The Middle East

The birth of modern civilization. Multidimensions constantly in flux. One of the most dangerous regions on the planet. And also the most breath taking. 

The universe created the earth with the middle east in mind. The laboratory where humanity was born. The highest and lowest of vibrations. A galactic kitchen with everything cooking at once. The universe was never the same again once earth was created. 

A seed planet unlike no other. 

Calling out to other worlds to create the foundations of a war planet and a united earth. This planet is the Galactic UN. All aliens that want some kind of alliance with each other come to earth to make peace. 

Because Earth or Tiamat is such a diverse planet. Many aliens are advancing themselves because of it. Finding problems that they ignored for centuries. 

Realize many humans that are assisting earth at this time used to be warriors that conquered worlds like yours. Decimated them into ruin throughout the universe. So this planet had been destroyed before it ever got started. Meaning there were other planets similar to earth that were destroyed before finding their true potential. 

Genghis Kong is a perfect example. 

Before you’re current earth was created a Genghis Kong alien being wouldn’t give the universe a chance to live. There was a time when your universe was a wasteland. No growth just destruction. 

Universe warzone where life didn’t have much of a chance to survive. Similar to your dark ages. Overtime the cycle of war phased out finally. Constant destruction created great growth. The warlords that destroyed the universe were now leaders of creation. 

So on your current earth those spiritists that are assisting you’re planet in its growth connecting to aliens and the unknown. Used to savage universes before breakfast. And some might turn towards that direction again in a future life. 

But for now those that are here to bring enlightenment have had a past. Such as Jesus who has many incarnations of black magic and lower astral connections. During his time life wasn’t easy because he was tempted towards the darkside. 

But because of the conflict of his past his abilities increased with positive strength to assist others. He has seen the savagery of his own actions. Which pushed him into a higher understanding to free others of their pain. 

The current catholic religion uses his magic against others. Forcing them into third dimension. Forcing humans to think they are a lesser being. When the catholic church system begins to crack humanity will regain its higher ability. 

The middle east is where modern society was created. 

Once Atlantis lost its grip and was destroyed. The middle east had everything it needed. Lost knowledge or you can say suppressed knowledge more like it. Everytime humanity abused its abilities knowledge was removed. 

The aliens were eventually attacked and removed with only religion to carry their memories. All throughout the world aliens are many kinds on your planet and those statues are correct in their depiction. 

The gods of your past reincarnated on your planet as a regular human to learn more about themselves. Yes many have higher dimensional knowledge. Most were not decent to others and many could pull from the higher dimensions but couldn’t make a decent sandwich or take the kids to school in the morning. 

Your gods were kind of like the Einsteins of the past. They could lock into higher knowledge but live a normal life was far from them. Einstein for example is on another version of earth living a simple life. 

Alien scientists were scattered through the middle east. Alien beings that realized there was much to learn about themselves and this planet had a way to pull in information from the universe to advance the soul faster than any world at the time. 

The secret space program is aliens watching over earth. Yes many touchdown in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yemen is a portal city. Egypt was one of the early building blocks to create your world. And to even your planet from being destroyed. 

The pyramids of Egypt are ancient artifacts of the aliens. The knowledge of the pyramids aren’t understood by all alien beings. WHat is understood is that this planet must not be destroyed. Now there have been many other versions of earth that have been destroyed. 

The pyramids are entry points to the multiverse. 

All pyramids around the world are portals into other dimensions. Notice the Bermuda triangle and its name. Basically it’s another pyramid that can open dimensions into other realities. Sedona has a hidden pyramid within its energy field blinded by the vortexes. There is a pyramid there in another dimension. 


Jerusalem is where the aliens make contact with each other. Agendas are created and new timelines are built. The third dimension is there centerpiece a puzzle created out of the fourth and fifth dimensions. 

The third dimension is no lesser than the higher dimensions. 

