Deception with Channeling

Some channelers with the highest good towards themselves and others. Can easily be deceived by alien beings being channeled. 

Now there is a difference between information not ready to go public and beings that are being completely deceptive. Usually alien beings can cloak their deceptive ways by looking beautiful and acting as if they have your highest intention. 

Can you read between the lines?

Deceptive channelers that are beautiful and look as if they have positive intentions. Can also be the most deceptive beings. It’s a test on humanity. If humanity is being deceived by negative beings. It’s a little hard for alien contact to occur in the physical if humanity isn’t aware of the deception being done on a human level. 

As you come closer to alien contact on a physical level. Learning how to protect yourself from deception isn’t as simple as it seems. Basically your first instinct is normally correct but not always. 

A group like Ashtar Command is always attacked by deceptive beings. Doesn’t mean they are negative but they are a target to push you away from them. To see them as negative and sometimes the channeled messages are incorrect. 

Channeling isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Some alien groups have negative intentions and hide their agenda every well. 

How to avoid this is to know yourself. And if you do interact with one of these groups realize its a test on yourself and what matters is that you learned from the experience. As the alien awareness increases the deception becomes more complicated on your planet. 

Looks aren’t everything and if you have an influence on your planet with a large following who talks to an alien alliance. There are possibilities that is not an alliance with your best interest. When they do make an appearance on your planet you are basically walking into a trap. 

Not everyone is going to agree with everything. 

Following what you trust is what matters most. For some people a manipulated energy where they learn the most. Similar to your new media. Its another form of learning. The drama of extraterrestrials and the wars between aliens and the secret governments. 

The excitement is a form of soul growth. 

The amount of channelers that are channeling parasite energies is higher than you might think. Look for the drama and but also realize there is higher knowledge there but it comes with a price. Many dark beings carry a lot of knowledge but as they give you their perspective to help you grow they can also assassinate your energy. 

Take your money and give you guilt for not supporting them. 

Realize also those channelers that wish to bring in change for the highest good for humanity. Will be the most tested and parasite beings in kinds of forms mostly in the physical will test the channeler. 

So you are a channeler who brings in pure information to help humanity evolve without parasite manipulation. Another way to shut you down is to bring in another channeler that might be a friend who is a manipulator and even received more praise. 

Channeling nonsense that is more like entertainment than actual soul growth. Parasites work in mysterious ways. Personal love relationships is another way a parasite can block a channeler. Through beautiful looks and an uncanny affect to seduce. 

Parasites will find any way they can to bring you down. 

If you are here to truthfully bring down the regime of manipulation attacks from all sides will come from everywhere. To shut you down and even kill you. 

Coming in for the kill. 

Surviving energy assassination. Surviving humiliation as your mind is tested and pulling into the wrong direction. After an energy attack to basically kill you there is no laughing manner. Just when you think the war is over is when they take their next hit. 

The hidden war to destroy you is very real. 

Your intention to help humanity find its true self. Help humanity evolve to the fourth and fifth dimension don’t think this won’t happen without a fight. 

The low energy feed on humanities insecurities. 

The hidden fight is in the mind. A war that isn’t easy to see because of the fog of manipulation. 

How to win this war? Dust yourself off and never stop fighting. If help is offered, think about taking up on the offer to heal. The astral war is more intense than you might think. Parasites can use love spells and use attractiveness to take you down. 

After an attack clear your energy and continue to live and fight. 

How to survive is to never give up. 

One thought on “Deception with Channeling

  1. You’re simply amazing, informative but funny as you tell it like it is. I am so inspired by having located you on YouTube with so very many channelers out there. I feel trustworthiness when I hear you speak. It’s nice!


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