The True Awakening – Channeled Text

Much gratitude to you all for being on this journey. This Earth’s ascension process is connected to your energies. A high frequency of knowledge will soon be known. The understanding of your existence will find more meaning. The joys of life are yours. And don’t forget to keep it simple. The doorway to your soul essence can be found. The magic of connecting to spirit is simple. A silence of the mind. A quiet place is wonderful. Now hear us.

This is a message from spirit.

What is happening now? The real question is, what is really happening on this Earth today? Is it negative reptilians manipulating the Earth’s consciousness? Yes, but there is so much more happening. There is darkness here. But don’t forget, you are the light.

As the human awakens to the true Earth, you will begin to see Archons in the skies. Dark forces continue to keep the human consciousness trapped in this three-dimensional prison. But those days are coming to an end. The new human is being born. The Atlantean human is awakening from its coma.

You can say life is a simulation and you are its players. Humanity is being played by very sophisticated beings that have a wicked sense of humor. It’s not just reptilians, Archons, and Annunaki; there is so much more. The human consciousness will soon come to the realization that you are not alone. Ever wonder why life doesn’t make much sense? Ever wonder why life is a mystery? It’s a mystery because the beings controlling your society do not want you to know about them.

You are not to know you are being played. There are dark entities that empower themselves because the human doesn’t believe they exist. It’s time to understand this is an alien world and the darkness needs to be released.

Positive alien beings are assisting us in our ascension. For some of us, that is easy to understand. It’s all easy for us to understand. But for the mass population, this is all very hard to believe. The world can switch over in a week or maybe even a day if the entire population realizes we are not alone, and that we have been mind-manipulated by negative beings.

Call them master manipulators or whatever you want to call them. In the end, it’s game over. It’s time for the world to wake up. Every member of this planet is an alien being. Those who deny the truth continue playing the game under the master manipulation plan. The more you understand we are being manipulated and it’s time to end the hoax, the sooner we can ascend to the fourth and fifth dimensions and beyond.

Instead of waiting for an alien spacecraft to arrive, just look around you. We are not alone and those aliens you are waiting for to land are here with us now in another dimension. Our friends are here to protect us. Some are Lyran felines, Zeta Greys, Arcturians, Sirians, and positive reptilians, just to name a few.

Still don’t believe it? Look at the animals on our planet. Those are the aliens you are looking for. Look at your dog, cat, and insectoids roaming around. It’s time for humanity to wake up to the obvious truth all around us. Once our eyes awaken, the spaceships will arrive. Once we put down those guns and see the good in each other, we will experience our ascension to the new world.

Even those in the spiritual communities are not truly ready for alien contact. Can you imagine having a positive conversation with a six-foot insectoid? Or how about a humanoid reptilian or feline? Most people would be scared out of their minds. But this is where we are heading. Alien contact is right around the corner. And that corner can be a few years or a few thousand years. It’s up to humanity. The future of the Earth is up to us. If you want a positive timeline you can have it. No, more worries of financial meltdowns or world wars. The awakening begins right now.

This is a brief overview of what is happening now.

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