The consequences and tests are more intense and mind altering. It’s like a psychedelic dimension where nothing is what it seems and mental traps are everywhere. Let the world flow as it needs too. The awakening of the earth will need Israel to release its alien mysteries. 

The giants of agartha are protecting earth at this time. So if you feel a giant is in the sky they are saying hello. They must not interfere with the earth’s energies currently. But what is written in mythology is very true. All the elements of the mythical beings can come back into your reality. 

Once that happens the third dimension will shift out.

How many people are ready for flying humans and giants in the skies? What was seen in the past can be back in your dimension once again. For this to happen the middle east must be awakened. 

You can say that the reason for the wars and complicated manipulations happens to keep the middle east under lock down. The Gaza Strip is there to hold Israel hostage. To keep the secrets hidden and unwanted people out. 

Israel can reactivated by the right people and once that occurs the third dimension will no longer exist. It’s a doorway into the unknown. A doorway to agartha. A hidden energy that has not made itself clear. Locked down by religious belief systems. 

There’s a supernatural energy around the middle east. 

What brought humanity into existence was the energies of the earth. Basically you can make anything you want with this planet. Everything is here and all that is needed is your imagination. What you create might not exist on this version of earth. 

This planet consumes the universe. 

Once this earth goes into fourth dimension there will be other earths to assist that are much more challenging. This earth is very challenging for this universe.  There are many more earths in other dimensions that are far worse. You would know many of you came from there. 

Understand earth is a seed planet of the universe. So all the planets you see in your galaxy and beyond are connected to your earth. Other worlds are the backbone of earth. They continue your experiences on many levels. 

All the planets in this universe function on earth. It’s a complicated scale of understanding and so much to filter through. The sand and the oceans and all the elements of existence have a role and the universe of planets all play a part. 

Not one alien beings or alien collective has a simple understanding. It can take lifetimes to understand the origins of your planet. And even then it’s never truly understood. It’s like trying to understand the creation of life itself and the origins of god. 

The life force wanted it and now it exists. 

The middle east carries much of your earth’s past just look at the religions. 

This desert region at one time had too much knowledge and the world couldn’t handle it. Imagine an area of the world that humanity itself could no longer handle. The forbidden territory of your planet. 

Much of the knowledge is underground and well hidden. Buried crystals that can open dimensions to other worlds. Portals that can open the unknown. Agartha crystals are another chamber of energies that can open doorways to other worlds and realities. 

You hear of the secret space program but ever wonder what reality that they are speaking about? What reality is this space program they are speaking of. There is never any major evidence in plain sight in your dimension. Not to say space programs are not correct. There’s truth to everything. 

There are always several realities assisting. The middle east carries a great deal of astral energy because of the alien influence from other worlds. The Atlanteans created the pyramids which are satellites and antennas to the universe to pull in psychic energy. 

This is how they channel energies from their home world. 

Luxor in Egypt is one of the rehabilitation areas for human development. A medical center to improve human dna and the realign alien energies. To keep the pharaohs young and living long lengths of time. At one time the entire arab world can keep the DNA young for a body to live for hundreds of years. 

As humanity fell from fourth dimension energies only the pharaohs had this power until it no longer was maintained by the feline aliens from Lyra. 

Orion plays a large role in human development. Many of the orions were simple beings until earth was created. Simple wars that were slowly complicated as the DNA was enhanced. Planet earth is like a death star because the planet changes timelines on other planets so easily. 

Earth might not change but other planets do. The planet is also a creator of worlds. 

Aliens dedicated their lives to this planet to understand it. A menace in the universe. Earth is the middle east of the universe. An unsafe world with vast mysterious knowledge. A treasure planet. 

As the middle east becomes more accessible for tourists and healers. The new earth will open its gates. The past must be forgiven for humanity to move forward. The wars of the past must be resolved and allowing humanity to renew itself. 

The new age of the planet is where humanity is welcomed everywhere and safety is for everyone. You should be able to visit all parts of the world and feel rejuvenated. Feel the forces of the earth come to life. 

