Illuminati Church in Astral – Channeled Text

As humanity upgrades, it energizes the illuminati and will no longer exist on your planet. The control grid around the planet is healing. The illuminati have not truly left the planet. Their influence and mind control still exists until humanity releases it.

The elite want to watch and see what happens. They want to grow with humanity after thousands of years of bloodshed.

There are two kinds of happiness: a third-dimensional happiness, which usually has materialism accompany it. Then there is fourth-dimension happiness where the physical world no longer exists.

Connecting to the higher energies will give you more insight into the universe.

The watershed of experience is when humanity connects to the higher energies. High vibrations are finally recognized and utilized to use your spirit in a positive way, where you can easily change your reality and move through the dimensions.

Humanity will have difficulty hearing this now. Because of the illuminati, prison is around you. The illuminati sanctuary is where you are now. Some of you might feel like you have been released from it. See the people in the seats watching the illuminati ritual. This ritual continues the third-dimension traditions.

You can be released from your illuminati contract. The more loving you are, the better. The more judgmental and angry you become, the harder it is to be released. Everyone, almost everyone, is in the illuminati illusion of third dimension. The matrix program was created by them and can be easily released if you are kind.

Yes, they are connected to atrocities of the planet. They are also connected to the positivity connected to the planet also.

This is what the illuminati sanctuary looks like. Think of a Catholic Church with illuminati symbolism instead of religious symbols. Gold is everywhere and just beautiful. Humanity is in this sanctuary. Billions of people are in this sanctuary every day and all day.

The illuminati do rituals in front of the congregation. To give you a perspective, this ritual goes on all day long. You can come and go, but all souls are connected to this dimension. There are several names of this dimension. The zero dimension is easy enough to understand and remember. The illuminati dimension is another name you can use.

Realize the symbolism is much different in this world. Also humanity gives the illuminati power to conduct this power. If you ask for torture, they will give you torture. If you ask for rape, they will give you rape, and this has been going on for thousands of years.

They go through this pain with you. Some of your parents are with the illuminati consciousness to bring this darkness to your world.

Darkness is here to strengthen the weak. The muscle of humanity is here to strengthen and take back the earth they easily gave away. The Atlanteans were very powerful but weak in so many ways. To strengthen was to give away their power, to shut down the fourth-dimensional earth.

The third-dimension mindset is in the illuminati church, the rules of earth and conditions. A hidden royalty is there but never seen easily. This is the real world. The fourth dimension is where you are working to unlock yourself from the third.

You wonder what is beyond the third dimension? Another version of you is there waiting for you to integrate into the fourth, a world within a world because of so many dimensions. Not everyone is meant to see this right away because the curse of the third dimension is still needed for soul growth.

As you integrate into the fourth, you will just know what is going on. The knowledge will just come to you. The third dimension will be like a ghost world, and to some this is already happening.

Connecting with spirit is to just let it flow.

As you adjust you will see more.

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