Aliens and the Ascension – Channeled Text

A new version of earth is upon us. Timelines are moving to the higher dimensions. Getting to know your universe is what you are going to experience next. The fifth dimension is around the corner. How to connect with the fifth dimension is simple. Remember, life is a dream.

In a dream, you can do anything. Bring that into the third dimension. Over time you will see the mechanics of third dimension more clearly. And you will even see your illuminati. They know what you know. They are watching you but not what you think.

The reptilians are here to bring you down, to keep you in the matrix mindset. As you clear the negative manipulations, life will become more clear. You will begin to see the edges of the timeline vortex as a new timeline comes into your life. You already feel the vibrations of this experience when change is in the air.

New changes will become more clear when the time is right. As your energies leave the third dimension, you will see more.

As you enter the fifth dimension, the understanding of law of attraction will become more clear. It will come faster, and knowledge will find you easily. Moving through the dimensions will be as easy as a single thought.

Some might get jealous as you come and go as you please and others cannot. The lower third dimension will have humans that will never want to evolve. Success is found in the third dimension. Most won’t want to leave. They will find every excuse to hold on.

The century of magic will begin.

Souls that wish to ascend to the fifth dimension will continue to learn of their higher abilities, and even train others in the fourth to connect to the fifth.

Are you selfless? Do you care about others? With no money as a motivation, you will ascend faster than those who have motivations of wealth.

Moving through the dimensions will come easy as you get used to it. The year 2019 is the year of the awakening. 2020 is the year of Atlantis. Humanity will see further into themselves and see the complex vortexes around the earth. Realize lower energies can no longer both you are they used too.

Even the illuminati will see you as an exceptional soul. And of course, there will be exceptions, where lessons are one after the other with no end to the lessons. Some of these humans have karma before they can ascend.

You must understand as a galactic human, the third dimension will not understand you. The archon manipulation has them on their platter. So the third dimension is on a wheel of ascension you no longer belong to. Some will be of the fourth dimension and be controlled by ego and telling you that ego is controlling you, when in truth it’s controlling them.

The fifth dimension will glow, will feel like home. Realize you will be protected. Once again lower vibrations can’t communicate in the fifth. So they won’t see you.

You will see reptilians and zetas, for example, moving through the third. Earth will never look the same. It will feel like the third dimension is as simple as turning a page.

Being in the fifth dimension, you will just know what to do. There will be a slight learning curve such as keeping your vibration high.

Let’s put it this way. When you feel the third dimension no longer has purpose, you will continue to close it down within yourself. You might feel less emotional.Everyone is different in this experience. You will feel love. You will feel unconditional love beyond third-dimension experiences.

As for alien disclosure contact, you will be with the aliens during this. There’s a possibility you will feel or see other versions of yourself in different dimensions.

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