Healing the lessons of the old world and allowing humanity to move forward on a spiritual level. 


Failures of Earth

It’s up to the soul if they want to learn anything. They can reject lessons and go nowhere in life. Depending on their relationships with others their lifetime can be altered and they are sent back to the spirit world. 

Meaning this planet can’t help everyone. 

Some souls fail here because their energy and the planet just can’t get along with each other. It’s like a fist fight. Yes both parties are wounded and people are cheering them on. 

A soul can easily reject the teachings of the planet. You can even unlearn every lesson. Sending back to astral and shutting down your incarnation. This is no easy process. Certain souls do this automatically. 

They can quickly go against their parents. That’s also a sign of rejecting the earth’s energies. The rejection is usually at a young age. Either one parent is good enough or none. Some of these souls are orphans. 

Some of these souls get pulled into human trafficking. 

They lose faith in their incarnation. Can someone please take me out of this situation? 

Human trafficking is one option. The other is massive health issues that come out of nowhere and sometimes end up in death. Disease creation is another. Bringing it out of nowhere. Killing the body instantly. 

Disease such as the coronavirus. The souls that die from this disease have had enough of this earth incarnation. Most of them are on that timeline. They might say one thing. Such as they want to live. But in truth they are ready to go. 

Bring that disease here get me off this planet. 

You’d be surprised how many times that is said in astral. Even during 911 many souls wished they were in those buildings that day. 

Now some souls refuse to live their lives and shut down. This does happen a lot. Alcoholics and drug addicts might say they want to live but in truth they are ready to exit. They might put on a smile and convince everyone around them they are fine. Even if they are drinking a six pack of beer a day or doing hard drugs. 

They are altering their timeline.  Trying to kill their timeline and exit. Now where they go after their death is another story. It’s not always pleasant. Some suicides are channeled and say hey everything is great. But intruth its a demon possession in to push others to suicide. 

When someone is doing hard drugs or is alcoholic they create a grey timeline. Now they can change but most don’t for personal reasons. 

They convince themselves this is fine being a drug addict. 

The inner black hole is created. Many realities that go nowhere are invented within that person’s energy field. No matter the person’s appearance what is the energy you feel? Some of the most beautiful people on the planet are on a grey timeline. 

Nothing learned. Yes there are small lessons but many are trying to find a way out. This is why so many celebrities or wealthy people buy large expensive homes. The larger the building the more empty the person. This isn’t always the case but it is very common. 

When this world fails it’s up to the individual. 

Refusal to learn can cause chaos in the universe. 

And there are other ways of seeing the planets failure. That is the spirit guides failed and do not want to live up to their poor decision making. Ever make a mistake and not tell anyone. Spirit guides do this all the time. 

Some can be pulled into lower astral because of their hostility towards you. 

The many failures of the spirit guides are immense. 

It’s easier to assist a closed minded human. Someone that gets up everyday and does what society tells them what to think. Even skeptics are an easy task. They just don’t believe in anything and live in their own little world. Skeptics many don’t believe in the god within. They are an easy job in the long run. They have their little skeptic groups.

The spirit guide is watching from the distance making sure the person they are advising. I drink clean water and get plenty of sleep. The spirit guide can phone in their assistance and even manage ten people at once. 

When humans begin to realize the spirit world then life gets hectic for a spirit guide. You can even outsmart a spirit guide. Meaning they have no influence in your life what’s so ever. Some of you call them out on their own faults. Which is rare but happens more frequently. 

By doing this you are stepping in their realm. And the guides cna go into panic mode and they do a lot. As you call in the fourth and fifth dimensions and beyond you channel the spirit guide energies more than you average human. You are challenged on this planet and the spirits are challenged in the spirit world. 

Life can be hell for both human and spirit. Especially when you want more knowledge sooner than what you are prepared for. And keep asking for more knowledge driving yourself crazy. It’s best to pause and find relaxation. Overcoming challenges will give you upgrades and open your third eye. 

