Who Am I?

How do you go within? 

Are you a rockstar or someone famous in another reality? What planet do you come from? What star system? What is calling you? Is it another universe?

Opening the soul is nothing easy. Dark demons and energies of past life manipulation is nothing easy to see. Going through a rape or being the rapist. Being the rapist and then the next life being raped is tragic but also healing. In the sense of healing you’re darkness and moving forward. 

Excepting the person that you are. Who are you today? This is what matters. The past helped build you to the person of today. And today is all that matters. But knowing yourself and clearing fears and asking the questions of who am I? 

The Martians knew who they were and it made it easy to conquer worlds. 

The earth human was tested on so many levels during the ancient times. The Martians saw weakness and exploited it. The earth human became Martian and became war like. Notice how easy it is to control humans. Look at religion. Look very closely and see its darkness and merchant services. 

Enslaving humanity wasn’t easy and you must pay to be a citizen of earth. If no payment then die.  

It’s kind of like paying for college when you think about it. 

When you no longer wish to be a slave anymore. And you can say this in your mind. You unlock new energies. You take control over your life no matter the decision. Taking back your life is knowing yourself. 

Going with the flow is fine. 

You choose the direction. Never forget going within is not going to be pleasant. You think you might be a good person. But then behind closed doors you admit. Okay maybe I’m pretty terrible to others. But they deserve it. 

This won’t apply to everyone. Going within and saying wait. Did I just walk all over those people? Am I a cult leader? No, of course not. Okay maybe but I’m not going to admit it publicly. 

Another example of going within. 

Did I kill people in a past life? Probably but i was a soldier in combat. Which explains the war movies I either love or hate. And which also explains why there are so many war movies. People are healing all across the world. 

The war is over. The war within has just begun. 

Was I a woman in a past life? Was I a slut in the past life and loved every minute of it?

Also quick note being a woman can be like carrying a loaded weapon. It’s not that hard to destroy others. When it comes to relationships, women can easily wreck a man and even kill him emotionally and not even know it. 

With a man it’s similar but normally a woman can sense the intentions. Women have more power in this world than they admit too. 

Majority of souls on earth are healing from war. 

Combate some kind either in this world or an alien reality. Aliens fight for humanity all the time. They can lose themselves similar to humans. Aliens can have an inflated ego. Aliens can fall in love with earth humans. Happens all the time. 

Transvestites have looked within. 

What you see is never truly easy. Some souls or most do not want peace. The journey of insanity is their voyage. Reincarnating over and over is almost similar to repeating a grade in school. Sure you learn something but not everything that was intended. 

Repeat lifetimes. Meaning you continue to reincarnate as a musician because you continue to be a drug addict and have several illegitimate children. Maybe that lifetime was about being a good parent? Instead you ignored everyone and continued a life of ruin. 

What thorn you need to pull out for you to go forward?

Such as being a successful artist. 

Finding success is also not worrying about what others think. Having a strong will for who you are. Speaking your mind and being you. This is another method of going within. Truly connecting to your talents. 

What brings a fire to your soul?

Not worrying if you are successful or not. Doing what you feel is right. Expressing your feelings that can be creation or research whatever it might be. Your passions are aligned within your DNA and the astrology of who you are. 

Alignment with the stars downloading astral knowledge into your third dimensional self.  

Overtime the astral body will connect stronger with the universe as the physical body begins to transfer into the fourth dimension. 

Fifth dimension opens for knowledge that continues to channel through your being. Fourth dimension astral self will continue to complicate things in the third dimension. 

Questions will arise why aren’t I in the higher fourth dimension? Why am I still in the physical world? Just because you feel like graduation is complete doesn’t mean the diplomas have been given out. 

Never think the third dimension is a low class of existence. It’s harder but necessary for growth. The aliens are not growing as much as the earth human. This is why you are here. To open their world and also your own. 

Success is internal happiness and passions to give you a reason to live another day. 

That is the true success.

Illuminati Castle in Astral – Channeled Text

The Illuminati Castle explained. This is where you come for an upgrade of the soul. The illuminati castle is where the true test of the soul is experienced. Some do integrate into the illuminati and become a super soldier. Once again, this is one of the places the soul can visit and incarnate through to bring heavy enhancements to oneself.

