Illuminati Castle in Astral – Channeled Text

The Illuminati Castle explained. This is where you come for an upgrade of the soul. The illuminati castle is where the true test of the soul is experienced. Some do integrate into the illuminati and become a super soldier. Once again, this is one of the places the soul can visit and incarnate through to bring heavy enhancements to oneself.

Those in the third dimension won’t believe it at first. This is higher learning of the soul in the fourth dimension and even the fifth, to see the world as it truly is simple to find. Connect to the fourth dimension and you will see it all.

The kings of Atlantis are in the fourth dimension. Humanity wants research but realizes a great amount of knowledge has been destroyed. As you integrate into the fourth dimension, knowledge will become easy to access.

Not just the akashic records but more.

When the world needs your fourth dimensional energy, you will go through an upgrade. To go further you are each other. Your consciousness interconnects. You are each other, a world family that has trouble getting along. That will one day change.

The wars on the battlefield and in the family are connected to the illuminati castle. You might see the illuminati as bird people or not even human. Let the knowledge flow as you slowly upgrade to the higher dimensions.

To be a king of England or queen, you must go through the illuminati castle and be heavily tested, such as reincarnate on worlds you disagree with, before the earth incarnation, because earth is the final prize.

Being chosen for earth in a high-profile position such as king or queen is not taken lightly. Why do you think Queen Elizabeth is still holding onto the position? The reptilian overlords work through her, and this is most likely her last chance as queen anywhere in the universe.

At this moment she has dozens of queen positions on other worlds. There are fifteen lifetimes connecting this world at the moment.

Do you believe someone like this would ever be allowed to be in a royalty position again? Elizabeth is queen of the prison planet, controlled by a secret society and unwilling to give up her position.

Fear of the unknown–your Vladimir Putin is slightly afraid of the queen and what she is hiding. Afraid might not be the best word so uncomfortable is probably a better word. The reptilians around Putin are nowhere as aggressive as Queen Elizabeth.

The alien public relations department is doing their best with the queen, to make her as likeable as possible, even through behind closed doors she is a completely different person.

As the human consciousness increases, you will see parallel worlds, such as London being connected to another planet, the pyramids of Egypt on a Syrian world. Humanity in the future will activate the pyramids. There will be star children that will know how to do it. The alien energies of your planet will increase.

There will be a generation of people that will incarnate on earth and have a fourth- and fifth-dimension energy. They will know all and be all. They will be here to reactivate the planet.

There will be a divide also as humanity realizes its galactic origins. Humanity will go through a culture shock that it won’t be able to handle. As the fourth dimension increases its energies, the fall of the third dimension will begin to truly show its demise.

Kings will no longer be kings. The media will eventually fall. It will be a shadow of itself. Your future ancestors will go through hell and enlightenment like no other, removing the human element and connecting more with the alien DNA within. The future generations will be like no other. History will be erased because of the corruption, no longer needed as the energies increase worldwide.

When the pyramids are reactive, it’s over for the dark illuminati.

Are there battles in the illuminati castle? Yes, indeed there are, but they are energy conflicts. This is where souls can also go from light to dark, just in the castle alone.

They change their timeline on earth to be more money-obsessed or power-obsessed–can cause drug addiction and other vices for the soul on earth to lose control. Temptations on earth cause the disruption in the timeline.

The soul in astral fights to stay positive, but as the human on earth connected to that soul falls to the dark side, the astral soul falls into a grey area, an area of manipulation that can cause more disruption.

Realize your astral self stays strong. Even with the interference, they adjust to the earth human decisions. The lessons of earth are significant before you return to spirit. In life, change going into darkness will usually span for seven to eight lifetimes on earth if you wish to return.

For example, you turn to a life of murder and cannot release that contract. You will reincarnate with a darker energy. Many reptilians and other low-vibration beings expand on that darkness in different experiences.

Some souls incarnate as archons and contribute through their vibration. What is funny about the archon is that the soul can release the negativity easier than a human incarnation. Archon has an entirely different point of view than any other alien being.

Notice the negative television shows and examples of negativity. That is there to show you that you are not alone, which makes it harder to release the temptations of darkness.

As an alien being such as Pleiadian and Arcturian, you take advantage of other beings, show their weaknesses, continue with darkness until it no longer serves you.

The archons turn others into darkness. They do have their dark lords of mind manipulation, manipulating all beings and pulling them into their collective. What is it that scares you? The archons will connect to it.

They don’t see darkness the way humans do. They see it as an experience, unemotional scientists that want to see what will make you or break you.

They can replicate an Arcturian world and all seems fine until you notice the inconsistencies. The world is just a projection and a trap.

Want an example? Just look at your dimension.

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