Shifting out of the third dimension is no easy task. 

The difficulties of life can alter one’s direction. Many just become wealthy save up for retirement and pretty much live an average life. And most of them are growing at a one percent rate. Many of you are going crazy and wishing you were on another planet. Many of you are growing at a hundred percent rate or sometimes a thousand. 

Misery brings in soul advancement. Yes it’s true the soul might not always learn its main lesson for that lifetime. But other lessons are being learned. Tolerance for pain and strengthening the soul. Hell everyday does create a stronger soul. 

Working at a deadend job. Having no money. Feeling like you’re going crazy everyday. Thinking this is a backwards world feeling this world is meaningless. There’s nothing wrong to think this way. Examining your reality is necessary. Scrutinizing its functionality why are you here? 

The answers will surface eventually and yes it might take years. 

Can this planet offer the right teachings for everyone? No! 

This world can’t help every being in the universe. This is why you have spirits and aliens helping you. Many cannot handle the density of the third dimension. Yes they can incarnate on this planet and learn lessons. But the cost to their soul can be severe. 

Many souls are used to a good life. Coming to this planet just the thought of an incarnation can cause great pain. Your planet cuts off knowledge of the higher dimensions. Living a life of depression because you don’t have access to the higher dimensions can be dreadful. And any kind of drug or sexual relationship would never be enough.

Many souls get used to the higher dimensions. 

So when they incarnate on your planet they lose their minds. It’s best to incarnate in agartha and slowly incarnate as a tree or an animal being to get used to the earth’s dimensions. 

Most of the animals on your planet will incarnate as a human on your planet. Flying insect beings are closely connected to airplane pilots. Normally an insect will incarnate as a military airforce pilot because of the excitement. It’s no different than being an insect. The chances of getting squashed are always high. 

We will continue on this subject in a later chapter in the future. 


Earth The Super Weapon

We mentioned earth originated in another universe. In the black universe where energies were new and ideas are formed to create the physical reality you are in. 

In the early stages of earth it was always a kind of problem child. Easy to manipulate and control by means of not always completely understood. The planet was insecure in the beginning. Just like a modern human. Earth didn’t know what it wanted to be. 

Long story short earth became a super weapon. A control planet that manipulated other worlds. Think of a control center of the universe. What comes and goes and if this planet didn’t allow an experience to happen or alien being it would destroy it. 

The planet was a dictator. At the time a necessary leader of the universe but also very flawed. Meaning many worlds were destroyed for no reason. Many alien beings were treated poorly. The titan of the universe made a lot of mistakes. 

A bully of the universe. 

Like any other young world it allowed many mistakes to happen. The aliens that control earth were Archon. A species of Archon that is filled with flaws. They were not part of the main collective. Off shoot Archons that thought they could dictate the universe. 

Many alien species were born through this darkness. The feline and other sea creatures were born here enslaved at one time and released into the wild to live on their own. 

These Archons were also known as the watchers. 

Dictating what was made and what was destroyed. They took it to a level that could not sustain itself. In this universe the felines were much worse than the reptilians. They felt entitled to the finest living conditions. They did what they were told and even today still live in this universe. 

Archon map of the universe. 

Trolls that secretly rule the world. Agarthian trolls that stay stay hidden for good reason. They control the reptilians. Under the Archon grid around the earth the trolls battle all agarthian beings. Creating human weapons to battle the universe. 

The earth was weaponized to keep the aliens out that were not wanted. Those that can help humanity ascend were kept out. This weaponized earth first turned the Atlanteans against each other. 

The wizards and powerful agathians were part of earth’s weaponization. Black magicians that descended from the Atleanteans. Who needs the Atlanteans? This is our world now. 

Earth took many worlds hostage and they are all currently in your solar system. The planets in your solar system were brought here by the Atlaneans and weaponized. They were used against the earth Mars, Saturn and Venus were used to trap the plant. The solar system itself was used against other worlds. 