Those in the third dimension won’t believe it at first. This is higher learning of the soul in the fourth dimension and even the fifth, to see the world as it truly is simple to find. Connect to the fourth dimension and you will see it all.

The kings of Atlantis are in the fourth dimension. Humanity wants research but realizes a great amount of knowledge has been destroyed. As you integrate into the fourth dimension, knowledge will become easy to access.

Not just the akashic records but more.

When the world needs your fourth dimensional energy, you will go through an upgrade. To go further you are each other. Your consciousness interconnects. You are each other, a world family that has trouble getting along. That will one day change.

The wars on the battlefield and in the family are connected to the illuminati castle. You might see the illuminati as bird people or not even human. Let the knowledge flow as you slowly upgrade to the higher dimensions.

To be a king of England or queen, you must go through the illuminati castle and be heavily tested, such as reincarnate on worlds you disagree with, before the earth incarnation, because earth is the final prize.

Being chosen for earth in a high-profile position such as king or queen is not taken lightly. Why do you think Queen Elizabeth is still holding onto the position? The reptilian overlords work through her, and this is most likely her last chance as queen anywhere in the universe.

At this moment she has dozens of queen positions on other worlds. There are fifteen lifetimes connecting this world at the moment.

Do you believe someone like this would ever be allowed to be in a royalty position again? Elizabeth is queen of the prison planet, controlled by a secret society and unwilling to give up her position.

Fear of the unknown–your Vladimir Putin is slightly afraid of the queen and what she is hiding. Afraid might not be the best word so uncomfortable is probably a better word. The reptilians around Putin are nowhere as aggressive as Queen Elizabeth.

The alien public relations department is doing their best with the queen, to make her as likeable as possible, even through behind closed doors she is a completely different person.

As the human consciousness increases, you will see parallel worlds, such as London being connected to another planet, the pyramids of Egypt on a Syrian world. Humanity in the future will activate the pyramids. There will be star children that will know how to do it. The alien energies of your planet will increase.

There will be a generation of people that will incarnate on earth and have a fourth- and fifth-dimension energy. They will know all and be all. They will be here to reactivate the planet.

There will be a divide also as humanity realizes its galactic origins. Humanity will go through a culture shock that it won’t be able to handle. As the fourth dimension increases its energies, the fall of the third dimension will begin to truly show its demise.

Kings will no longer be kings. The media will eventually fall. It will be a shadow of itself. Your future ancestors will go through hell and enlightenment like no other, removing the human element and connecting more with the alien DNA within. The future generations will be like no other. History will be erased because of the corruption, no longer needed as the energies increase worldwide.

When the pyramids are reactive, it’s over for the dark illuminati.

Are there battles in the illuminati castle? Yes, indeed there are, but they are energy conflicts. This is where souls can also go from light to dark, just in the castle alone.

They change their timeline on earth to be more money-obsessed or power-obsessed–can cause drug addiction and other vices for the soul on earth to lose control. Temptations on earth cause the disruption in the timeline.

The soul in astral fights to stay positive, but as the human on earth connected to that soul falls to the dark side, the astral soul falls into a grey area, an area of manipulation that can cause more disruption.

Realize your astral self stays strong. Even with the interference, they adjust to the earth human decisions. The lessons of earth are significant before you return to spirit. In life, change going into darkness will usually span for seven to eight lifetimes on earth if you wish to return.

For example, you turn to a life of murder and cannot release that contract. You will reincarnate with a darker energy. Many reptilians and other low-vibration beings expand on that darkness in different experiences.

Some souls incarnate as archons and contribute through their vibration. What is funny about the archon is that the soul can release the negativity easier than a human incarnation. Archon has an entirely different point of view than any other alien being.

Notice the negative television shows and examples of negativity. That is there to show you that you are not alone, which makes it harder to release the temptations of darkness.

As an alien being such as Pleiadian and Arcturian, you take advantage of other beings, show their weaknesses, continue with darkness until it no longer serves you.

The archons turn others into darkness. They do have their dark lords of mind manipulation, manipulating all beings and pulling them into their collective. What is it that scares you? The archons will connect to it.

They don’t see darkness the way humans do. They see it as an experience, unemotional scientists that want to see what will make you or break you.

They can replicate an Arcturian world and all seems fine until you notice the inconsistencies. The world is just a projection and a trap.

