Failures of Earth

It’s up to the soul if they want to learn anything. They can reject lessons and go nowhere in life. Depending on their relationships with others their lifetime can be altered and they are sent back to the spirit world. 

Meaning this planet can’t help everyone. 

Some souls fail here because their energy and the planet just can’t get along with each other. It’s like a fist fight. Yes both parties are wounded and people are cheering them on. 

A soul can easily reject the teachings of the planet. You can even unlearn every lesson. Sending back to astral and shutting down your incarnation. This is no easy process. Certain souls do this automatically. 

They can quickly go against their parents. That’s also a sign of rejecting the earth’s energies. The rejection is usually at a young age. Either one parent is good enough or none. Some of these souls are orphans. 

Some of these souls get pulled into human trafficking. 

They lose faith in their incarnation. Can someone please take me out of this situation? 

Human trafficking is one option. The other is massive health issues that come out of nowhere and sometimes end up in death. Disease creation is another. Bringing it out of nowhere. Killing the body instantly. 

Disease such as the coronavirus. The souls that die from this disease have had enough of this earth incarnation. Most of them are on that timeline. They might say one thing. Such as they want to live. But in truth they are ready to go. 

Bring that disease here get me off this planet. 

You’d be surprised how many times that is said in astral. Even during 911 many souls wished they were in those buildings that day. 

Now some souls refuse to live their lives and shut down. This does happen a lot. Alcoholics and drug addicts might say they want to live but in truth they are ready to exit. They might put on a smile and convince everyone around them they are fine. Even if they are drinking a six pack of beer a day or doing hard drugs. 

They are altering their timeline.  Trying to kill their timeline and exit. Now where they go after their death is another story. It’s not always pleasant. Some suicides are channeled and say hey everything is great. But intruth its a demon possession in to push others to suicide. 

When someone is doing hard drugs or is alcoholic they create a grey timeline. Now they can change but most don’t for personal reasons. 

They convince themselves this is fine being a drug addict. 

The inner black hole is created. Many realities that go nowhere are invented within that person’s energy field. No matter the person’s appearance what is the energy you feel? Some of the most beautiful people on the planet are on a grey timeline. 

Nothing learned. Yes there are small lessons but many are trying to find a way out. This is why so many celebrities or wealthy people buy large expensive homes. The larger the building the more empty the person. This isn’t always the case but it is very common. 

When this world fails it’s up to the individual. 

Refusal to learn can cause chaos in the universe. 

And there are other ways of seeing the planets failure. That is the spirit guides failed and do not want to live up to their poor decision making. Ever make a mistake and not tell anyone. Spirit guides do this all the time. 

Some can be pulled into lower astral because of their hostility towards you. 

The many failures of the spirit guides are immense. 

It’s easier to assist a closed minded human. Someone that gets up everyday and does what society tells them what to think. Even skeptics are an easy task. They just don’t believe in anything and live in their own little world. Skeptics many don’t believe in the god within. They are an easy job in the long run. They have their little skeptic groups.

The spirit guide is watching from the distance making sure the person they are advising. I drink clean water and get plenty of sleep. The spirit guide can phone in their assistance and even manage ten people at once. 

When humans begin to realize the spirit world then life gets hectic for a spirit guide. You can even outsmart a spirit guide. Meaning they have no influence in your life what’s so ever. Some of you call them out on their own faults. Which is rare but happens more frequently. 

By doing this you are stepping in their realm. And the guides cna go into panic mode and they do a lot. As you call in the fourth and fifth dimensions and beyond you channel the spirit guide energies more than you average human. You are challenged on this planet and the spirits are challenged in the spirit world. 

Life can be hell for both human and spirit. Especially when you want more knowledge sooner than what you are prepared for. And keep asking for more knowledge driving yourself crazy. It’s best to pause and find relaxation. Overcoming challenges will give you upgrades and open your third eye. 

Shifting out of the third dimension is no easy task. 

The difficulties of life can alter one’s direction. Many just become wealthy save up for retirement and pretty much live an average life. And most of them are growing at a one percent rate. Many of you are going crazy and wishing you were on another planet. Many of you are growing at a hundred percent rate or sometimes a thousand. 

Misery brings in soul advancement. Yes it’s true the soul might not always learn its main lesson for that lifetime. But other lessons are being learned. Tolerance for pain and strengthening the soul. Hell everyday does create a stronger soul. 

Working at a deadend job. Having no money. Feeling like you’re going crazy everyday. Thinking this is a backwards world feeling this world is meaningless. There’s nothing wrong to think this way. Examining your reality is necessary. Scrutinizing its functionality why are you here? 

The answers will surface eventually and yes it might take years. 

Can this planet offer the right teachings for everyone? No! 

This world can’t help every being in the universe. This is why you have spirits and aliens helping you. Many cannot handle the density of the third dimension. Yes they can incarnate on this planet and learn lessons. But the cost to their soul can be severe. 

Many souls are used to a good life. Coming to this planet just the thought of an incarnation can cause great pain. Your planet cuts off knowledge of the higher dimensions. Living a life of depression because you don’t have access to the higher dimensions can be dreadful. And any kind of drug or sexual relationship would never be enough.

Many souls get used to the higher dimensions. 

So when they incarnate on your planet they lose their minds. It’s best to incarnate in agartha and slowly incarnate as a tree or an animal being to get used to the earth’s dimensions. 

Most of the animals on your planet will incarnate as a human on your planet. Flying insect beings are closely connected to airplane pilots. Normally an insect will incarnate as a military airforce pilot because of the excitement. It’s no different than being an insect. The chances of getting squashed are always high. 

We will continue on this subject in a later chapter in the future. 


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