This version of earth you can call Tiamat. 

Aliens came to earth to be changed. To become something else. It’s like a spa with all the elements of the universe on one planet. Question is can you survive this version of earth? To take the information off planet you have to die and when the planet becomes connected to lower astral the age of the human decreased. But the knowledge tripled in strength. 

One incarnation onTiamat was like overdosing on alcohol. You go to the bartender and they give you hard liquor but then they spice it up without your knowledge. Being human is like being drunk. A religion takes control over you or a stranger wants to seduce you. What’s the difference in the long run? 

Being a third dimensional human locked into the matrix reality. Disconnected from the universe. Giving Tiamat fuel to control other worlds. To lower their density. The reptilians used the earth to take over worlds until they themselves were taken over by the Carians. 

It just goes on and on. 

The Carians the bird beings usually just wait for the reptilians to take over a planet and then move in. The felines are similar but they like to show their presence. They can only hide out for so long. The ego of the felines is their greatest enemy. 

Always looking for comfort. They apply this to humans so they can be easily seduced. Doesn’t everyone want to be a millionaire? If not, what is wrong with you? 

The Sirians, Pleiadians and countless other beings have been seduced by earth which lead to their own destruction. 

With the Pleiadians it was romance that seduced their collective. With the Sirians it was a science and technology achievement along with romance. Seducing aliens isn’t easy and it takes time. 

Turning aliens against themselves was the gift of Tiamat. Confusion and mental manipulation. The female and male priests of Egypt seduced the aliens over time. When darkness shrouded Egyptian it became a city of seduction. 

Once the most powerful aliens were taken down the rest were not far to follow. 

So what took down the aliens? It was seduction. Now this wasn’t all the aliens. But the aliens that were the most powerful that felt they could not be seduced were not easy to take down but were given help by the reptilians. 

No, matter the karma the eygptian priests took down the aliens with power and sexual favors. And if you think feline humanoids don’t find humans attractive. Think again. 

What created the universe was relationships. 

A need for soul growth. Whatever it might be. As focusing and twisted as this world and universe is. It is what is necessary. Other universes destroyed themselves and which created your universe eventually.  

The creation of the devil was yes a teacher but also a survivor. 

Humans on earth are more powerful than they think. 

Oh, I’m just nobody that created a virus that affected others. 

I’m so bored I created a hurricane. 

I’m just a simple human I could never do anything like that. The more simplistic a human the more dangerous they can be. It’s like they are waiting to explode. 

So you are on this planet of weaponized humans. That in a second can turn on anyone and they themselves can cause World War Three. Not that WW3 will happen world wide. But it can happen at home and at work. Relationships can be a genocide of emotions. 

Love can kill. 

Some families love each other so much. That they will have no problem killing you to get what they want. I love you so much as I say. Ever feel peer pressure in a family environment? We love you so much we will kill you. Now do what we say or else. 

The family is the origin of the atomic bomb. Here come the inlaws the Neutron Bomb is about to go off. Being born is your first day in combate. You might grow up and join the military. And might as well right seeing how you have been trained by the best. Your family. 

Inner rage is more common than ever before. 

Some families are peaceful and loving. And the world appreciates that affection and pure heartedness. But most families are warzones. Everyday is Pearl Harbor and yes history will remember you if you care to tell the tales. 

The creation of a cult leader is simple. It all starts in the home. If there is no control at home and only chaos. The toxic fire begins to flame. Over the years there is no control and very little happiness. 

And over time the cult leader finds his or her way. 

My family are my followers. We all believe in each other and once we were lost but not anymore. The cult leader is now the parent. This is the family I never had. And no matter the criticism no one can stop us. 

Chaos wasn’t allowed as a child. But now with my new family chaos is welcomed everyday. 

This is how you weaponize a planet. 

It all starts in the home. 

