MJ12 is the illuminati. You can say one of the hardest jobs. If there really is a hard job within the elite. 

Staying alive within the elite is no laughing matter. They do live the life of luxury but it comes with a price. You can be given everything and one mistake your life is over. Be given the dream family and lifestyle but if you’re assignment is not carried out correctly. 

You can easily die of an illness and be removed from the planet all together. 

Presidents are seen as easy prey. You put this person in charge of a country and then threaten them. Now this doesn’t always go to plan. For the most part. Most presidents are in the pocket of the elite. 

Then there is the question which elite? 

The war of the elites has been going on for thousands of years. Now large corporations are fighting amongst themselves. Who can control the masses? Who can rule the world? Christopher Columbus was of the elite and so was King Arthur. 

King Arthur was sacrificed for not obeying orders. For not wanting to control the planet and rule over humanity. His own life was a disaster and instead of leading the world he ruined himself. A failed king you can say. Yes he saw agartha and its pleasures. King Arthur became too human and lost his way. Similar to an Atlantean. An Arthurian soap opera and notice his name. A similar energy that connects to the mythical Atlanteans. 

A quick message to humanity. Never forget you can accomplish anything. Now its up to you to give yourself this belief system and to give yourself power. 

Course there are blockages from the third dimension as the dimension itself has its limits. To give you further detail into MJ12 and beyond. Many members of this elite group have died by unfortunate consequences. The early MJ12 died of an early death. The new members of the elite group always come about in one way or another. 

Murder, false suivcides that plaugue most of yoru entertainers such as Marilyn Monroe. Hangings are the easiest and they send out a message. A hanging is very medieval and a public sacrifice. With the media being the echo chamber of manipulation to fabricate the story. The media was designed by the elite and will always be under this trance manipulation. And don’t think for a second the spiritual groups have not been infiltrated themselves. Some spiritualists have been appointed by MJ12 members. 

John Foster Dulles is a MJ12 member and even in spirit still reigns in that position. In death does anyone truly die? Statues and monuments are built and for John Foster Dulles it was an airport. Which in itself is a vortex of manipulation. Nothing in Washington DC can truly be trusted. Meaning the cult of Washington DC is from another world. Mind manipulation beyond human understanding. Realizing you are dealing with the gods of the earth, those who make the rules. 

MJ12 is a wing of the illuminati. No matter what anyone says the elite are alive and well and hidden in plane sight. One day there will be disclosure of the elites. Jeffrey Epstein is disclosure of the elites. John Podesta another window into the unknown of manipulation. Both are holding the human population hostage. Jeffrey Epstein circled the elites to gain information. To even gain information on intelligence agencies such as the CIA for example. 

He basically spied on those he was working for. Jeffrey Epstein is the James Bond of the modern era unfortunately. The dark inner web of disclosure that hasn’t been completely unlocked. An organized death you can say occured. 

Now for John Foster Dulles. You can say Dulles knew too much. The intelligence agencies became too powerful and there was talk for alien disclosure in the proper way. To slowly disclosure information even by press conference to let the public know of the alien invasion. But unfortunately there was too much money at steak. 

Greed was another reason why disclosure talks were shut down. When you have an army of advanced weapons and you can be god. Why let the aliens connect with humans? Why bother? Kennedy was going to disclose the alien presence but that wasn’t the main thing of his mind. The criminals in the government power hungry thieves god playing monsters. 

That at one time wanted to destroy the United States. Their attempts were halted so the elites controlled the presidency after Kennedy died. The military gods wanted to destroy the earth but were blocked. So the vietnam war and secret wars began at a heavier weight. Controlling nations around the world was the objective for all kinds of reasons. 

John Podesta is an example of how a person in power can lose their soul. Evil that thrives on the weak. Realize he is weak himself. A soulless creature from the fifth dimension. Higher dimensional beings can easily become villains of the earth. Ever meet anyone with an amazing intelligence and a wicked grin and personality? Power corrupts so easily and marks the soul for damnation. A person with a high IQ can easily become a demon.  

Jeffrey Epstein is not innocent in any form but realizes he was here to expose everyone and veen himself. John Podesta see’s no crime in his ways. Demons enter the earth in all forms. The Bush and Clinton crime families are just an example of the lower elites and their draconian mind manipulations. A dynasty that lays in ruin being exposed but blocked by the media at least for now. 

Corporate CEO’s are slowly disclosing themselves and you have to wonder. Are some of these tech CEO’s all that different than John Podesta and Jeffrey Epstein? The web of manipulation goes on forever through the tech titans and the news media covering up the elite and their dirty tricks. Jeffrey Epstein a nordic alien being compromised but at least he knows his darkside. Recognizing the monster within. A soul that actually would like to be healed. Unlike many other souls mentioned care not to be healed any time soon. 

Let the world burn. We own everyone.

The pedifile cults on the planet. Is to cover up the secret space program and the alien agenda. Hit yoru society where it hurts. Take down the children and bring grief to the human race. Make sure no one talks and continue with the agendas.  

Written agenda to control the human race. To rape the planet of its resources. The guilty parties are Reptilians, Zeta Greys, Orion groups and Annuaki cartels to mention a few. Tall blonde Nordic races from the Pleiades are also part of the conspiracy to bring down the planet. 

