Zeus the Demigod of the Bible

There are many gods of the bible. And one of them is the Greek God Juptier. Which translates to Zeus in the Greek legends. 

As you can see the mythology never really leaves the human consciousness. It changes but the inner core never really changes. The Egyptian gods are also connected to Zeus. Does the name RA ring a bell? 

The sun god RA influences the energies of the bible. The god that is worshiped in the bible has much of RA’s energies. But RA plays a role in humanity’s evolution. The manipulation of the god of the bible comes from Jupiter. 

One of the many gods that were corrupted during the Roman time period. 

A jealous god and one that wanted power for himself and no others to be worshiped. Now realize Jupiter isn’t the only god that is manipulating humanity but he is one of them. Giving the power to the Pope to continue the manipulation. 

The Pope has the power of the people similar to a demigod. Religions actually channel energies from the devil more they do a divine god. The structure of the church itself channels lower vibrations through the Pope. 

The Pope becomes a divine being and the pastors and other preachers are at a lower level in astral but they can channel deeper information than the Pope. Not to say the Pope is at a high level at all in astral. Most like a puppet that can bring good through darkness. 

Some Pope’s actually care for people. Much of the energy around a Pope is Annunaki. 

Influencing humanity for better or for worse. The Pope has the power to shut down timelines and create new one’s. Yes there are powers behind the scenes that control the Pope. The power in England and the Vatican are of the same energy. They have different agendas. But the power structure is very much the same. Watch over the people give them what they want. 

Rule over them until they take their power back. 

Because of the lessons of the world it was necessary to have a religious leader like the Pope. All the world religions are synchronized with alien agendas. Some aliens feel they know what is best for humanity. When there are disagreements, war breaks out. Aliens are learning through human experience. Yes, some aliens are manipulating humanity. Don’t forget humans manipulate aliens also. Some humans manipulate aliens for knowledge. 

Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison to mention a few. 

All through history there is compromise. 

Alien gods that manipulate humanities energy need all the help they can get. Feeling like a god on earth gives such a high to the alien being. And yes the alien does manipulate humanity taking advantage of humans. Wonder why some attractive women have so many lovers?

Wonder why some attractive women have stalkers? And sometimes that woman is sacrificed. The aliens do have a strange way of living through humans. The alien god can keep the lovers of women they are attracted too. And the alien god can manipulate the spirit guides. 

It all depends on the person if they want to give into the manipulation to learn. 

Do realize you can always say no. but many do not because of the lessons they will learn. And some will have an exit point which is created by drug addiction. There’s the third dimension and then there is the fourth dimension as you know. The fourth dimension is the influence where the drama is created and relationships are formed. The astral plane if you want to call it is where all the pieces of your life are put together. 

The domino effect that will change your timeline and open up new doors. 

Religious hold many of the keys to astral and even can shut it down. Meaning they can influence it and shut down the memories of astral. Religion is technically run by government agencies such as the CIA. And the CIA is technically the knights templar. 

There are at least 15 demigods of the bible. Meaning the god of the bible are several different beings. Which god are they referring too? A sea alien being or falcon or parrot alien from Sirius B?

The justification of the bible being so misunderstood is the point. Life isn’t supposed to make sense. This planet is a mixture of puzzles that overlap each other. One of the most complicated versions of earth. The propaganda of a super human is someone who has money. A powerful person is someone with a bank account with unlimited resources. 

On other versions of earth. There are these constraints but also there are zombies. Literary zombies walking through the streets looking for dinner. Or a sup[er human flying through the skies fighting villains or protecting people. 

The planet earth you are currently living on has been quarantined many times keeping everything out. Enjoy your holidays, get up and go to work and support your family. Maybe go see a movie and travel a bit. 

Create some fantasy like a book or a piece of artwork. Life on a quarantined planet. Psychic abilities seen as negative or not real. Humanity uses their psychic abilities every single day and talk to their guides. But is this part of everyday conversation? 

Technically you can say this world has been disabled mentally. 

It lost a fight and now it’s powerless. 

