Jupiter is a planet of many mysteries and psychic energies. Jupiter the planet can polarize the earth into the fifth dimension. Jupiter has always been in the fifth dimension and notice humans can’t just land on Jupiter and set up camp. Jupiter protects earth on many levels. A team player where aliens connect to its energy and learn about the rules of Earth about what they can do and cannot do. 

Never was there a chance of earth being destroyed. Jupiter was always a protector. Beyond Arcturian energies beyond all other alien protectors. Jupiter welcomed Annuaki to be on earth and seed their energies with the human. One thing about Jupiter is that it knows what the earth needs. And that was reptilian energy. 

In the beginning of earth’s creation the reptile energy was lacking. There were tree and insect vibrations and much of the insects come from Jupiter. The planet called earth needed feline and reptile energy to accomplish its goal. That goal was to balance the universe. 

So much darkness gathered around Orion. So many wars as aliens were maturing. There’s different segments of the Orion Wars which have been going on for billions of years. The planet Jupiter is a protector of earth, a mystery planet that will continue to be unknown to the master alien beings. Arcturians don’t even have a full understanding of Jupiter’s energy. 

There are two sides to Jupiter, a positive and a negative. There are felines and reptilians of Jupiter but they keep to themselves. They also brought feline and reptilian energies to earth by calling on them. 

So realize aliens have levels also. There are junior aliens and master alien beings called the elders. No matter where you go old aliens and the new aliens will collide with each other.  Jupiter is much of the old energies and not an energy that is easy to connect with. Jupiter doesn’t always welcome newcomers. 

The current earth is a mixture of the planets in your solar system. Once again not all the mysteries will be revealed as Jupiter feels it is a grandparent and a sister planet of earth. Jupiter taught earth much of its knowledge and wonder where tall fairies come from and many come from Jupiter. Technically Jupiter can house over a thousand versions of earth. 

As the grandparent of earth Jupiter has much to learn. Jupiter has caused wars on other worlds and then vanished just like that.They have also enhanced other planets with vast technologies to either help its citizens protect the planet or to take civilization to the next level. Aliens can sometimes go overboard and advance too many worlds too quickly. 

Positive intentions can sometimes create your greatest enemies. The eagle bird race called the Carians were advanced and weaponized by Jupiter. Never was the intention for the Carians to take over other planets but they did. Some Carians called themselves the Zelecks and created dictatorships on other planets. When having great power they don’t always know how to use it. 

The Carians created a version of reptilian to do their bidding. Similar to how a CEO runs their business. Jupiter is also involved with the creation of the Men in Black. Now the Men in Black come from various star systems. It’s never just one place just like humans you all come from a different country. Alien beings come from different star systems. 

There are numerous versions of Jupiter beings. The Tall Jupiters are normally the protectors of earth. They also incarnated on earth to assist with the creation of the atomic bomb. The reptilian control over humanity became out of control. The earth was always protected but the atomic bomb was necessary on certain terms. 

Nordic Pleiadians became obsessed with human eradication. The nordics came into power through German cults. Those that were obsessing over power became obsessed and connected to the Atlantean energy and became brainwashed. The occult has its control over the German army. Alien technologies were given to the earth through the German army which is already known. 

Hilter was cloned before his death by the nordics. So the Hilter that was found was only a clone. The galactic war on earth during World War Two was to unite the planet. Unfortunately the peace treaties were all failures as predicted. But there are cases when humanity goes to a world war peace is found and the shifts to a higher dimension. 

To give you some insight JFK was intending to bring about alien knowledge. And even if humanity wasn’t ready for disclosure. Disclosure was to be released in a slow manner for humanity to adopt to the new energies. So alien disclosure was correct for JFK. Dark cabal groups did everything in their power to justify the death of Kennedy. Such as humanity was not ready. The way the disclosure was to happen it would have worked for the American people. Positive alien groups do not kill a president if they do not believe humanity is not ready for disclosure. 

The Jupiter council does exist. They continue to observe and not interfere. Jupiter tends to mend with time travel and manipulation. Not necessarily the manipulation but they can connect to the earth’s energies and shift the consciousness. Jupiter is connected to the earth’s astral plane. You can also say Jupiter is the astral plane. Their energies do affect the planet tremendously. 

There are many watchers and Jupiter is one of them. Curious is what the humans will do on earth. Jupiter ships have been seen in space. Some of the mother ships are from Jupiter. They keep track of the ships in orbit of the planet. This is not their only mission on the planet; they also have ground crew on the planet here in secret. Aliens disguised as humans. They mostly connect to the medical field and not all Jupiter beings are positive. 

Jupiter beings are here in stealth and not even most aliens are aware they are here. So there is a galactic war that most of your human population would most likely not believe is happening. Think of alien ground crew beings appearing on earth to conduct a certain task and then disappear. Beings from Jupiter have this ability. They can seem physical and have what they need to pass as a human. Jupiter beings can easily shift out of reality and can be more powerful than most alien visitors. 

Think of translucent beings that are hidden from most alien organizations. Most alien fleets can’t be trusted after having encounters with earth. You have a human race that has given away their power to the gods. The planet lost control. As many of you are trying to focus on the situation at hand. It’s almost impossible to focus only because the beings causing difficulties on this planet aren’t willing to let this world go. 

Jupiter beings can be most powerful than the Arcturians but they can also be more dangerous. Not all beings of Jupiter have everyone at their best interest. 

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