These beings find pride in themselves to ruin a race of people. How foolish the human race is not to believe in the alien gods. Humans not believing in aliens allows the agendas to continue to manipulate the human race. At this point humanity no longer will tolerate wars of foreign countries. As of this writing the Democratic party has been taken over by the MJ12 forces. 

The Bush era came to an end and continued with the Obama administration. The manipulation ended with the Trump administration not to say its perfect but the powers are trying their best to bring a peaceful outcome to the planet as much as possible. Once again no party is perfect but the agenda to manipulate the American people back into war is in the Democratic Party. The republican war machine ended with John McCaine. Another illuminati deep state sellout. 

MJ12 is to keep the alien agenda hidden. Arizona is a better place of the elite. Not that it is a hot topic, there are other topics at hand also. But Arizona is a hot spot for alien discussions at Luke Air Force Base. 

Dolce is off limits due to the restrictions in intelligence. Now realize not all of MJ12 meet normally there are a few get togethers. Maybe five members meet for a quick chat and go on their way. All members monitor intelligence briefings. Aliens aren’t normally the main topic on a civilian level. 

Underground discussions are different when MJ12 gather underground. This is where the top secret discussions are discussed and kept classified. Understand aliens assist with the cover up. All leaks are controlled and locked down even if it does enter public domain. Moments later information is deleted from its source and even minds can be erased. 

The Men in Black also keep tabs on leaks on a global scale. It’s not just alien sightings that are censored. Some disclosure is allowed but since the internet invention the Men in Black have been working overtime.  

Now leaks of MJ12 are still possible to be disclosed to the public. Not necessarily the members but the information they are covering up. Whistleblowers are allowed to connect to the people. Some are disinfo agents just to let you know. Meaning there are some truths and some manipulations with disclosure talks that are happening now. Not the whilst blowers are bad people it’s just the terms of the conditions. 

Once humanity is ready for disclosure knowing what the truth is will still be an issue. So many different truths but it will be an exciting time to be alive when alien information becomes completely disclosed. Currently people are channeling information and that will triple in the next few years. Abductions will be spoken on television and taken more seriously and some will call it the alien war. 

2024 is a time of disclosure and yes there will be earlier dates but this is a year of a data distribution of some kind. Either by channeled information or documentation. 

MJ12 at the top is army generals you have never heard of. Names that are on the black list. A list that is to never to be disclosed.  

Chantilly Virginia is another meeting and living space of the elite. The hidden hand of the deep state. There are many government facilities for the public to research. Even in plane sight the shadow elite govern the earth. Pentagon City is more like Reptilian city where much of the shadow government does business above ground. 

There are various shadow elites who work underground and never truly connect to the outside world. They conduct your secret wars and never connect to the outside world unless they are in the government protection and are not easily to be reached by the civilian population. 

Reason we bring up the Pentagon is that it is an alien outpost where humans and aliens connect in secret. There are more aliens in the pentagon than in Area 51. Most aliens are underground but some can be human on the surface. 

In your future people will have more sightings in Washington DC and yes Washington has more acultiy than New York City. The rulers of government cannot be overlooked. MJ12 members are also afraid of some of the exterrestrials such as the Greys and Reptilians. 

There are many alien wars going on between humans. Members of MJ12 have been hijacked from the planet and never to return. Either it is said they died or they are on a mission. Some MJ12 members are part of the pedofile ringsthat are underground. Some members worship the sun and some worship the devil. With members believing they are the devil. 

One way to identify a member of MJ12 is if they are wearing a ring. Masonic in style but not necessarily masonic. Members are normally plagued with depression. Sometimes there are inner fights between members even to kill one another. There have been times when assassinations have been successful. Such as after the Kennedy assasination MJ12 was thrown off course. Not all members agreed to that decision. To this day trust within the elites is very thin. 

MJ12 members are high ranking people but they are normal on the outside surface. Very intelligent and deadly at times. There are levels of MJ12 where not all members are aware of the alien agenda in its entirety. Meaning they do not have access to the aliens. 

They do carry out orders to keep the alien noise at a minimum. The Pentagon release of the UFO activity was approved by MJ12 but that will be all for some time. MJ12 in fighting is why there isn’t more disclosure. Not that humanity isn’t ready but control of information is more important. 

There is no rush for alien disclosure. Deep state entities that created Google, Twitter and Facebook have an interest in continuing the war economy. Members of the deep state want other countries to suffer. Deep state members also part of the Council of Foriegn Relations have a need to control the population. 

What the deep state fears is the alien influence through the people as the spiritual journey increases. The deep state cannot hold onto humanity forever as more people free their minds of the system. Even hard core conspiracy theorists will see their own children channeling aliens. 

The main energis of focus of MJ12 where they live is Maryland, Texas and Ohio. You can also use the word deep state. There are so many levels of MJ12 and not all levels are alien related. Lower levels are to keep the aliens hidden but to continue the agenda such as voter fraud. Sometimes darkness is done just for the sake of it. Darkness many times leads to light. 

Some members of congress are on the low levels of MJ12 such as Harry Reid. they can have some insight but know nothing. They are allowed to mention UFO’s on a government level but still remain clueless. President Trump is low level MJ12 but not on speaking terms of it. The veil has been slightly lifted in recent years. 

This is all we can on this subject matter for the moment. More information will come in the future. 

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