There are parallel realities where Mars is the center point of growth for the universe. You can say mars is the grandfather of earth. The planet that started it all. At one time Mars was the center of attention. At one time the Martian took over other planets and succeeded. Some of those worlds are in the Pleiades. 

Tall Blonde nordic pleiadians are connected to the Martian Project. Now there are millions of different perspectives of Mars and its founding same as earth. In the beginning Mars was always a warrior race in one form or another. They fought in the Orion wars and many of you’re elites that control earth currently are martians. 

The martians fought venus and neptune as the alien invasion increased across the universe. The war of the worlds and this was before earth was even habitable to sustain life. Throughout these wars Martians and venus married into each other and created beings that were not exactly human. Some of these race of beings were disformed and became very psychic and powerful. What some would call a monster. 

Neptune alien beings married into the Mars and Venus bloodline also creating a warrior race of physic beings. During all of this Saturn became involved and even took over Mars for some time. The Saturn council found the martians to be the rejects of the universe, an inhuman race of beings. The war between worlds went on for centuries. 

There are several reasons why the atmosphere of Mars was destroyed. Alien intervention by the Greys and the Peiadians as they combined DNA with each other. The end of Mars had to do with finishing its cycle. As mars combined with Earth’s energies and when that process was final. Mars slowly deteriorated into what it is today. Mars had many final blows to its cultivation and yes there are many martian bases underground. 

When the female energies on earth during the time of Atlantis became out of hand the martian conquered earth. Mars at that time eradicated their connection with the female; it was very similar to Sparta of ancient Greece. This happened during the final years of Mars and the species became exhausted and then later extinct. 

Martians came to earth to take over earth. The females of Atlantis were becoming amazonian barbarians basically turning the planet into a planet of women. There were men during this time period and they were very femine like. With the reptilian connection with humans the men became stronger but the female still was very dominant. The Sirian male enhanced by the Annuaki increased the strength of the male. But with all of that the females of Atlantis after manipulation by the reptilians and manipulations from the pyramids from around the world. The female Atlantean planned on world domination. 

The martian invasion happened before the fall of Atlantis. But once Atlantis destroyed itself the martian influence pretty much took over the planet. Which would bring a balance to the planet between male and female. The females of the Arab world became powerful witches. With beams coming out of their eyes and abilities to manipulate the mind. 

Many fled to the Amazon when the arab world was being changed by the Annuaki. The Annuaki basically refined what a human was to be on the planet. Balanced out the DNA from all the alien races that seeded the earth into the framework of the modern human. 

During the ancient times there were many different versions of humans until the obscure versions died out. The giants no longer had no way to reproduce so they died out. Children were no longer living very long and their gene pool died out. Now through history giants were born if the right DNA with the parents was triggered together. 

The Amazonian women died due to disease and lack of children to continue their bloodline. The current Queen of England is part of the amazonian royalty. 

Before Atlantis, Martian influence was on human development. The Martian was here before Atlantis but the connection was very primitive, more like a tribal human. Early humans were Venus, Saturn and Martian DNA. As the Lyran and Reptian began seeding the earth the humans evolved from a primitive form. 

For the record there were martian felines, reptilians, mantis and countless versions of insectoids. Several different forms of humans existed across the universe. The Martian human is the equivalent of the super soldier. In the beginning mars was a peaceful planet like any other. As they experimented with their evolution they evolved. 

Mars is a descendant of Orion and was at one time a colony of Orion. 

Orion influenced the modernization of the universe. Mars in the beginning of earth’s evolution invaded earth and made it a martian colony. The reptilian Martian evolved into the modern human overtime. In the beginning there were countless versions of humans. Orion humans and Martian humans to name a few. 

As mars continued in their experiments of their own race. A war broke out between the Martians and Venusians called the Venus Wars. Earth was included in this war which brought many Venus birds to your planet. This war also brought much sea life to the planet one for instance the octopus. 

The Venus Wars can also be called the Shapeshifter Wars. 

Venusians achieved the ability to shapeshift. Slowly they infiltrated Mars and even manipulated its civilization. First they spied on the martians then they attacked. Not that Mars was all innocent they were building advanced weapons and experimenting with DNA that was controversial. 

Mars found time periods where life was peaceful where the female was in power and reenergized the martian experience. Building superior DNA beings and creating technologies advancing beyond most alien civilizations. There was a time when Mars was the renaissance of the universe. For thousands of years Mars was a peaceful planet after the Venus Wars. to explain the Venus wars was about DNA and jealousy. Venusians wanted martian technology and even achieved it by stealing a great deal of technology. Basically the Venusians  lost the war and were on lockdown due to their abuse of mars and other worlds. 

The martian technology later would destroy Venus. 

One of the many downfalls of Mars was the development of planet destroying technologies. This is when Mars began to crack. The invention of superior technology they were able to invade other planets and use their technologies to terraform a planet at will. 

Terraforming weapons were created and mars slowly became a war planet. The female martian was sterilized and Mars became a male dominant world. Genetics would create new offspring if they wanted it. The female martians found earth as a refuge. 