Want an example? Just look at your dimension.

Illuminati Church in Astral – Channeled Text

As humanity upgrades, it energizes the illuminati and will no longer exist on your planet. The control grid around the planet is healing. The illuminati have not truly left the planet. Their influence and mind control still exists until humanity releases it.

The elite want to watch and see what happens. They want to grow with humanity after thousands of years of bloodshed.

There are two kinds of happiness: a third-dimensional happiness, which usually has materialism accompany it. Then there is fourth-dimension happiness where the physical world no longer exists.

Connecting to the higher energies will give you more insight into the universe.

The watershed of experience is when humanity connects to the higher energies. High vibrations are finally recognized and utilized to use your spirit in a positive way, where you can easily change your reality and move through the dimensions.

Humanity will have difficulty hearing this now. Because of the illuminati, prison is around you. The illuminati sanctuary is where you are now. Some of you might feel like you have been released from it. See the people in the seats watching the illuminati ritual. This ritual continues the third-dimension traditions.

You can be released from your illuminati contract. The more loving you are, the better. The more judgmental and angry you become, the harder it is to be released. Everyone, almost everyone, is in the illuminati illusion of third dimension. The matrix program was created by them and can be easily released if you are kind.

Yes, they are connected to atrocities of the planet. They are also connected to the positivity connected to the planet also.

This is what the illuminati sanctuary looks like. Think of a Catholic Church with illuminati symbolism instead of religious symbols. Gold is everywhere and just beautiful. Humanity is in this sanctuary. Billions of people are in this sanctuary every day and all day.

The illuminati do rituals in front of the congregation. To give you a perspective, this ritual goes on all day long. You can come and go, but all souls are connected to this dimension. There are several names of this dimension. The zero dimension is easy enough to understand and remember. The illuminati dimension is another name you can use.

Realize the symbolism is much different in this world. Also humanity gives the illuminati power to conduct this power. If you ask for torture, they will give you torture. If you ask for rape, they will give you rape, and this has been going on for thousands of years.

They go through this pain with you. Some of your parents are with the illuminati consciousness to bring this darkness to your world.

Darkness is here to strengthen the weak. The muscle of humanity is here to strengthen and take back the earth they easily gave away. The Atlanteans were very powerful but weak in so many ways. To strengthen was to give away their power, to shut down the fourth-dimensional earth.

The third-dimension mindset is in the illuminati church, the rules of earth and conditions. A hidden royalty is there but never seen easily. This is the real world. The fourth dimension is where you are working to unlock yourself from the third.

You wonder what is beyond the third dimension? Another version of you is there waiting for you to integrate into the fourth, a world within a world because of so many dimensions. Not everyone is meant to see this right away because the curse of the third dimension is still needed for soul growth.

As you integrate into the fourth, you will just know what is going on. The knowledge will just come to you. The third dimension will be like a ghost world, and to some this is already happening.

Connecting with spirit is to just let it flow.

As you adjust you will see more.

Aliens and the Ascension – Channeled Text

A new version of earth is upon us. Timelines are moving to the higher dimensions. Getting to know your universe is what you are going to experience next. The fifth dimension is around the corner. How to connect with the fifth dimension is simple. Remember, life is a dream.

In a dream, you can do anything. Bring that into the third dimension. Over time you will see the mechanics of third dimension more clearly. And you will even see your illuminati. They know what you know. They are watching you but not what you think.

The reptilians are here to bring you down, to keep you in the matrix mindset. As you clear the negative manipulations, life will become more clear. You will begin to see the edges of the timeline vortex as a new timeline comes into your life. You already feel the vibrations of this experience when change is in the air.

New changes will become more clear when the time is right. As your energies leave the third dimension, you will see more.

As you enter the fifth dimension, the understanding of law of attraction will become more clear. It will come faster, and knowledge will find you easily. Moving through the dimensions will be as easy as a single thought.

Some might get jealous as you come and go as you please and others cannot. The lower third dimension will have humans that will never want to evolve. Success is found in the third dimension. Most won’t want to leave. They will find every excuse to hold on.

The century of magic will begin.

Souls that wish to ascend to the fifth dimension will continue to learn of their higher abilities, and even train others in the fourth to connect to the fifth.

Are you selfless? Do you care about others? With no money as a motivation, you will ascend faster than those who have motivations of wealth.