Being a super human with powers wasn’t easy on your planet during the times of Atlantis. Being a full powered human on earth was a nightmare. During your ancient times greek gods were you’re super humans. Modern mythology is here to awaken you. 

During the time of Atlantis being a power being was normal. But once tested humanity showed signs of weakness. Not all humans abused their powers but many did. Take another look at the gods of antiquity. They all were humans with enhanced abilities and some could handle and others could not.  

Remember the past and let those powers be seen again within yourself. Channel the ancient world and bring it back to life. 

The true god of the bible will show him or herself. There are dozens upon dozens within the biblical text. And this is just one religion we are speaking of. 

Prophet Mohammed carried an energy about him that was angelic. A sorceress of his time. A being of male and femine energy balancing itself out in front of the masses. Meaning Mohammed was affectionate to males and females. 

Not all Muslims handled that too well. 

Much is hidden within the texts of the koran. Secrets of sexuality were hidden for many reasons. Outrage was one of the reasons. Women were feared during the time of antiquity. They carried a power men did not have. Now some of it was abused but not always. The male wanted that power so it was suppressed in women. 

The divine feminine that can connect to the earth. 

Open portals and dimensions to other worlds. Women can bring children into the world but they can open other realms to the natural world. One of those worlds was agartha. 

In India, do you feel Agartha’s energies? 

Shambhala the spiritual energies that coexist with the Indian people to this day. Magician energies are within the dimensions of the earth. Easily accessed by a human that will use their abilities responsibly. 

Agartha is where earth’s source power exists.

There is a land under Iraq that is forbidden to the third dimension. We will explore in future texts. 

The Iraq of Agartha does exist. A hidden energy that powers the middle east. Iraq is one of its center points and forbidden to humans in the third dimension. You can connect to its energy. But to see it clearly can possibly be draining.  

When humanity begins to connect to the hidden Agartha the earth will open. The channeled energies of Agartha have not been fully explored.  

The energies of Zeus were of enlightenment and destruction of the earth. 

Control over humanity. Zeus a selfish god who lost his way. Even the aliens that are to assist humanity did so by suppressing humanities free will. Zeus is one of the many that infiltrated freewill and ruled it. You will be free under my command. 

You can say Zeus is a Pleiadian nordic with Atlantean and Lyran DNA. A warrior being that lost his way. A child of mother earth but also a spoiled soul. Given powers over the earth because of his lineage. Family of royalty that is no different than your current royal families.  

Zeus became a bastard. He wasn’t always like that. What was his downfall was the women of your world. He fell for almost all of them and lost his way. Zeus had too much power and slowly he was becoming more human. 

Zeus is the lost Atlantean. 

The best student with the most potential. Taught by the best of the Atlantean teachers. Carrying a great deal of power that influenced Jesus. Zeus was a master magician of the Atlantean world. He was to protect the humans and watch over them. In the beginning that was what happened. Assist the humanity as it rediscovers itself after the destruction of Atlantis 

In the beginning Zeus was seen as a guardian and yes he was seen in the sky. 

When humanity was not obedient father Zeus became angry. When he was rejected by female lovers he became enraged and destructive. Causing the oceans to rise and the rains to storm down. Romantic interest was his downfall. Hera was never enough and tormented him. The vulnerability of the femine energy blinded his judgement. 

He had many children on earth and Jesus is part of that astral bloodline. The faults of Zeus and the timeline manipulation brought Jesus into existence. To heal the energies of a false god. 

Because of the influence of Zeus and the fear humanity had for him. Other alien beings would clone his energies and influence humanity. The god of fear. The god of manipulation. 

Jesus and Atlantis – Channeled Text

Jesus was an Atlantean, from its humble beginnings to its ending defeat. At the end of Atlantean wars Jesus was not a positive soul. He had lost his way like most Atlanteans, but his agenda was very different from the others.

He wanted to explore the darkness of humanity by becoming part of it, to later uplift it from its amnesia. He sought to find the devil within his soul and show the earth his wrath. There was much dark sorcery and Jesus was one of these sorcerers. He did not die after Atlantis was destroyed. He went to Egypt and caused more havoc.

