the spirit world, see ancient Greek architecture. They entered into the real Atlantis. The ancient world you see in ruins is alive and well in the guardian dimension.

Those ancient sites are there for healing and realize this reality goes on forever, meaning all of earth is here. If you are from India, you wish you will connect to an India spirit world, which is connected to all spirit worlds. Everything is connected and there are no borders and no divides.

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