Many of these female Martian’s became Atlantians and began the downfall of Altantis. The first Martians on earth were delightful beings. As Mars became a superpower of corruption the Atlantean human with Martian influence slowly lost their grip with reality. 

The creation of the pyramids on earth was a Martian technology. 

The Martians enhanced the wars throughout the universe. Using technologies such as television to brainwash the public. Hacking into computer technologies and using it against the people. Murdering and cloning the politicians. 

Much of the manipulation happening on earth was originated by the Martians. The Venusians increased the manipulations because their own civilization lost its way. The Mayan Pyramids in Central America are older than the pyramids in Giza. 

The Mayan pyramids were built by the Martians at one time the most powerful pyramids in the world. 

The Pleiadian and Martians combined their DNA as they progressed with humans on earth. The Martian was so different after the Atlanteans began their shift on earth bringing in new timelines. In the beginning humans carried DNA with Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune and Saturn. Fractal energies that were enough to continue the human experiment. 

Genetic engineering mixed with Agartha beings that were connected to nature. The formation of the human comes from so many different sources of life. The evolution of the Martian on earth was the worry of their own extinction. The vast experimentation and evolution of their species which became nuclear over time. 

Worries of Mars destroying themselves and taking the planets around them into the unknown abyss. Another reason Mars was destroyed was due to its nuclear capabilities of becoming a bomb. 

The martian was to become a dominant species in the universe.  Even given technologies by the Orion groups to continue their experiments. As mars continued its experiments the planet itself was slowly going to ruin. To continue their evolution they connected their DNA with the Zeta Greys and the Pliedians. 

Even their own DNA was becoming toxic because of the nuclear tests conducted on their planet. 

During the Orion Wars which were many. A soul split was discovered. How an alien being can take a fragile soul energy and control it. Which would be called a clone. Technology was developed with genetic engineering. The soul enters the body, some of that fratile energy of the soul can go to other bodies also. 

A soul container to hold the soul. And even defragment the soul even more to split it into more particles so you can have several more clones of one person. Not all souls agree with his experience but many do. Because some soul fragments disappear after being captured or the clone dies. 

This type of work is conducted underground. Humans that are captured and trafficked are used into cloning experiments. Where the soul is pulled from the body and held captive in an organic technology to keep it from escaping. This technology is another life form as the soul is transferred to another vessel. This same technique is used for androids. 

This soul transfer technology is from the Archons. This is one of the originators of this technology. At one point the Martians like other alien civilizations played God. To the extent of their talents. 

Sound technologies to manipulate the soul were created by the Martians. They took forbidden technologies and advanced them in their own way. Creating giants and mutant beings from Grey and Martian DNA. With all these experiments Mars wasn’t that bad of a place to live. 

During their darkage the female was forced to be muscular and be more like a man. Not that all women would follow this direction. Many Martian women were thin and healthy just not fully expected by society. Similar to the racial discrimination issues on earth. 

When Mars began many of its experiments and wars with Venus and Maldek.

Before Mars fell into its own darkness Maldek was at war with Mars also. Now these were not earth destroying wars but the two planets had a dislike for each other. Basically they could never get along with each other. Maldek wanted control over Mars and control over the solar system itself. At this time Maldek became rotten within itself. Many fled Maldek for Mars before the planet’s final destruction.  

The Annunaki did have involvement with Maldek and even contributed to its demise. Interfering with its government and trying to rule the planet as society was destroying itself. At one time Maldek was to be a prominent leader within the solar system. 

If Maldek survived the corruption around earth most likely would not have taken place as it did.  

The Maldek invasion was about stealing or inheriting martian technology. Mind manipulation technologies are what they were looking for. As Maldek citizens were losing confidence with the politics of the planet. With weather technologies ruining its atmosphere and weather weapons being used on its citizens. 

At one point Maldek was at 5D in frequency. Once they began exploring other planets and became jealous of their findings society began to crack. Minds were lost in the abyss of corruption. Much of Maldek’s energy is Mexico on Earth. 

Many citizens of Maldek escaped to Mars and caused problems for the Martian people. At this time Mars was already in its decline and many citizens were fleeing to earth to conquer and reinvent itself. 

The Martian invasion on earth was not welcomed with open arms. As soon as the martians entered earth’s atmosphere the Atlantean energies downgraded in vibration instantly. They healed themselves and upgraded themselves to their 5D form. 

Martians and the Atleanteans collided into each other once Mars decided to reconnect with earth. The elders brought trouble to earth with their ideas of human evolution. Before the elders arrived Mars had a presence on earth but it was among the Atlanteans living a normal life. Working with frequencies and upgrading once perception of existence. Connecting to the high vibrations of spirit. 

When Mars collided with the Atlantean ways of life. The female Atlantean went towards a new direction. As the new martian DNA went through the veins of the female Atleantean a warrior mentality began. 

Female Atleanteans became more tribal and controlling. All through the amazon this new female Atlantean emerged. At first there was no concern. All Atleanteans evolve in their own way and even separate themselves from the collective to explore their new found talents. 

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