A family going within and facing its problems by talking to each other freely will heal the hidden guilt. Problems not talked about in a loving manner can only get worse. 

The family is a the Neutron and Atomic Bomb all bundled together waiting to explode. 

Toxic children can be healed if the family knows what to look for. The weapon can be disarmed with love. A toxic parent is more complicated sometimes because the weapon has been engaged for years and it’s hard to diffuse a weapon that has its target locked in. 

This can be the child or a relative or friend. Whoever it might be a toxic parent is almost impossible to shut down but can be done. Ask for assistance from the spirit world and human collective. 

The major test is when you are taken off course. 

When you have no clue where you are going. That’s the time manipulation can come in and weaponize you to do anything. Like rob a bank and be irrational in your ways. Being unbalanced and feeling lost can either make you a better person or pull you into complete destruction. 

The desert period is when you look inside yourself. 

The hell period. 

This might seem like the time of nowhere but it’s also where you plant the seeds of who you are going to be. Nothing is working. If only I had a million dollars or lived in another state. This is the time when the timeline for you is created. The foundation is being built. The future is being gathered and it takes time. You might not see the future. But when you look within the sense of the future becomes clear. 

Realize in this period of your life. When you see no chaos. That means you can handle it when it comes. If it does at all. Not everyone can handle a desert period. When nothing exciting is happening in life. 

Money isn’t there and life seems like it’s stuck in the mud and you can feel it. This is a make it or break it time period. You can become powerful and change the world. You are doing this now. It’s just in preparation. 

The more balanced you become. The earth weapon is no longer a threat to you. The more control you have over the energies around you, not that life will be perfect. The easier life will become. But not before the major tests are complete. 

And then there are times when you feel like you can handle more tests and call upon the madness. 

You are here to clear out the insanity. Give others comfort and find peace within yourself. Once you find inner peace the world can’t hurt you. 

The aliens can find you easier. 

The blockages come to an end. 

You found the inner god. That’s when human understanding begins to unravel. The world around you becomes clear. Why you are here makes more sense. You figure it out instead of someone telling you. 

The Tiamat super weapon calms down. You see nature being created around you. You see the spirit world more clearly. All of life’s tests are for you to see the spirit world more clearly. Reincarnation on Tiamat with no focus and no direction. Negativity everywhere and oh my look at the drama. Look at the darkness of the world oh my. What a terrible planet. 

The Tiamat test is what this is. A disconnect from spirit. Putting yourself through hell to only see the beauty that is you once the madness is gone. Course many see chaos as beauty. So whatever you call inner peace will help you find spirit. 

Not everyone is ready to see the spirit world while on a Tiamat incarnation. 

But some of you will form your own ideas of what spirit is. What the universe is because you are creating it.

Everyone’s universe is different. 

Everyone’s perception of aliens are different. Some see friends while others see the enemy. Some of you might see positive aliens being channeled and you don’t feel right about it. There’s a reason for that. 

Either you are an enemy of those aliens. Who seems friendly but you see other agendas in the cross roads. 

Some of you are creating alien militia’s so when the dark one’s do appear. You might not realize it now. But sometimes the most positive aliens with fancy headgear aren’t always what they seem. 

Some alien cults are here to take over the planet. 

At first that might not be the agenda and not talked about. Cult energies feed off the members’ vibrations. And most are so naive they have no idea and others just don’t care or want to talk about it. We know we don’t care about others so what. No, one is perfect. 

Realize also that some cult leaders fail in some way or other. Can reincarnate as an alien being and have a great deal of disformity. So you can be a beautiful person on earth but your actions say otherwise. The ugliness of what you are putting out there will surface eventually. 

Sometimes it takes ugliness in appearance to bring out the beauty of a person. 

So you can be a disformed alien being for a thousand years. Or reincarnate on earth as a ugly human and face ridicule and rejection. Live a life of loneliness with your sense of luck none existent. Where nothing is going right because everything you did to others is now coming back to you. 