Moving through the dimensions will come easy as you get used to it. The year 2019 is the year of the awakening. 2020 is the year of Atlantis. Humanity will see further into themselves and see the complex vortexes around the earth. Realize lower energies can no longer both you are they used too.

Even the illuminati will see you as an exceptional soul. And of course, there will be exceptions, where lessons are one after the other with no end to the lessons. Some of these humans have karma before they can ascend.

You must understand as a galactic human, the third dimension will not understand you. The archon manipulation has them on their platter. So the third dimension is on a wheel of ascension you no longer belong to. Some will be of the fourth dimension and be controlled by ego and telling you that ego is controlling you, when in truth it’s controlling them.

The fifth dimension will glow, will feel like home. Realize you will be protected. Once again lower vibrations can’t communicate in the fifth. So they won’t see you.

You will see reptilians and zetas, for example, moving through the third. Earth will never look the same. It will feel like the third dimension is as simple as turning a page.

Being in the fifth dimension, you will just know what to do. There will be a slight learning curve such as keeping your vibration high.

Let’s put it this way. When you feel the third dimension no longer has purpose, you will continue to close it down within yourself. You might feel less emotional.Everyone is different in this experience. You will feel love. You will feel unconditional love beyond third-dimension experiences.

As for alien disclosure contact, you will be with the aliens during this. There’s a possibility you will feel or see other versions of yourself in different dimensions.

Life on Saturn – Channeled Text

The illuminati, both positive and negative, live on Saturn. This is the spiritual world that watches everything. Mars has the military operations and is mostly remembered in astral. All the planets in your solar system have life in other dimensions.

The gas beings on Saturn can be very vicious to unwanted visitors. These beings can be seen in the third dimension. Basically you are not welcomed here.

The positive illuminati is making peace with earth at this time.

To describe the positive illuminati–they were angelic in energy, a world of light, and you can say the archangels are part of this group–Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Lyrans, and Andredians. Realize this is the aliens’ aspect of the illuminati. Requirement is a human lifetime that is heavily enlisted with lessons.

Basically you must incarnate within the pyramid of the illuminati and make your choice of which side you wish to be on. To be in this elite group is to incarnate within the illuminati timeline, which is different than the human timeline.

They are very connected to spirit and never truly let go unless they wish to leave.

We want you to know there are different kinds of illuminati. There is third dimension, fourth dimension, and fifth dimension illuminati energies.

The third dimension is your Rothschild and Rockefellers and so on. They like to keep a low profile and deny everything. From time to time, they like to share their power and influence, such as world domination and a population reduction.

Look at it this way when the illuminati says population reduction. The consciousness increases its population, even too much of a population, just to shut down those plans.

The fourth dimension illuminati is Pleiadian, Sirian, Annunaki, Martian influences. Positive and negative live within these groups, and these groups are very small. They do talk to each other, and you can say it’s a game of strategy.

To give you another perspective, the serpent reptilian is at the top of the pyramid. The serpent isn’t usually spoken about too often as aggressive. As usual, there are positive and negative, and anytime you see serpents in movies and literature, they are showing their presence.

To add to your research into the higher dimensions, the negative illuminati did lose during the renaissance period. Over time they did regain control, but the dark forces did lose their influence. Notice the Greek knowledge that resurfaced such as technology. Leonardo da Vinci and his influence were kept secret because people did not understand during that time period.

Leonardo da Vinci was a Greek inventor in the past also. Familiar energies were brought forward once again. To go into it further, Leonardo was assisting Jules Verne in astral to be comfortable connecting to flight and submarine technologies.

Now for the fifth dimension illuminati.

Cartoons that connect to the astral plane are here to help humanity adapt to the higher dimensions. Once the fifth and sixth dimensions begin, they further influence your planet. The universe is speaking to you.

The fifth dimension can influence war and peace very easily. They can destroy your planet without hesitation. There are several reasons your planet still exists. The largest reason is that humanity wants a chance to show the universe they can raise to the higher dimensions. They want a chance, and they failed many times in the past.

You will not fail this time.

The human consciousness on earth does not want to be destroyed. Humanity asked for alien assistance because at the third dimension it’s not so easy to fix the higher dimensional problems. The main message here is that you are saving yourself.