Bringing his power to Egypt imbued spiritual significance into the land. He was later destroyed by more advanced beings. He used the oceans to protect him, while on land, he was weaker with his abilities. He would later advance his power for the greater good.

Yes, Jesus and other Atlanteans had the ability to fly. Even with their dark ways, the sorcerers of Atlantis were able to manipulate the energies of the earth to visit the skies, to show the weaker Atlanteans that the way of dark was all there was.

The dark sorcerers of Atlantis were worshiped by their followers. The wicked Jesus was all powerful but also inspired the abilities of other Atlanteans. If there was a dark power, there must be a light power also.

As the Atlanteans lowered their vibrations, they lost information over time. It was no longer easy to connect to all known knowledge. The sorcerers of Atlantis that were connected to the hall of records to sustain their abilities. But even they were weaker than their ancestors.

When Jesus arrived, he was born into a wealthy aristocratic, Jewish family of Atlantis. At this time there were many races of Atlanteans, including those with blue skin, yellow skin, and several others that no longer exist.

The Ancient Atlanteans were also Arabic. Being born into negative sorcery is like being born into a family of bankers. Modern time bankers are very wise with mind control. Money is a seducer that they control very well and they manage the minds of the many.

As Jesus aged, his powers were known very well. Mind control was his favorite. As for a healing, he never utilized that talent. You could say that Jesus was the Merlin of his time. Demonic energies were well-known to him. His path wasn’t just for destruction. Like a Reptilian being, he carried the force to show humanity’s potential.

Sacred sites around the world have Jesus’ energies.

Lumerians are known to fly also. Not all of them utilized those talents but many did explore them. Atlanteans would visit the Lumerians to heal after a great war. Some Lumerians were captured and forced into healing.

One of the reasons mermaids look human is because they had sexual encounters and had children. The ancient mermaids appeared very alien to your world and most were Sirian.

Many Sirians became frustrated with the human race after their species was experimented on and savaged by war. Some Sirians came back to earth reincarnated into wealth.

During this time, King Solomon was one of the sorcerers of Atlantis as well.

Jesus and King Solomon fought each other and became mortal enemies. Too add more understanding, Jesus at this time was a fallen angel reincarnated as human, exploring the darkness of the realms before his Earth incarnation.

Jesus and King Solomon have been brothers in past lives on other worlds.

The path for earth was to awaken it. But first it was shut down from spirit.

The Atlanteans were like children. Very advanced, but they needed soul expansion to further explore the human condition. The Atlanteans had to shut down their higher knowledge. During this time, the Atlanteans had large amounts of knowledge. But, to further explore the human experience, the higher knowledge had to be erased.

The Annunaki turning humans into a slave race and in many ways went too far but not necessary. The reasons humans are so lost is because they are cut off almost completely from the akashic records.

The modern human is part of a mass hypnosis under an Archon mind control. Losing all knowledge was a gift. Worldwide amnesia took over the planet after Atlantis was destroyed. Other worlds have been through the same.

The Planet Maldek went through the same. But when they lost their higher knowledge, their planet was destroyed. To lose higher consciousness knowledge requires courage and bravery amd not many civilizations survive.

The human race on earth would have been destroyed centuries ago, if it wasn’t for the DNA and the human spirit that evolved within the human consciousness. This planet has found gold. That gold is within each human on the planet. Humanity is currently reactivating its Atlantean ways. And the journey to higher knowledge will not be easy.

But don’t give up.

The future will have no wars. Humanity will reunite. The cycle of the third dimension has finished its course. Be strong and continue with your journey. This isn’t for nothing.

The puzzle pieces of your fourth dimension are coming together.

Your connection to aliens will increase. Most importantly, the amnesia will end. Realize that having amnesia on a planet like this is one of the hardest experiences one soul can endure. Realize also that these written connections will continue. We in the spirit world will continue to give you information until your planet reaches the fifth dimension.

At that point, you will be moving the spirit world into other dimensions and will add your libraries of knowledge to trillions of worlds. This journey is a hard one but worth it.