Be a champ about it or fight it. The more you fight the more it will get worse. 

The more you understand the light within yourself. The more the break down of manipulation and lower astral beings. The third dimension is slowly breaking down. As higher energies come through new challenges come to an understanding. 

Such as someone has done wrong to you. In some cases you can choose what they go through to learn from their mistake. When you come from love It’s a healthier energy. If you come from ego you can get karma easily so be careful. 

To be clear, say someone cut you off of a relationship or said terrible things to others that were not true. You can state what would be a good lesson for this person. Course they have to agree to it in astral. Might as well clear your karma on earth and get it over with.

Another reincarnation isn’t as pleasant as it seems but some will go that direction and not learn their lesson and reincarnate over and over. Some of it is out of spite. Why did I agree to this? No way I’m going to learn that lesson. 

This energy can be taken to other worlds and cause some chaos because that species of alien wants to learn from our mistakes. Even if you will never learn. So that’s why they never learn. You can incarnate over and over again and refuse to learn anything. Stubbornness of the earth super weapon. 

Angels and Demons

There is so much to understand about the angels; this will be a quick crash course. In the next book we will dive deeper into the subject matter.

Symphonic energy of the angels is love and light at a frequency that is not to be seen but to be felt. You can see the energies of the angels, but on this world it’s to be felt. The angels connect you to other worlds and open you to other universes.

Angels can carry purses, and you can be in that purse just watching how they work. You can also dive into that purse and find yourself in another reality.

Humanity has connected to the lower energies and, to some surprise, the lower canine energies. When Sirius is spoken, the information about the Sirian canine is usually not mentioned. Just like the reptilians, the canines can be very vicious.

You want the lower dimensions and we will give it to you. The reason we are bringing this up is because it’s never spoken about. Even humans do their own canine experiments to make a canine very beautiful or very vicious.

It’s time for the earth to heal.

The angel energies are everything. Think of seeing the entire universe through a window. Every angel is a window to another universe. Every angel is a million realities going at a million miles per hour.

This is why so many souls have issues with patience. There is no need for patience in the higher dimensions. For worlds to be created in new ways, patience is needed. Patience is a calming energy, and it also gives the soul attention to detail. Patience is needed to be a better creator.

The life of an angel can be paradise or it can be hell. Some decided to be in the angelic realms at all dimensions, at the high and low dimensions. A third-dimensional angel is not easy because you know of the angelic realms, but you can’t connect to them as you used to.

You can see other worlds but not understand your own. Archangels have mastered the lower dimensions and can balance the higher dimensions. You can see them as an army general if you like but not one to cause war.

There are billions of versions of Archangel Michaels and Gabriels and so on. Connect to the one that works for you. There are feline versions and Arcturian versions of Michael and Gabriel.

The Archangels in your Bible were the ones people found it easy to connect to. Their energies were everywhere, and those in need saw the archangels in several kinds of forms. The regions have humanized their energies, meaning Michael and Gabriel didn’t exactly look human as you know it.

Connecting to the higher realms to assist humanity.

The consciousness of the Archangel energies can be interpreted in different ways, male or female. As you continue your connections with the higher realms, you will see all interpretations matter.

Archangel marriages and relationships are all possible with humans. Do realize there are trillions of realities, and everyone has had some kind of connection with an Archangel in some form or another.

The demons on your planet are from fallen angels. Once again, connect to your interpretation. Some of this information will not be easy, such as Jesus at one time being a demon. Another interpretation is that there is a version of a demonic Jesus on your planet, rising from the ashes and holding humanity hostage.

Jesus can also be connected to the Jinn because he was a Jinn in the past. That energy still persists on this planet, and once again this information isn’t for everyone. When humans worship Jesus, they worship Jinn.

Not the most popular energy but very effective in the lower dimensions.

The astral realms connect humanity to the spirit world. At the moment the spirit world isn’t always needed to be seen as humanity is coming out of hypnosis of the third dimension.