Some channelings look at humans as foolish, and that is true. But so is everyone at a low vibration with an Archon influence. That doesn’t not mean you don’t know what you are doing. Think of negativity as a pizza buffet.

Humanity is eating a lot of pizza. Look at pizza as knowledge. Humanity can’t get enough of the third dimensional knowledge. So you call in the aliens to help you on your journey.

Are you children? Yes and no to that question.

Humanity is absorbing third dimension at a massive rate. Almost like a crack addict with an unlimited amount of drugs. You need help with your addiction. This is a good addiction, but it can get out of hand.

At the third dimension, it’s hard to know when to stop or to slow down and smell the roses of the higher dimensions.

Life on Saturn.

The Rothschild energies come from Saturn. The influence and manipulation goes hand in hand. Realize during the centuries, this manipulation has been many names. The Saturn manipulation takes on Roman families that are of influence throughout the centuries.

Taking a third dimensional form. The Roman illuminati isn’t mentioned much or at all. The ancient Greek illuminati was destroyed once the Roman influence increased.

Illuminati influences began in Atlantis.

The influence entered Babylon, Suminaria, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

The major influence of illuminati is Roman. Notice the location of the Vatican. Humans with no name you can call them, dark magicians that influenced and destroyed Merlin. They used Merlin to create an empire, and he fought against them.

The English rule could have been more powerful. Merlin removed his influence and went into hiding, which also destroyed the King Arthur influence. Arthur was erased from history for a reason. When the myth was discovered and manipulated, it continued its dark turn over the royal families.

Magic was intended to influence your reality in the public. But instead, it was buried. It was intended to have a dark magician as a king of your royal family. King Arthur was to be that king to start it off. He was too weak and influenced by darkness.

Magic still continues, but now it is hidden. Arthur was to be a positive influence. The pressure of power was too much, and he cracked, taking his empire down with him. Spiritual sorcery was to continue throughout the ages. Instead it was hidden as it is today.

To go further, the illuminati is on all planets, including yours. They don’t call themselves this or use a label. The architects of reality is what they truly are.

Humanity connects to timelines of creation and creates a reality. The architects lay down the foundation, and humanity chooses if they wish to experience it or not. Those who reject the program either change timelines or move to another country or town. The other alternative is to wait until an exit point comes through.

Timelines are always shifting through reality. The majority want it there, and so it exists. Saturn gives it power such as the other worlds to continue its teachings. The lessons rejected from Saturn are used on earth all the time. Basically if you don’t want slavery, earth will take it.

High vibrational worlds won’t accept murder as an experience. Earth will accept the murder experience and quadruple it. Instead of a few murders a day, earth will have thousands.

On Saturn Archons take another form. They bullied Saturn with their treatments working and not working, such as society and how it conducted itself. Life on Saturn was not easy in the past. What was rejected found a home on earth.

The structure of conflict with the soul redefining itself–meaning when you incarnate on a world, you can change drastically when that life chooses its exit. Most worlds do not have this, and Saturn experimented with it.

Enough tension to break the soul, break it away from its old ways, a shift more drastic than most planets. Earth seems to be the perfect place for this energy because of nature and its durability to withstand massive manipulation.

For this to work, the soul needs to disconnect from spirit. Saturn and Mars have experienced these manipulations or so they would be perfect to guide earth through the negative zone.

To give you further details on how this manipulation works, the souls that are connected to the higher dimensions, when they incarnate on earth, feel the effects of the negative architecture more than anyone else.

Now if you ease into the third dimension from fourth, the effects are hard but not as hard. If you see or feel negative creatures of lower astral, you came from the higher dimensions into earth.

The old world of Saturn is a society that is free but also hard on itself. Like the Roman empire without the murderous conflict from a dictator. That does not mean it was not tough on its citizens to be perfect, to do the best they can.

With a big brother society keeping an eye on everyone, it was mostly about your progress and what you could bring to society to improve it. Arnold Schwarzenegger is from Saturn to give you a better idea. Notice how prolific he is in his own life.

Building the perfect life and body, he would be seen as a great leader on Saturn. He never applied himself to be a leader on Saturn, but the lessons stayed with him. On earth he saw nothing but opportunity. He applied the Saturn technic, and even to this day he still does. This goes for his timeline, which he altered all the time, and that was intentional before he incarnated.