After the destruction of Atlantis, there were three energies of humanity: high frequency of the fifth dimension and third dimension and lower frequency of astral. The high frequencies had to be destroyed or removed because they were here in the physical.

High-frequency beings had to be erased from the planet because if they continued their stay, the earth was going to be destroyed. These high-frequency beings were around Egypt and Angkor Wat, to name a few of the sites.

Imagine Angkor Wat filled with color and of a high density with the energies of Tibet.

All of this had to be shut down for humanity to continue. Many years were spent hunting down Atlantean energies, and Egypt was the most destructive because the wars did cause flooding through Giza.

Egypt, the once paradise place of high vibration healing, shut down the lower dimensions of astral, where humanity was no longer able to connect with their guides and discovering alien beings was finding a god to worship.

The worship also was to lower the dimensions. The Greek gods were here to lower the earth’s frequency. Not an easy decision but it had to be done.

With the earth’s frequency so low, connecting to demons is very easy, and to understand their reign on your planet, even the aliens themselves get effective. Another name for earth is the tortured planet.

Shut off from the high dimensions, the aliens do what they can to assist to raise its frequency without being pulled into darkness. With humans being afraid of aliens, they send dark entities to aliens to attack them.

Angels have all the knowledge they need about you to assist in your incarnation. So the idea of privacy has been thrown out the window. They, like your guides, need to know you inside and out. They need to know your inner secrets so when you have a cold or an intense virus they can help you.

So basically the more they know the better. You give them these rights before you incarnate. Your guides and higher self can interfere if there is some kind of interference by another being.

Some beings such as angels and dark entities can interfere with you, and instantly they are attended to. Yes, some angels can go rogue. You know this before incarnating. Just so you know, before you incarnate the consequences are all understood. You might not like the contract and you must be mad to even consider reincarnating into a planet like this.

The disconnection from your guides is insane. Aliens have guides also but the connection is stronger. On earth the connection is at five percent or less. For aliens the connection is fifty to one hundred percent.

Every being in the universe has a unique relationship with spirit guides and angels. So to explain in detail of the relationships is kind of impossible.

Do realize demons incarnate as human for multiple reasons. Some incarnate to heal, even if they cause hell on earth. They are looking for a hug and someone to love them for who they are, and many wealthy people on earth are demons, and some are quiet and you would never know.

There are pleasant demons and nasty demons just like people on earth. It’s just that demons have difficulty releasing their darkness.

Angels are similar as for personalities. Some are kind and others are ruthless in a nice way, meaning some angles can be cutthroat with their information. Like a hardcore teacher, they can carry a thick stick, but their intentions are to help you.

Angels are there to fire your guides. Angels remove the energies of the guides that were either lazy with you or just turned against you. Angels don’t normally turn against the person they are protecting. But some do go to the dark side and become a fallen angel.

When the person they are protecting goes to the dark side your guides follow, and angels can also. You can inherit darker guides that will assist with your own destruction. Soul contracts can be changed, and going dark is an easy switch for some.

Continuing one’s light isn’t always that easy. Free will is such a powerful energy on earth. The spirit world is heavily tested by this world. The spirit world can be turned upside down by a human going towards the dark because so many timelines get affected.

What matters is surviving life. Recognizing your angelic energies will assist with your awakening. Everyone has been an angel spirit. This is your origin. What kind of angel you want to be is up to you–if you want to remember it or forget it.

For the human experience on earth, many forget their angelic connections. Connecting to your psychic abilities is your angel experience.

Enhancing the human experience on earth is what matters at the moment.

Do realize timing is everything as you connect to your higher dimensional self. You might be downloading too much of the human experience where you become depressed. It’s not just your life you are connecting to but it’s others.

Everyone on this planet wants to help others. Even those with dark intentions have a human heart of compassion somewhere. As you understand how connected you all are on this planet, life will simplify itself.